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SALES BY AUCTION. MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE. 0> ■ — MONTGOMERYSHIRE. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES, ^HBPrisiDg all that superior FARM known as Lower Llivior," containing about 123 acres, in the parish of Berriew, situate about two miles from the village Hydan-Fawr Farm and Sbeepwalk, "Frorihnul Farm," "Cwm Cottage" Tenement, Hydan Cottages and Gardens, con- taining altogether 236 acres, in the parishes of daatle Caereinion aud Llanfair Caereinion; two Productive Upland Farms, called respectively O'The Cross and Cae Scubor," with an Allot- ment called" W aen," containing 100 Acres, in the parish of Llanfair Caereinion, situate within two miles of that market town; two desirable TENE- MENTS, known as "Upper and Lower Belan." eituote within 2i- miles of the excellent market town of Welshpool; aleo a Superior RESIDENCE o&ed Cleveland House, otherwise 42, Bank Buildings, situate in Salop-road, Welshpool, with it0 Gardens and Appurtenances, which will be SOLD BY AUCTION. BY MESSRS MORRIS, MARSHALL AND POOLE at the ROYAL OAK HOTEL, WELSHPOOL, On THURSDAY, 4th AUGUST, 1892, At Four o'clock in the Afternoon, in such iota as may be determined upon. For Plans and further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEERS, Chirbury, Shropshire, or to JOHN ISDOIWOSTH, Esq., Solicitor, Nunton Cottage, near Salisbury. c751 Jt*m,A mtm. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. PARISH OF BUTTINGTON. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY HESSRS. MORRIS. MARSHALL AND POOLE, at the Royal Oak Hotel, Welshpool, On MONDAY, the 8th day of AUGUST, 1892, At Three o'clock in the Afternoon (for Four o'clock precisely), in one Lot, or in euch other Lots as shall pe announced at the Sale, all that VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARM, called SEVERN SIDE," Containing in the whole 98a. 3r. 6p. The Farmhouse is commodious and substantial, frith convenient Outbuildings, and the land is of the ffisbast. quality, and principally old pasturage. The property is distant about three miles from the mark-1 town of Welshpool, and in close proximity to JButtington Junction, a first-class station en the Cambrian and London and North-Western Railways. It adjoins the estate of the Earl of Powis, Mrs Fisher tMaeefron). William A. Rogers. Esq., and others, as ipaso the River Severn and the Trewern Brook. Further particulars may be obtained from Mr WILLIAM MICKLEBURGH, Land Agent, Montgomery, from the AUCTIONEERS, Cbirbury, Salop, and Messrs. HOWELL, JONES, & HOWELL, Solicitors, Welshpool, Agents for THE SOLICITOR TO THE TREASURY, Treasury, Whitehall, London, The Solicitor for the Vendors. d48 MR. JOHN E. THISTLE. THIS DAY (TUESDAY). RE THE NEWTOWN ÆRATED WATERS AND BOTTLED BEER & PORTER, COMPANY, LIMITED. IN LIQUIDATION. IMPORTANT SALE OF PLANT, MACHINERY, BOTTLES, CASES, &c. MR. JOHN E. THISTLE will SELL BY AUCTION on the premises in the occupation of the above Company adjoining New Road, Newtown. ON TUESDAY, JULY 26th, 1892, The whole of the VALUABLE PLANT, comprising ai-HORSE POWER GAS ENGINE, (No. 2) Croseley Bros., Limited, Otto & Crossley s Patent, with pulleys, straps, water tank, and all necessary Patent Beer and Stout Bottling Machine, with fittings complete. 4-inch Barrel Lifting Pump with pulleys complete, Aod2in. tubing. Horner & Barker's Patent Filling Machine with piping Ac. Gas holder and Bell. Wilcox's Patent i £ rated Water Machine with fast ODd loose pul'eys, and fly wheel in perfect order. MoEwen's Patent Rapid Paragon Filling Machine Wo. 1238, equal to new. Wilcox's Patent Cork Bottling Machine. 2-inch Shaft 21ft. long with Hangers and Brackets «onplete. „ Wiring Rack, Zinc Cork Washer, Water Heating Stove. Slate Water Tank, 30 gallon Iron Furnace with lid .oud underworks. „ 3 8-gallon Mixing Vats with taps, 60-gallon wrought iron Boiler. Bottle Waggon, Wiring Table, India rubber Water Hose. 2 Washing Tubs, Rinsing Machine and Rack. BREWER'S DRAY by Dyson, Liverpool, Set of Dray Harness, Pony Trap, Hand Cart. LARGE QUANTITY OF CASES & BOTTLES. 2 8-gallon Casks, quantity of Sugar Coloring, quantity of Acetic Acid and Oil of Lemon, Tartaric find Citric Acid, quantity of India rubber stopper Tings, Small cask and stand, 2 Felt straining bags, quantity of Jars and Bottles, Pestal and Mortar, Scales and Weights, Mundle and Tins, Whiting and Bottle Tubs and Bins, 4 Crates, Cork Basket and Corks, Sacks, &c. OFFICE FURNITURE. And a quantity of Out-door Effects. The whole will be offered in one lot as a going concern, and if not so sold will be offered in such lots ae may be determined upon at the time of sale. The grarchaser may have possession of the premises until the 1st of May next at the present rental. SALE AT THREE O'CLOCK. The whole will be offered in one Lot and if not disposed of will be sold in such Lots as may be arranged at time of Sale. Offices :—Montgomery, Newtown, Bishop's Castle. d27 BASIC SLAG. • SOLE AGENT— CORNELIUS MORGAN, THE CRESCENT, NEWTOWN.! W18 1 SALES BY AUCTION. I( MR. THOMAS MORRIS. 5, CHURCH STREET, WELSHPOOL. Unreserved Sale of Valuable Household Furniture, and contents aud requirements of a Butcher's Shop. To BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. THOMAS MORRIS on the premises, as above, on THURSDAY, JULY 23TH, 1892, The whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, The property of Mr. John Jones, including Elegant DRAWING ROOM SUITE (in walnut & tapestry); Costly PIANO (by Pleyel); also a Useful PONY, TRAP and HARNESS; Valuable New DOG-CART (by Farr); contents of a BUTCHER'S SHOP, and other Effects as enumerated below, viz.: — BUTCHER'S SHOP.-PATENT SILENT SAUSAGE MACHINE, by Gardner, Birmingham; Scales and Brass Weights, 2 Sausage Dishea, 6 Butcher's Baskets, Saws, Choppers, Benches, Pickle Tub, useful Steelyards, Office Desk with. Drawers, Stool, Knives, Steels, a large quantity of Sausage Spice of epecial Brand, Shop Blind, and other lots. SHOP FIXTURES.—Gas Fittings, Marble Slab, Iron Bars and Hooks, large Side Table and Drawers, Deal Table, Salting Bench, Tub, &c. DRAWING ROOM.—Polished Steel Fender and Brass-headed Fire Irons, Brussels Carpet to room 18ft. by 15ft., Hearth Rug to match, very handsome WALNUT DRAWING ROOM SUITE in Tapestry, comprising 6 Chairs, Gentleman's ditto, Ladies^' ditto, and handsome couch; 3 Cushions, Ladies' Writing Desk, fitted up complete with Stand, Drawers, Ac.; bandeome antique Walnut Cabinet Table on Claws, Ornamented Brass and Plated Glass China Cupboard, massive Walnut Cabinet with Marble Top, Piate Glass Back; China Cupboard, &c., equal to new, Oval Walnut Table on Carved Pillar and Claws, elegant Walnut-framed Piano, full compass, by Pleyel, purchased by Mr Boucher, Shrewsbury, for J. D. Daweon, Ebq., Newtown, in perfect condition; Engraving late "Earl of Powis," 2 very handsome coloured ditto in gold frames "Sir Watkin and "Lady Wynn," 6 En- I gravings, various subjects, 2 pairs Handsome Cream Lace Curtains, 2 Window Poles and Rings, halid- | some ornaments, Flowers and Fruit in Glass Shades, I massive Pier Glass in Gold Frame, 4ft. by 3ft. 6in., I Ladies' Work Table, &c. Contents of Cupboard Twelve Champagne Glasses, 12 Wine ditto, 12 Spirit ditto, 18 Claret ditto, Glass Dishes, Dessert Service and Sundry lots. Quantity of Books, many volumes of French editions, Inkstand, &c., Small Mahogany Cheffioneer, handsome Mahogany Dining Table con- vertable into two useful Tables, Roaewood Chef- fioneer. LINEN.—Eight Linen Table Cloths, 6 pair Twill Sheets, 3 pair Linen ditto, 3 dozen Towels, 1 dozen Linen Pillow Cases, 1 dozen Breakfast Napkins, 1 dozen Twill Pillow Cases, a lot of Blankets and Counterpanes, nearly new. BEDROOM No. 1.—Brass Bedsteads, Spring Mattresses, Wool Mattresses, Feather Beds, Bolster and Pillows, Marble Top Washstand, Towel Rail, Dressing Table, Dressing Glass, Chamber Ware, Commode, Chairs, Window Poles and Ringb, Curtains, Ornaments, Pictures, Corner Brackets, I Brussels Carpet to room and Hearth Rug. BEDROOM No. 2. — Steel Fender, Fire Irons, Chairs, Dressing Table, Dressing Glass, Washstand, Towel Rail, Chamber Ware, Ladies' Wardrobe, Chest of Drawers, Window Pole and Curtains, Carpet to room. Japanned Bedstead, Spring Mattress, Wool ditto, Feather Bed, Bolster and Pillows, I Towels, Foot Bath, Hearth Rug, lot of Pictures. I BEDROOM No.3. Japanned Bedstead, Spring Mattress, Palliasse, Wool Mattress, Sheets, and Counterpanes, Feather Bed, Bolster and Pillows, I Chest of Drawers. Dressing Table, Washstand, I Chamber Ware, Glass, Towel Rail, Sewing Machine, Window Curtains, Carpet to room, &c. BEDROOM No. 4.-Iron Bedstead, Palliasse, Flock Bed, Feather Bed, Bolster and Pillows, Sheets, Blankets and Counterpanes, Washtand and Dressing Table, Glass, Chamber Ware, Antimacassars, Towels, Horse Rug, Carpet, Weather Glass, Oil Cloth, Door Mat, Birch Bedatead, Palliasse. LAVATORY.—Three Brooms, Oak Chest, several valuable Oil Paintings, Oleographs and Engravings. KITCHEN.—Oak Dresser with Drawers and Plate- Shelf, Eight-day Clock, Table, 5 Chairs, Arm Chair, Brass Rod and Curtains, Steel Fire Stand, Fender, Fire Irons, a lot of Books, Tea and Coffee Pots, Table Cover, large quantity of Knives and Forks, Copper and Iron Saucepans, Preserving Kettles, Copper Kettle, Brass Candlesticks, Dinner Service, Tea and Coffee Service, and a large quantity of Ware, Cruet Stands, Cupboards, inlaid Oak Corner Cupboard, Buckets, Slop Pails, Tins, &c., Dutch Ovens, small Tables, and Sundry Odd Lots. Capital PONY, useful TRAP and Set of HAR- NESS, good as new, Whips, Carriage Rug, set of new full-sized Harness, best make, 2 Saddles and Bridles, capital Truck, new Chaff Cutter, useful Hand Truck, and other Articles too numerous to mention. Also to be Sold, the property of a Gentleman, BY order of Executors, a WAGGONETTE in good con- dition, light running, and well built. DOG CART, by Farr, only been in use a short time, lamps, and all complete, can be highly recom- mended. SET SILVER MOUNTED HARNESS, very well made. SET DOUBLE HARNESS. SET OF SILVER PLATED HARNESS, nearly new, by Harries, Shrewsbury. CARRIAGE AND HORSE RUGS, all to be sold without reserve. All on view Two Days before Sale. SALE TO COMMENCE PUNCTUALLY AT ONE O'CLOCK. LEGAL NOTICES. EDWAPD ROBERTS' DECEASED. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all Persons having Claims or Demands against or upon the Estate of EDWARD ROBERTS, late of "The Bridge Inn," Llanfair-Caereinion, Montgomeryshire, Innkeeper and Builder, deceased, who died on the 13th day of July, 1892, are required to send to me, the undersigned, at my office at Llanfair-Caereinion aforesaid, full particulars of such Claims or Demand?, in or before the 1st day of September next, in order that the same may be examined by the Executor of his Will, and, if found correct, duly discharged, and all Persons indebted to the said deceased are requested to pay the amount of their respective debts to me. Dated this 19th day of July, 1892. R. M. JERVIS, Llanfair-Caereinion, Montgomeryshire, d45 Solicitor to the Executor. RICHARD EVANS, DECEASED. ALL PERSONS having Claims or Demands against the Estate of the late RICHARD EVANS, Blaen- y.Cwm, in the parishes of Llanbrynmair and Cemmes, in the Connty of Montgomery, Farmer, deceased, who died on or about the 4th day of July, 1892, are requested to send to EVAN EVANS, of Blaen-y-Cwm, aforesaid, Farmer (the sole Executor of the said Richard Evans), or to me, the undersigned, his solicitor, full particulars of such Claims and Demands, on or before the 19th day of August next, and all Persons Indebted to the said deceased are requested to pay the amount of the respective Debts to the said Executor or to me. Dated this 19th day of July, 1892. R. M. JERVIS, Llanfair-Caereinion, Montgomeryshire, f d46 Solicitor for the said Executor' SALES BY AUCTION. MESSRS. COOKE BROS. THIS DAY (TUESDAY), JULY 26th, 1892, Opposite the BUCK INN, NEWTOWN. SALE of Dogcarts, Pony Tubs, Market Cart, Gent's and Lady's Saddles, Barrel Churn, &o. Sale at Two o'clock prompt. d58 COOKE BROS., Auctioneers. No. 1, BRYN STREET AND CANAL ROAD, NEWTO WN. MESSRS. COOKE BROS- are favoured with In- structions from the Representatives ot iate Mrs Jones, Butcher, to Sell by Auction, upon the premises, as above, I On SATURDAY NEXT, JULY 30thi 1892, The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and SUNDRY EFFECTS, including Two Iron -Bedsteads, Folding Bedstead, Swing Cot, Feather Bed, Linen and Blankets, Marble Top Washstand. Washetands and Dreading Tables, Toilet Glasses, Couch in Leather, Windsor and other Chairs, Clock in Oak Case, Grained Oak Kitchen Piece, with 3 drawers in ba"b Washing and Mangling Machine, Fenders .nd Fire Irons, Centre Carpet, Home-cured Ham, Box Churn, Dairy Vessels, &c., &3.; also a Spring Market Cart, Set of Harness, Saddle and Bridle, Two Hen Coops, 3 Pig Troughs, about 20 LOADS OF MANURE, and if not previously disposed of, a ROAN PONY MARE, with her FILLY FOAL, MILCH COW, Two Strong STORE PIGS. Sale to commence with the Out-door Effects upon tha Field situate near Barn Lane, Canal Road, at Two o'clock. d57 PUBLIC NOTICES. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. THE DIRECTORS of this Company are prepared to receive TENDERS for Supplies of the un- dermentioned Stores, to be delivered in such quan- tities and at such times as may be required during the Twelve Months ending 30th June, 1893:- No. SPECIFICATION. No. SPECIFICATION. 2 Oils and Talluw 21 Bolts, Nuts, and Chair 3 Cotton Waste Spikes 4 Clothing 22 Lead, White and 5 Brushes Red 6 Drain Pipes and Lime 23 Lead, Sheet and 7 Galvanized Wire Piping 8 Carriage Trimmings 24 Nails and Crane and Horse Hair Chains 9 Copper. Block Zinc. 25 Paints, Turpentine, Antimony, & Block &c. Tin 26 Varnish 10 Signal Candles 27 Ropes 11 Canvas 29 Soap 12 Coke 30 Screws 14 Fencing, Wood 31 Tyres 15 Files, Springs, Spring 32 Timber, English Steel, and Buffer 33 Timber, Foreign Plungers 34 Timber, Foreign (Sup- 16 Glass plementary) 17 Iron, Bar and Sheet, 35 Tin Plates &c. 36 Brass Tubes 18 Pig Iron 37 Wheel Repairs (New 19 India Rubber Tyres and Axles) 20 Iron Chairs 38 Leather The Directors reserve the right of accepting 8! portion of a Tender, and do not bind tuemselvos to accept the lowest or any Tender. Specifications and forms of Tender may be obtained at the Stores pffice, Cambrian Works, Oswestry, and specimens, patterns, and samples may be seen there daily, except on Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sealed Tenders should be sent to the undersigned not later than Saturday, 11th June, marked Tender for No. — CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. BANK HOLIDAY ARRANGEMENTS:— On Saturday, July 30th, CHEAP THREE AND FIVE DAYS' EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued from Cambrian Stations to LONDON, LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER, Birkenhead, Warrington. Stock- port, Chester, Bradford, Leeds, Huddersfield, Batley, Dewsbury, MATLOCK, BUXTON, Alsc, on Friday, July 29th, & Saturday, July 30th, TO NEATH, NEWPORT (MoN.), MERTHYR, DOWLAIS, CARDIFF and SWANSEA, CHEAP EIGHT DAYS' TICKETS will also be issued on Saturday. July 30th to LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER, CHESTER, LEEDS, &c. On Monday, Aug. 1st, CHEAP DAY EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued to Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Stockport, Chester. Brecon, Rhayader, Builth Wells, ABERYSTWYTH, BORTH, Aber- dovey, Towyn, Dolgelley, and Barmouth. For full particulars see bills. WELSHPOOL EARLY CLOSING MOVEMENT. ON EVERY THURSDAY in July, August, and September, CHEAP RETURN TICKETS will be issued from Welshpool to Llanymynech at 1140 or 3 0 lOd. Ellesmere 11 20 „ 3 0 Is. 6d. Montgomery 1 40 4 0 8d. Third Class Fares for the Double Journey. The tickets will be available for RETURN the same day as follows :—From Llanymynech, 6 25 p.m. or 9 25 p.m.; Ellesmere, 5 50 p.m. or 8 15 p.m.; Montgomery, 6 15 p.m. or 8 35 p.m. EXCURSIONS TO LAKE VYRNWY. CHEAP DAY RETURN TICKETS, including RAIL and COACH, will be issued to LAKE VYRNWY, on every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, in JULY, AUGUST, & SEPTEMBER, 1892. Time of Starting and Fares for the throughout journey, as under- On Saturdays, from Welshpool 11 40 a.m., Mondays or Thursdays. 7 50 a.m. Fare, 1st class 6 6, 2nd 5/9, 3rd 5/- Forden 10 50 a.m., Montgomery 10 40 a.m. on Saturdays, and on Mondays or Thursdays, Forden 7 38 a,m., and Montgomery 7 32 a.m. Fares, lBt class 7/6, 2nd 6/6, 3rd 5/6. On Mondays from Abermule 10 30 a.m., Newtown 10 52 a.m., Moat Lane 10 5 a.m., Llandinam 9 49 a.m., Dolwen 9 42 a.m., Llanidloes 9 37 a.m., and on Mondays or Thursdays, Abermule 7 23 a.m., I Newtown, 715 a.m., Moat Lane 76 a.m., Llandinam 7 0 a.m., Dolwen 6 55 a.m., Llanidloes 6 50 a.m. Fare, 1st class 8/6, 2nd 7/3, 3rd 6/- TOURIST TICKETS. Available for two calendar months), are now issued from the principal stations in England, and from all the principal stations on the Cambrian Line, TO ABERYSTWYTH, BARMOUTH, TOWYN, Aberdovey, Borth, Dolgelley, Harlech, Portmadoc, CRICCIETH, Pwllheli, Builth Wells, Rhayader and Brecon also from the principal Cambrian Stations TO PENARTH. TENBY, PEMBROKE DOCK, Llandrindod Wells, Llanwrtyd and Llangammarch Wells, Rhyl, Abergele, Llandudno, Carnarvon, Holyhead. Bangor, Southport, Blaekpool, Buxton. Matlock, Lancaster, Morecambe, Windermere, and Lake District, Scarboro, Harrowgate, and &c., Isle of Man, Scotland, Ireland, &c. CHEAP 14 DAYS' TICKETS are also issued from the principal Cambrian Stations to Llandrindod Wells, Llangammarch, Wells, Llanwrtyd Wells, BUILTH WELLS, Rhayader, and BRECON, and from the Inland Stations to ABERYSTWYTH, BARMOUTH, and other Coast Watering Places on Cardigan Bay. A WEEK AT THE SEASIDE-Cheap Return Tickets are now issued every Friday and Saturday, until 30th September, 1892, from Whitchurch, Ellesmere, Oswestry, Llanfyllin, Welshpool, New- town, Llanidloes, Builth Wells, Brecon, Machy o lleth, and principal intermediate stations ale from Glandovey & Portmadoc, to ALL WATERING PLACES on Cardigan Bay. ALFRED ASLETT, Secretary and General Manager. Company's Offices, Oswestry, 24th May, 1892, PUBLIC NOTICES. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. PENNANT, within two miles from Montgomery and within one from Abermule stations on the Cam- brian Railways. rpo BE LET, this Commodious RESIDENCE, JL with gardens, orchards, lawn tennis grounds, and with about 700 acres of shooting. From 10 to 20 acres of meadow land in front of house may be had if desired.—Apply to R. Lewis-Andrew, Esq., Glanbaf- ren, Abermule, or Mr W:n. Pritchard, Land and Estate Agent, Tanyfron, Garthmyl, Mont. c390 TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY. LOT 1. ALL THAT VERY DESIRABLE Farm called "Uchekire Canol," in the parish of Bettws Cadewen. an about six miles from the town of New. town, with Home and Homestead, comprising 102a. lr. 18p. of productive arable, meadow, and pasture land, now in the occupation of Mr THOMAS JOKES, LOT 3. All that cottage and land situate at the Fron, in the parish of Berriew (and about two miles from Montgomery Railway Station), comprising 2a. lr. 23p., in the occupation of Mr C. DAVIES. For further particulars apply to Mr WILLIAM PRITCHARD, Land and Estate Agent, Tanyfron, Garthmyl, Mont. c644 THE NEWTOWN WATERWORKS COMPANY. "TV"OTICR IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Fortieth 1* Half-Yearly Meeting of the above-named Com. pany will be held at tHfe Manager's Office, Turner's Lane, Newtown, on Tuesday, the 2nd of August, 1892, at 11 o'clock a.m., to receive and consider the Half-Yearly Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet, and the report of the Directors and Auditors thereon; to sanction the declaration of a dividend; and to transact the Ordinary Business of the Company. By Order, EDWARD JONES, Newtown, Secretary. July 15th, 1892. d50 LLANIDLOES FLORAL, HORTICULTURAL, AND COTTAGERS' IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY THE SIXTH ANNUAL SHOW will be held on THURSDAY, AUGUST THE 25TH, 1892. Further particulars will shortly appear. c591 THREE MILLIONS HAVE BEEN PAID BY THE Railway Passengers' Assurance Co., AS COMPENSATION FOR ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS. ESTABLISHED 1849. RT. HON. EVELYN ASHLEY, Chairman. Capital £ 1,000,000. INCOME One Quarter Million. 64, CORNHILL, LONDON. w. D. MASSY, } Secretaries. A. VIAN, I Agents at Newtown { T. PRYCE, Railway Station. E. ISSARD, HIgh Street. c53 SCHOLASTIC. LADIES' BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, ST. MARY'S VILLA, NEWTOWN. The MISSES EVANS, assisted by an efficient Certificated Governess. Mathematics-E. J. BUNNETT, ESQ., B.A. Violin-W. S. STEPHENSON, ESQ. Pupils prepared for Local Exams. Private Lessons given in Music, French, Drawing, and Painting. c43 OLDFORD SCHOOL, WELSHPOOL. THIS OLD ESTABLISHED SCHOOL will be -L RE-OPENED on 30th August next. Thorough Commercial and Classical Education. For Prospectus and Terms, apply to Principal, Mr T. HILES, F.S.So., &c., d61 20, High Street, Welshpool. HIGH MIDDLE CLASS BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, FOR YOUNG LADIES, CLEVELAND HOUSE, WELSHPOOL. Principals-The MISSES BELL. The aim of the Principals is to supply at a moderate cost, a sound and superior education, with oareful training and home comforts. Prospectuses on application. a329 NEWTOWN GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HEAD MASTER- Ernest J. Bunnett, B.A. (Cambridge Mathematical Honours), ate Assistant Master at LIVERPOOL COLLEGIS, etc. Assisted by a RESIDENT MASTER. BOARDERS assured of a Comfortable Home. For PROSPECTUS and TERMS for Boarders and Day Foys, apply to the HEAD MASTER. PRIVATE LESSONS to Ladies and Gentlemen in Mathematics and Painting. bl62 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES, ABERYSTWYTH. ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS. AT AN EXAMINATION to be held in the College, commencing TUESDAY, 20TH SEPTEMBER Next, the following Scholarships will be offered for OPEN COMPETITION One of £ 40 Two of .£30 Two of £ 20; Two of .£15; and Four of -RIO. And the following CLOSE SCHOLARSHIPS will also be offered .-Uno of X40, Five of .£10, confined to natives of Wales Two of X20, confined to natives of Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire One of X20, confined to natives of Cardiganshire One of .£10, confined to natives of North Wales. FOUR EXHIBITIONS of .£10 each are offered to Normal Students on the results of the Queen's Scholarship Examination. Further particulars may be obtained on application to the REGISTRAR at the College, to whom all Candidates must send their names on or before the 1st September next. MORGAN LLOYD, d5.3 Hony, Secretary. GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. GLANSEVERN PARK. j í THE ANNUAL UNITED SUNDAY SCHOOLS I DEMONSTRATION j And Fete j Will be held in the above F'ark j (By kind permission of Mrs. Humphreys-Owen), ON FRIDAY, 5th AUGUST, 1892. i A CONTINGENT OF THE ) NEWTOWN BANDI Will be in attendance. At dusk there will be an Exhibition of FlR EWORKS & COLOURED LIGHTS Tea on the Tables at Three o'clock. ADMISSION, 1/- I'i BY 10 HOURS ™ SEASIDE! THE ROYAL WELSH WAREHOUSE ANNUAL TRIP Will this Year be run to ABERYSTWITH & BARMOUTH, ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 13TH, 1892. THIRD-CLASS RETURN FARES. WELSHPOOL •) -j O MONTGOMERY J JL.S. tJD. KERRY -J ABERMULE f f* NEWTOWN f _LS. OD. CAERSWS J Further particulars later. c743 NEWTOWN, MONTGOMERYSHIRE. FIRST GREAT EWE FAIR (SPECIAL) Tuesday. September 13th, 1892. Annually on SECOND TUESDAY in SEPTEMBER. By order of the Local Board, dl5 WM. COOKE, Clerk. ALTERATION OF DATE. A BAZAAR AND FANCY FAIR Will be held in the PUBLIC ROOMS, on AUGUST 15th, 16th, 17th, Proceeds for the Newtown National Schools. c493 PRELIMINARY NOTICE. KERRY. A SUMMER FESTIVAL, To include FLOWER SHOW, ATHLVTIC SPORTS, &c., will be held AT KERRY. ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 27TH. Further particulars shortly. W. DE H. BIRCH, )n e JOHN EVANS, ] Hon. Sees. Kerry, 23 June, 1892. c734 NEW SPRING TROUSERINGS, NEW SUITINGS, NEW OVERCOATINGS FOR SPRING WEAR. TROUSERS MADE TO ORDER from 10s. 6d. BL vCK VICUNA COAT & VESTS from 26s. 9d. BI CK WORSTED do. do. from 26s. 9d. TV ;]ED SUITS Made to Order from 28/6 the Suit. PERFECT FIT GUARANTEED. Larn and Varied Assortment of Beautiful Designs and New Colourings. HENRY MORGAN, CROWN SHOP, b404 NEWTOWN. MRS PILOT, 13, Bridge Street, Newtown, Still continues to give the HIGHEST PRICE that can be obtained for OLD CLOTHES. a577 GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. -EAVTOW-N BAXD- N The ab.- ve Baud beg to announce a GRAND RECITAL In HIGH STREP,T, On Wednesday Evening, July 27th, To commtnce at 7-i5 p.m when they will make their first appearance in their NEW UNIFORM, supplied by Mr qen v Morgan, The Eoyal Crown Warehouse, Newtown. A Collection will be tak^n duiing the Recital in aid of the New Uni, orm Fund; anf the Committee respectfully a-k for a liberal response. d64 ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, NEWTOWN. THE ANNIVERSARY SERVICES Wili be held in the above Church On Sunday, July 31st, 1892. 'f PREACHER REV. M. O. EVANS, WREXHAM. Services at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. COLLECTIONS IN AID OF CHURCH FUNDS. d56 Welshpool Friendly Societies' FETE ON THURSDAY, AUGUST 4TH, 1892. HORSE AND PONY RACES, HORSE LEAPING, ATHLETIC SPORTS, QUOITING, &c On a Field adjoining POWIS CASTLE PARK (By kind permission of the Right Honourable the EARL OF POWIS). PROGRAMME HORSE & PONY RACES, HORSE LEAPING. I-PONY RACE, open to ponies 13 hands or under, catch weights (heats) about 7 furlongs. 1st Prise £ 2. 2nd Priz? JEI. Entrance 5S. 2—HUNTERS HURDLE RACE (confined to the County of Montgomery) about It miles, oyer 6 flights of hurdles. Weights—» years old Or under, 10 stone 71bs.; 5 yeais old, 11 stone; 6 years old, or aged, 11 stone 71bs. let Prize .£5 (given by Dr. Hawksworth), 2nd Prize .£1 10s. Entrance 10. 6d. 3-HORSE LEAPING, 1st Prize X10, 2nd Prize £ 5. Entrance 10s 6d. (On same Ground as West Midland Show). 4—GALLOWAY RACE, open to horses 14 hands 2in. or under, about 7 furlongs. 14-2 to carry 10 stone (71bs. allowed for every inch under) Heats. 1st Prize .£3, 2nd Prize Cl. Entrance lOs 6d. 5-HUNTERS HURDLE RACE, (open). Distance and weights as No. 2. 1st Prize .£6, 2nd .£2. Entrance 10a 6d. ATHLETIC SPORTS. I-ONE MILE FOOT RACE (open) Handicap. 1st Prize X2, 2nd Prize 10s. Entrance 6d. 2-440 YARDS FOOT RACE (open) Handicap. 1st Prize .£1, 2nd Prize 5a. Entrance 6d. 3—440 YARDS FOOT RACE (open) Handicap. (For youths under 16) let Prize 15a., 2nd Prize 7s 7d., 3rd Prize 2s 6d. Entrance 6d. 4-QUOITING MATCH (Singles) Distance 21 yards. 1st Prize 15s., 2nd Prize 7s 6d. Entrance 6d. Competitors to find their own quoits. The SPLENDID BANDS of the 4th Batt. South Wales Borderers, AND THE Newtown Prize Band, Numbering 50 Performers. Dancing until 9 p.m. The Cambrian Railway Company will issue Cheap Tickets from Oswestry, Llanidloes and intermediate Stations. ENTRIES CLOSE on Thursday, July 28th. (Friday morning' post in time). E. LEWIS, Secretary, d54 34, Lledan Crescent, Welshpool. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. CHEAP DAY TICKETS will be issued to RHAYADER, BUILTH WELLS & BRECON, on Monday, BANK HOLIDAY, August 1st, 1892, as under. Third Class Fares for the double journey. Starting from Welshpool at 9 0 a.m., Builth Wells or Rhayader, 2s. 6d., Brecon, 3s. Montgomery 9 15 a.m., Abermule 9 25 a.m., Newtown 9 38 a.m., Moat Lane 10 5 a.m., to Builth Wells or Rhayader, 2B. 3d., Brecon 2s. 9d. Llanidloes 5 57 a.m. or 10 27 a.m., to Brecon, 2s. 6d. First Claps Tickets isanki at Double the above fares. Passengers RETUR& as following, from Brecon 5 50 p.m., Bui it* Wfl^Po 48 p.m., and Rhayader 7 16 p.m. On Every Saturday & Monday during July, August and September CHEAP DAY EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued to ABHRYSTVTYTH, BORTH, ABERDOVEY, TOWYN, BARMpUTH and DOLGELLEY, from Oswestry, Llaafyllin, Welshpool, Montgomery, Newtown, Llanidloes, and intermediate Stations. The train will leave Oswestry at 8 10 a.m., Llanfyllin 7 35 a.m., Welshnpel 9 0 a.m., Montgomery 9 15 a.m., Llanidloes 9 37 a.m., and Newtown 9 38 a.m. Paseengera RETURN same day from Aberystwyth at 6 0 p.m., Borth 6 20 p.m., Aberdovey 6 20 p.m., Towyn 6 8 p.m., Barmouth 5 35 p.m., and Dolgelley 5 20 p.m. ALFRED ASLETT, Secretary and General Manager. Oswestry, July, 1892. THE STANDARD IiIFE ASSURANCE QOMPANY, 19, CASTLE STREET, LIVERPOOL. ESTABLISHED 1825. INVESTED FUNDS £ 7,500,000 ANNUAL REVENUE £ 1.000,000 BONUS DISTRIBUTED £ 5,000,000 LIFE POLICIES AND ENDOWMENTS. WORLD WIDE AND NONFORFEITABLE. DEFERRED ASSURANCES FOR CHILDREN. IMMEDIATE PAYMENT OF CLAIMS. For Prospectus and all information apply to For Prospectus and all information apply to IE. CLEMENT JONES. ARCHITECT, NEWTOWN c607