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I TERMS-CASH I 14 A ■ A I REMNANTS AT HALF-PRICE. I THOROUGH OLEARANOE SALE H Genuine Reductions Regardless of Cost. Kindly Call and you will secure THE GREATEST BARGAINS EVER OFFERED In New Wool and Washing DRESSES, Fancy and Plain Black CASHMERES, Merinoes, Oxfords, PRINTS, LINENS, SKIRTINGS, Umbrellas, CRETONNES, Hosiery, JACKET CLOTHS, Boy's Readymade SUITS, Gentlemen's TWEEDS, Ladies JACKETS. SJL^IELIII^GrTCOSr &> CtOWLFJLJX1T. LD., THE ROYAL VICTORIA WAREHOUSE (OPPOSITE THE INFIRMARY), d3 9 SALE ENDS 6TH PROX. jSd 3fcAZ^NT• — ™ MONTGOMERYSHIRE BREWERY CO., LIMITED, BREWERS AND Wine and Spirit Merchants, NEWTOWN. Ale in all sized Casks, delivered, Carriage Paid, TO ANY STATION. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS- HARVEST ALES from 8d.. gall. WINES & SPIRITS IN BOND, AND DUTY PAID. AGENCIES AT- Welshpool, Oswestry, Machynlleth, Rhayader, Marton, Sarn, Llanymynech, Llangyniew, and Trefeglwys. PRICE LIST FORWARDED ON APPLICATION. c. W. NORTON, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT DEPOT, AND Ironmongery Establishment, BEOAD STREET, NEWTOWN. Owing to the Scarcity of Harvestmen this Season, I have bought an unusually Large Consignment of HARVESTING MACHINERY. I AM SOLE AGENT FOR BAMFORD'S Prize Mowing Machine The The Strongest, Simplest, The The Most Durable, Ligil test Draught, The Best Mower in The Cheapest, The World. The J*ri-nce\'of Wales Triumphand other Makes in StooTc. HAY MAKERS BY THE AT GREATLY LEADING REDUCED MAKERS, PRICES. HORSE RAKES Blackstone's, Specially Large Ransome's, Discount Picks ley's, allowed off to Select from. Makers' Prices. All kinds of HAY FORKS, RAKES, HAY GATHERERS, SCYTHES, &c., to be had at NORTON'S, the best house in the trade for Farmers. c746 MONEY LENT ON NOTE OF HAND. INTEREST 5 PER CENT. A PRIVATE GENTLEMAN will advance without sureties from < £ 20 to £ 1,000 at a short notice n town or country, to persons of position, profes- sional classes, farmers, tradesmen, hotel keepers and -thers, and to assist into business; also upon furni- ire, reversions, policies and private incomes. fore applying elsewhere, call or write to actual tder, Mr A. MILNIR, 23, York Place, Portman uare, London, W. Not a loan office. e673 THOMAS FARR. SON OF THE LATE JAMES FARR, OF SALOP ROAD, Coach Builder, I I SEVERN STREET, WELSHPOOT. 11 Terrific Slaughter of Big Profits. REVOLUTION IN THE TEA TRADE. THE STAR TEA CO., LIMITED, BROAD- ST., NEWTOWN. DIRECT SHIPPERS AND EXPERT TEA TASTERS. FROM INDIA, FROM CHINA, FROM CEYLON, ABSOLUTELY PURE. I Being the LARGEST TEA RETAILERS in the Kingdom, C5 we are now offering the FINEST TEAS I WORLD PRODUCES AT 1/10 per pound. NO HIGHER PRICE. WHY PAY MORE? FINEST TEAS at 1/8 1/6 1/4 & 1/2 per lb. SUGARS. SUGARS. Being the Largest Retail Operators in this Article in the World Customers can rely upon securing the Finest Qualities of Sugar at Refiners' Prices. COFFEE. Is., Is. 4d., and Is. Sd. per lb. GRAND FRENCH lOd. per lb. (packed by us in quarter, half, and one pound air-tight canisters). FRUITS. Choice Valencia Raisins and Sultanas. Currants washed and dried by Patent Machinery ready for immediate use. GROCERIES Of all kinds at Liverpool & London prices. Choice assortment of Crosse and Blackwell's Goods, H. & P., Jacob's, and Mackenzie's Biscuits. Patent Medicines, Perfumery, Toilet Requisites, Foods, &e. Ask for PRICE LIST at Shop. NOTE THE ADDRESS- BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. ALSO, AT HOPE STREET, WREXHAM. MARKET STREET, HOLYHEAD. HIGH STREET, RHYL, HIGH STREET, CARNARVON. HIGH STREET, BANGOR, AND HIGH STREET, BETHESDA. d38 JOHN SWAIN, 23. HIGH STREET, NEWTOWN. Special Yalne in TEA—is., is. 4d., is. 8d., 2s., &c., Delicious Home-cured Hams and Bacon, And every Article in the Trade supplied on the principle of SMALL PROFIT AND QUICK TURNS. The System of Selling every Article at the Smallest Profit, and with perfect confidence, is paramount at JOHN SWAIN'S ESTABLISHMENT. Agent for the leading makes of Dog and Game Food, FRESH GREAVES WEEKLY. SOLE AGENT FOR THE CELEBRATED PRIZE MEDAL BUTTER COLOUR. cl72 A. E. BOND, Confectioner, 8, BROAD STREET, WELSHPOOL, Manufacturer of WEDDING CAKES of the best Quality. A choice selection of ORNAMENTS and BOXES. CHRISTENING AND BIRTHDAY CAKES. Genoa, Currant, Sultana, Madeira, Almond, and Seed Cakes. School Treats and Tea Parties Supplied on the most moderate Terms. PURE WHOLEMEAL BREAD, Made as directed by Dr. Allinson. See Testimonial. a406 Meat!! Meat 11 BUTCHER'S MEAT. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THIS- The Cheapest Shop in the Trade IS RICHARD EVANS, 8, SEVERN STREET, NEWTOWN THJE WORKMAN'S WATCH. The Guinea Watch. £1 1 0 A Good Sound Article. The Two Guinea Watch R2 2 0 Patent Lever, Strong and Durable. The Three Guinea Watch jE3 3 0 Patent Lever, in Strong Silver Cases. SW The above are all Warranted for One Two and Three Years respectively. GOLD WEDDING RINGS. FORD, WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, &c. NEWTOWN. a70 NOTICE OF REMOVAL! GEORGE ROBERTS FAMILY GROCER, Confectioner, Corn Merchant, &c. BEGS to return sincere thanks to his numerous Customers and Friends for their kind patronage and support during the past 22 years, and informs them that HE IS REMOVING From BELL SHOP to more commodious premises in LONG BRIDGE STREET, Known as the Llanidloes Drapery Establishment (lately occupied by Mr. G. Thomas, who is retiring from Business), where he will continue his GROCERY & CONFECTIONERY BUSINESS. Having also bought the adjoining premises well- known as the Unicorn Inn," where he will carry on THE HOTEL, Wine & Spirit, Beer & Stout Business. G.R. trusts, by strict Attention to Business, with Moderate Charges and the Best of Articles, to merit a continuance of that confidence for so many years shown him. Good Accommodation, Good Stabling Lock-up Yard, &e. Please Note the New Addresses :— GEORGE ROBERTS, LONG BRIDGE STREET, 752 LLANIDLOES THE T £ fYTT T?T> INSURANCE & STEAM DUlJjllill POWER COMPANY, LIMITED. HEAD OFFICE 67, KING STREET, MANCHESTER* Established 1859. CAPITAL £ 250,000- ANNUAL INCOME upwards of Xa(),Ooo, Transacting Insurance of Boilers, Steam and Gas Engines, Employers Liability and General Accident. Additional Agents Required. Good Commission. Apply to the SECRETARY c632 Penstrowed Quarry, NEAR NEWTOWN. Road Metal, Building Stone, Heads, Cill, Steps. Plinths, Curbing, Sett& (ior stable floors or any other purpose). Copings, all wrought to any design. Hard, Durable and Cheap. For Prices and Particulars apply to MR. E. PARKE, HIGH STREET, NEWTOWN. cl98 /( .ï h, 'll_ (s\; "J' t. I'ft,;ft.o TRADfi WI.. HAVE proved beneficial to thousands, and are used and recommended by the leading Oculists and gentlemen ot the Medical Profession as a boon to those suffering from failing or imperfect sight. EXTRACTS FROM TESTIMONIALS— T. EYTON JONES, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.S., Edin., Grosvenor Lodge, Wrexham, writesThey aid the sight without distressing the vision, however long worn the glasses are unusually clear, and will be found by all persons requiring them a great desideratum." 0. WYNNE GRIFFITHS, Esq., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., The Highlands, Pwllheli, writes I have great pleasure in bearing testimony to the excellence of your spectacles, and shall strongly recommend them to friends that may require glasses." LADY EMILY DIGBY, Coventry, writes :—" Mr* Lanrance's spectacles have improved and strengthened her sight wonderfully." HUNDREDS OF SIMILAR TESTIMONIALS Have been received from Medical Gentlemen, the Clergy, &0 whose sight has been benefited by their use when all others had failed. A lengthened list gratis on application to COWAN & Co., CHEMISTS AND OPTICIANS, 18, BROAD STREET, WELSHPOOL, By whom these Celebrated Spectacles are sold. N.B.-All Spectacles stamped H.L., without which now are genuine. c331 Tailoring and Outfitting ESTABLISHMENT, 14, BERRIEW STREET, WELSHPOOL. I BEG to state that I have just received a Choice SELECTION of the NEWEST DESIGNS in WOOLLEN CLOTHS, and that, as in past seasons, it will be my constant endeavour to gain the con- fidence and recommendation of my Customers, by supplying at; Moderate Prices well-made Garments (with good style and fit), of thoroughly sound and durable materials. I would call special attention to the following lines:— Black Worsted COATS AND VESTS, made to measure, from 30/- Scotch Tweed BUSINESS SUITS, from 40/- A Splendid Line in TROUSERINGS AT 14/- the Pair, REMARKABLY CHEAP. Soliciting a continuance of past kind favours, WALTER J. DAVIES. AGBNT FOR THE CROWN LIFE ASSURANCE CO, &218