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"OH, DON'T TOUCH ME! DON'T COME NEAR ME!" These words were uttered with a bowl-almost a yell. Yet the boy to whom they were addressed wasn't within ten feet of the howler, and wouldn't have come closer for his life. The scene was a big business offica in New York, and the howler was the chief man in it. He owned the concern, and was very rich, and a decent fellow enough. But some- times he would break out like that, and howl as though he had just discovered a fire in a powder mill. You could hear him from the basement to the roof. What was the matter with him? Temporary in- sxnity? Not quite, but something nearly as bad. He had an acute attack of gout in histoe. a.rd nt those solemn crises he couldn't bear the sight oi even a shadow moving in his direction. Ask somebody who has the gout how it feels. Fancy a blacksmith twisting your toe with hot pincers while a shoemaker is thrusting a bradawl through your kueejoint. That's a little like it. Well, there are things not so bad as gout, yet they make us touchy enough. Here comes a man, for instance, who says, "Everything now was a trouble to me." What should he talk that way for? Why should every thing have been a trouble to him ? There is an old saying that while we can't keep the erows from flying, we needn't let them make nests in our hair. That's good sense. But it's easy to give advice and to quote proverbs. How does a person act who suffers from boils ? Now, the fountain of all feeling and pain is the nerves. An hour or two of toothache is a lesson on the nervous system. But there are diseases (or one disease anyhow) in which all the nerves in the body seem to tingle to every sight and sound. The mind is on the look-out for evil-the man is depressed and afraid. Every word means mischief, and every bush hides an enemy. So he thinks. He knows what Solomon meant when he said, The grasshopper is a burden." Mr Michael McCormack is a railway messenger and lives in Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland. 7n June, 1890, he was taken ill. His mouth tasted foul and coppery, his stomach was sour and dead, and when he forced down a little food he felt so much distress and pain after it that he was sorry he hadn't let it alone and gone hungry. Besides this there were pains wandering through his chest, back, and sides, hurting him, biting here and there like ugly dogs loose in a town. His head swam with dizziness and he couldn't go to his work. AH his ambition and energy were gone out of him. and he would scarcely have exerted himself even if he had been suddenly promoted from the position of messenger to that of station-master of the biggest station on the railway. "After a while," he goes on to sny, a dull heavy pain struck me in the back, so I couldn't stoop over. What I suffered from this and the other things put together, I have no words to describe. I had six months of it, and it was like six years. In such a case a man takes medicines; all he is told about. This I did, without getting ar.y good from them, and I got weaker antl weaker. Everything was a trouble to me; I couldn't bear things I used to think nothing of. In December, 1890, fust before Christmas it was, I first heard of Mother Seigel's Syrup jand what it had done in cases like mine. I got a bottle from Mr Rogers' Drug Stores, and before I had used all of it I felt wonderfully better and by keepiag on with it a short time every pain and ache went out of me, and I was able to go about my work as well as ever I was in my life." These facts are vouched for by H. Rogers, Esq., Town Commissioner, Mullingar. Now, what made messenger McCormack's nerves so sensitive, and his life so miserable for six months f Indigestion and dyspepsia; the same detestable malady that does the same ill turn for millions of others, men and women, of all sorts and conditions. Plenty of them will read this true and simple story, and our opinion is-founded on the best of proofs- that if they try the remedy which cured McCormack they will come out of it as happily as he did. But the sooner the better.





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