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SALES BY AUCTION. —* :— —- MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL &, POOLE. -in. — ON SATURDAY NEXT, JULY 16TH. THE COTTAGE, GARTHMYL. MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL, AND POOLE are instructed by J. D. DAVIES, Esq., Official Receiver in Bankruptcy, to Sell by Auction on the premises as above the following effects, the property 4it Mr JOHN JONES, viz A USEFUL DAIRY COW in full profit, Tools and other out-doer Hie whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Effects comprising the contents of Sitting Room, 2 Kitchens, and 3 Bedrooms, also 130 OAK TREES AND POLES, felled and lying on Ystrad Farm, 2 Miles from Llanfair Caereinion. Sale to commence at TWO o'clock. d30 WELSHPOOL SMITHF1ELD. MONDAY NEXT, JULY 18TH, 1892. MESSRS MORRIS, MARSHALL, AND POOLE solicit further Entries for their fornightly Sale Of b JFAT AND STORE CATTLE, SHEEP AND PIGS. d2 VALUABLE JFJRJEEHOLD FARMS AND TENEMENTS, Situate in the Parishes of Berriew, Llanfair, Castle-Caereinion &- Welshpool, Montgomeryshire. MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE are instructed to Submit for Public Competi- tion, at the ROYAL OAK HOTEL, WELSHPOOL, on THURSDAY, AUGUST 4th, 1892, The following very Depirable Farms and Tenements, viz-, "LOWER Ls IVIOii," in the Parish of Berriew, "ETYDAN FAVVR." "FRONHAUL." and other Tenements in I be Parish of Castle-Csereinion; THE CROSS" and" CAE SCUBOR" in the Parish of llanfair; CLEVELAND HOUSE." in the Town t:1f Welshpool, and Two SMALL TENEMENIS on «be BELAN. j flans and particulars may be obtained from JOHN J JIPGEWORTH, Esq., Nunton Coitage, Salisbury; J or the AUCTIONEERS, Chirbury, Shropshire. c751 MR. JOHN E. THISTLE. JSTEWTOWN DERATED WATERS AND BOTTLED BEER & PORTER, COMPANY, LIMITED. IN LIQUIDATION. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, on TUESDAY, 26th JULY, 1892, the whole of the Valuable PLANT, MACHINERY, BOTTLES, CASES, &c. The Purcha'iter can have the use of the Premises at I fte present rental till May 1st, 1893. Intended Purchasers may inspect the Premises and I Stock-in-Trade. E THIgT1 £ Auctioneer, Montgomery. I — | f j ON THURSDAY NEXT, JULY 14th, 1892. j -vi- ROAD STREET, MONTGOMERY. SALE OF FURNITURE, OIL PAINTINGS, WATER COLOURS, PORTRAITS, &c. I MR JOHN E. THISTLE is favoured with in- structions from the Representatives of the late Mrs Martsell, to SELL BY AUCTION, on the Premises as above, the whole of the Valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE & EFFECTS, Including light and dark Oak, Deal, Pembroke, Vall- leaf, Oblong and Round TABLES; Arm Chair, in carved walnut frame; Windsor and single Chairs, Child's Chair, Rocking Chair, Sofa, Two-told Screen, Small Stools, Fenders and Fire Irons, Carved Oak Brackets Eight-day and other Clocks, China Tea See, Breakfast and Dinner Ware, Steans, Filter, Meat Safe. Kitchen and Culinary Utensils, Glass And Cutlery. THE APPOINTMENTS OF 3 BEDROOMS, viz.-Iron French Bedsteads, Three Feather Beds, Oak and other Toilet Tables, Toilet Ware, Three Swinx Glasses in mahogany frames, Cane and beg. seated Chairs, DARK OAK CHEST ot 4 DRAW- SIRS, Towel Rails. Linen Chest, 2 Wicker Arm Chaire, Quantity of Carpeting. OIL PAINTINGS, WATER COLOUR DRAW- mSS, PHOTOGRAPHS, PORTRAITS, &C. comprising several pairs of Oil Paintings in gilt ftamee, and C«Ibnred Engravings in white frarn^, PAIR of VALUABLE WATER COLOUR DRAW- TNfiS bv Salter, "The Old Castle" and Lymore, SoSrS Photographs The Church, The Town Old Lvmore and plain Photographs, 1 he Jubilee views of locfil interest, two SPLENDID PORT- BAITS of the Hon. F. b. A. Hanbury-iracy, in massive gilt frames, Litho Portrait of Mr John Harris (late Master of the United Pack) on horseback, in English gilt frame, large Permanent Photograph In wi" frame Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone m his Study' Ct-loured Engravings in gilt frame?vScripture Texts in Oxford frames; and a SMALL LIBRARY OF BOOKS. (OITT-DOOE EFFECTS,—comprising Garden lools, Wower Pots, Water Butts, Round ZINC CORN COFFER, Water Tins, Riddle, Saws, Axes; and Hie Potatoes, etc., in the Garden. SALE AT TWO O'CLOCK. Offices: Montgomery, Bishop's Castle, and Newtown. D28 SCHOLASTIC. LADIES' BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, ST. MARY'S VILLA, NEWTOWN. The MISSES EVANS, assisted by an efficient Certificated Governess. Mathematics-E. J. BUNNETT, ESQ., B.A. Violin-W. S. STEPHENSON, ESQ. Pupils prepared for Local Exams. Private Lessons given in Music, French, Drawing, and Painting. c43 high MIDDLE CLASS BOARDING AND 3>AY SCHOOL, FOR YOUNG LADIES, CLEVELAND HOUSE, WELSHPOOL. Prircipals- The MISSES BELL. The aim of tbo Principals is to supply at a moderate ÐOØt. a acuii'l and superior education, with careful training and home comforts. ProsiHctusee on application. a329 NEWTOWN GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HEAD MASTER- Ernest J. Bunnett, B.A. (Cambridge Mathematical Honours), fete Assistant Master at LIVEBPOOL COLLEGE, etc. Assisted by a RESIDENT MASTER. BOARDERS assured of a Comfortable Home. For PEOSPECTUS and TEBMS for Boarders and Day Boys, apply to the HEAD MASTER. PRIVATE LESSONS to Ladies and Gentlemen in Jgjtigpnatios aDel Painting. blos LEGAL NOTICES. MONTGOMERY BOROUGHS. PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION, 1892. TAKE NOTICE that all Persons having any JL Claim against Sir PRYCE PRYCE-JONES, M.P., or against me, the undersigned, his Election Agent, for any EXPENSES incurred on account of or in respect of the conduct or management of the above Election, are, by the "Corrupt and Illegal Practices Prevention Act, 1883," required to send in detailed particulars of such claims to me at my office, situate as below, within fourteen days after the day on which the Candidate returned was declared elected, and that every claim not so sent in will be barred, and cannot be paid unless by leave of her Majesty's High Court of Justice. Dated this ninth day of July, 1891. WM. WATKINS, The Cross, Newtown, Montgomeryshire, Election Agent for the said d23 Sir PRYCE PRYCE-JONES, M.P. BOROUGH OF MONTGOMERY AND THE PLACES SHARING THEREWITH. PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION, 1892. I TAKE NOTICE that all persons having any claims against the Honourable Frederick Stephen Archibald Hanbury-Tracy, or against me the undersigned, his Election Agent, for any ex- pauses incurred on account of, or in respect of the conduct, or management of the above Election, are by the Corrupt and Illegal Practices Prevention Aot, 1883, required to send in detailed particulars of such claims to me at my office, situate as below, within fourteen days of this date, and that every claim net so sent in will be barred, and cannot be paid unless by leave of Her Majesty's HJgh Court of Justice. Dated this 8th day of July, 1892, R. WILLIAMS, 31, Market Street, Newtown, Montgomeryshire, Election Agent for the said Frederick Stephen Archibald Hanbury-Tracy. d34 MONTGOMERY COUNTY ELECTION, 1892. I THE DULY APPOINTED ELECTION AGENT 9 for STUART RENDEL, Esquire, a Candidate at this Election, GIVE NOTICE that, in view of the provisions of the Corrupt and Illegal Practises Pre- vention Act, 1883, the said Candidate will not be answerable or accountable for any expenses incurred by any person other than those incurred by me, or a duly appointed Sub-Agent, by writing under my or his hand. Dated this 25th day of June, 1892. EDWARD POWELL, Solicitor, 44, Broad-street, o741 Newtown, Montgomeryshire. PUBLIC NOTICES. NORTH AND SOUTH WALES BANK, LIMITED. ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTH DIVIDEND lyTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Dividend of Ten Shillings per Share for the Half-year ended 30th ultimo, on the Capital of the Company, and a Bonus of Five Shillings per Share will be paid to the proprietors on and after the 14th instant, at the Head Office and the various branches. The Income Tax on the Dividend will, as usual, be paid by the Bank. The TRANSFER BOOKS will be CLOSED from this date to the 14th instant, inclusive. By order of the Directors, R. MEREDITH JONES, Liverpool Manager. Liverpool, 5th July, 1892. d22 TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are desired for the erection of a House on Milford-road. Plans and specifications can be seen and quantities obtained at the office of the undersigned, to whom Tenders are to be delivered by 9 a.m. on Friday, the 15th inst., endorsed Tender." The lowest or any Tender may not be accepted. Newtown, EDWARD PARKE, July 1st, 1892. Architect. d8 TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY. LOT 1. ALL THAT VERY DESIRABLE Farm called "Ucheldre Canol," in the parish of Bettws Cadewen, and about six miles from the town of New. town, with Home and Homestead, comprising 102a. lr. 18p. of productive arable, meadow, and pasture land, now in the occupation of Mr THOMAS JONES. LOT 3. All that cottage and land situate at the Fron, in the pariah of Berriew (and about two miles from Montgomery Railway Station), comprising 2a. lr. 23p., in the occupation of Mr C. DAVIES. For further particulars apply to Mr WILLIAM PRITCHARD, Land and Estate Agent, Tanyfron, Garthmyl, Mont. c644 0 &'4. n NEW SPRING TROUSERINGS, NEW SUITINGS, NEW OVERCOATINGS FOR SPRING WEAR. TROUSERS MADE TO ORDER from lOa. 6d. BLACK VICUNA COAT & VESTS from 26s. 9d. BLACK WORSTED do. do. from 26s. 9d. TWEED SUITS Made to Order from 28/6 the Suit. PERFECT FIT GUARANTEED. Large and Varied Assortment of Beautiful Designs and New Colourings. HENRY MORGAN, CROWN SHOP, b404 NEWTOWN SUN INSURANCE OFFICE (FIRE) FOUNDED 1710. Sum insured iu 1891, £ 373,700,000. For further information apply to the following Agents:- Newtown-MR. WILLIAM F. THOMAS, Office, PUBLIC ROOMS. Newtown & Llanidloes—Mr BENNETT ROWLANDS. weisupool-Mr DAVID WALL. | Llanfyliin—Mi WiUUUJf A. rUGa. 018 PUBLIC NOTICES. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. PENNANT, within two miles from Montgomery and within one from Abermule stations on the Cam- brian Railways. TO BE LET, this Commodious RESIDENCE, with gardens, orchards, lawn tennis grounds, and with about 700 acres of shooting. From 10 to 20 acres of meadow land in front of house may be had if desired.-Apply to R. Lewis-Andrew, Esq., Glanhaf- ren, Abermule, or Mr Wm. Pritchard, Land and Estate Agent, Tanyfron, Garthmyl, Mont. c390 HOLINESS CONVENTION. IT IS INTENDED TO HOLD A SERIES OF MEETINGS For the Deepening of Spiritual Life at LLANDRIN- DOD, from JULY 11th to JULY 15th, 1892. The following Speakers are expected to be present Rev. WILLIAM HASLAM. Rev. W. S. STANDEN. Rev. T. LANCASTER. Dr. T. H. WRITE. Mr. WILLIAM HENRY WILSON. Meetings in the ASSEMBLY ROOMS as under:- Monday, July 11th Meeting for Prayer, 7-30 to 8-30 p.m. Tuesday, „ 12th 7 to 8 a.m., Prayer Meeting, daily. Wednesday „ 13th. a.m. to 12 General Meeting „ rp-. A i 3 to 4 p.m., Bible Reading, „ Thursday, 14th j 6.30 to 8 p.m., General Meeting Friday, „ 15th Missionary Meeting, 9-30 to 11 a.m. b610 CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. NEWTOWN EARLY CLOSING MOVEMENT. ON EVERY FRIDAY in July, August, and September, CHEAP RETURN TICKETS will be issued from NEWTOWN, to Llandinam at 4 29 ) 9d Montgomery 2 15 ) Welshpool 1. 2 15 la. 3d. Third Class Fares for the Double Journey. The tickets will be available for REURN the same day as follows.-From Llandinam, 7 52 p.m.; Mont. gomery, 7 15 p.m. or 9 57 p.m.; Welshpool, 7 0 p.m. or 9 45. ALFRED ASLETT, Secretary and General Manager. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. WELSHPOOL EARLY CLOSING MOVEMENT. ON EVERY THURSDAY in July, August, and September, CHEAP RETURN TICKETS will be issued from Welshpool to Llanymynech at 11 40" 3 0 lOd. Ellesmere 11 20 30 Is. 6d. Montgomery 1 40 4 0 8d. Third Class Fares for the Double Journey. The tickets will be available for RETURN the same day as follows :—From Llanymynech, 6 25 p.m. or 9 25 p.m.; Ellesmere, 5 50 p.m. or 8 15 p.m.; Montgomery, 6 15 p.m. or 8 35 p.m. ALFRED ASLETT, Secretary and General Manager. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. THE DIRECTORS of this Company are prepared j to receive TENDERS for Supplies of the un- > dermentioned Stores, to be delivered in such qusnv titiea and at such times as may be required during the Twelve Months ending 30th Juna, 1893:- NO. SPECIFICATION. No. SPECIFICATION. 2 Oils and Tallow 21 Bolts, Nuts, and Chair 3 Cotton Waste Spikes 4 Clothing 22 Lead, White and 5 Brushes Red 6 Drain Pipes and Lime 23 Lead, Sheet and 7 Galvanized Wire Piping 8 Carriage Trimmings 24 Nails and Crane ano Horse Hair Chains 9 Copper. Block Zinc, 25 Paints, Turpentine, Antimony, & Block &c. Tin 26 Varnish 10 Signal Candles 27 Ropes 11 Canvas 29 Soap 12 Coke 30 Screws 14 Fencing, Wood 31 Tyres 15 Files, Springs, Spring 32 Timber, English Steel, and Buffer 33 Timber, Foreign Plungers 34 Timber, Foreign (Sup- 16 Glass plementary) 17 Iron, Bar and Sheet, 35 Tin Plates &c. 36 Brass Tubes 18 Pig Iron 37 Wheel Repairs (New 19 India Rubber Tyres and Axles) 20 Iron Chairs 38 Leather The Directors reserve the right of accepting any portion of a Tender, and do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. Specifications and forms of Tender may be obtained at the Stores Office, Cambrian Works, Oswestry, and specimens, patterns, and samples may be seen there daily, except on Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sealed Tenders should ba sent to the undersigned not later than Saturday, 11th June, marked Tender for No. — ALFRED ASLETT. Secretary and General Manager. Company's Offices, Oswestry, 24th May, 1892. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. TOURIST TICKETS. (Available for two calendar months), are now issued from the principal stations in England, and from all the principal stations on the Cambrian Line, TO ABERYSTWYTH, BARMOUTH, TOWYN, Aberdovey, Borth, Dolgelley, Harlech, Portmadoc, CRICCIETH, Pwllheli, Builth Wells, Rhayader and Brecon also from the principal Cambrian Stations TO PENARTH. TENBY, PEMBROKE DOCK, Llandrindod Wells, Llanwrtyd and Llangammarch Wells, Rhyl, Abergele, Llandudno, Carnarvon, Holyhead. Bangor, Southport, Blaekpool, Buxton, Matlock, Lancaster, Morecambe, Windermere, and Lake District, Soarboro, Harrowgate, and &c., Isle of Man, Scotland, Ireland, &c. CHEAP 14 DAYS' TICKETS are also issued from the principal Cambrian Stations to Llandrindod Wells, Llangammarch, Wells, Llanwrtyd Wells, BUILTH WELLS. Rhayader, and BRECON, and from the Inland Stations to ABERYSTWYTH, BARMOUTH, and other Coast Watering Places on Cardigan Bay. A WEEK AT THE SEASIDE-Cheap Return Tickets are now issued every Friday and Saturday, until 30th September, 1892, from Whitchurch, Ellesmere, Oswestry, Llanfyllin, Welshpool, New. town, Llanidloes, Builth Wells, Brecon, Machyn. lleth, and principal intermediate stations also from Glandovey & Portmadoc, to ALL WATERING PLACES on Cardigan Bay. X THE LARGEST X L N ASSORTMENT OF PIPES, L N T POUCHES, T A 1 § jjj f, s^oP E%> s g iTV WELSHPOOL. 'A | § |M. Williams & Son, ] g ø V, FAMILY GROCERS. ji W X sW B g X^Corn^gp^ £ 5 X CIGAR, s L N AND CIGARETTE HOLDEBQ L N T IN THE COUNTY, T dIif ELECTION ADDRESSES. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY.. GENTLEMEN :— GENTLEMEN :— THREE TIMES YOU HAVE RETURNED ME T to Parliament. For the fourth time I invite your suffrages. Profeesions on my part are superfluous. You know my principles, you have watched my actions. I abide your judgment founded uptn your experi- ence. But the real issue at this Election is not one of my personal claims or of your consistency. We are bearing our part in the great General Inquest of the four Nations. And never did more depend upon the verdict now to be given by the people of Great Britain and Ireland. For Ireland six years cf cruel probation are over. Irish long-suffering and patriotism have achieved their fiiial coiiquert, and so won the respect and confidence of the British people as to ensure the speedy triumph of Irish Home Rule. Six years of Tory government have consolidated the Liberalism of Wales, have nourished and disciplined its forces both in and out of Parliament, and have led to the wide and fruitful recognition of the people of Wales as once more a Welsh Nation. That Wales should stand upon its own feet, that wht-ther in regard to religious freedom, to land reforms or to education, it should puisue its own ends with its own resources at its own disposal, and that it should do so independently, if need be, of the interests and fortunes of English as distinct from Imperial politics, has been the aim of all my humble endeavour in the service of Wales, and I thankfully recognize the auspicious emergence into public life of men sprung from the Welsh people, true and powerful representatives of the genius and aspirations of their race and faith. Gentlemen,—When I first addressed you more than twelve years ago, I rested my case upon the name of Mr. Gladstone, his priceless services to the State, and the national and imperishable treasure of his pure and lofty character." I rest my case now where it rested then, with no less faith and with far more knowledge. Mr Gladstone and the English Liberal Party, although well knowing that at this moment English Disestablishment would once more wreck their fortunes have, nevertheless, undertaken at Welsh demand to disestablish and disendow in Wales an integral portion of the English Church. But they have pledged themselves solely on the faith and ground of our assurances tbat we represent in our demand the overwhelming majority of the Welsh people. I call therefore for your votes in the interests of Welsh Disestablishment. For Wales that is the paramount question at this Election. Lord Salisbury, Mr Balfour, and Lord R. Churchill have in the sight of all men nailed the Tory colours to the mast of Establishment. The Duke of Devon- shire, as leader of the Dissentient Liberal Party, oted against Welsh Disestablishment. Unless, therefore, at this General Election Wales rftoords a decisive majority for the Liberal Party the cause of Welsh Disestablishment is undone. English Tories and Ergliih Liberals will alike recognize that the Welsh ppople have failed to redeem the declarations of their Press, their Platform and their Parliamentary Party, and the very foundation of the case for Welsh Disestablishment will fall from under it. Gentlemen,—You, through my voice, have con- sistently declared that English Establishment is the Dublin Castle of Wales, and that to Wales Disestab- lishment is little less than Home Rule is to Ireland. To your decision at the Polls, even more than to that of other Welsh Constituencies, England and the Liberal Party will turn for a final test of the true sense and mind of Wales. Hitherto hundreds of Welsh Nonconformists have heedlessly voted Tory. I ask you respectfully to consider that every Nonconformist who now records a Tory vote at this momentous Election deliberately casts in his lot with the Establishment, takes the course, which can alone preserve it, and thus at the very crisis of the struggle betrays the sacred causes of Religious Freedom and of Welsh Nationality. I am, Your very faithful Servant, STUART RNDEL. Berthddu, June 25th, 1892. c740 — —.—,—. TO THE PARLIAMENTARY ELECTORS OF THE COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. GENTLEMEN,— IN A FEW DAYS PARLIAMENT WILL BE DISSOLVED. The calling of a new Parliament will immediately follow. I have the honour of offering myself as a Candidate for your suffrages in the Eleetion of a Member for this County. The last appeal to the Country resulted in the return of a Unionist Government with Lord Salisbury as Prime Minister. Their successful administration of all Imperial and Domestic affairs is a solid guarantee that they will do as well in the future as they have done in the past, should they be returned to power, and I should be prepared to give them an independent support. The Union of Great Britain and Ireland has been, and must be, maintained. Ulster, that thriving province in the North of Ireland, has spoken-" We will not have Home Rule and appeals to you for help. I am ready at all times to advance the interests of the Principality of Wales. The promotion by Government of Light Railways in Ireland having proved so successful, I am in favour of similar measures for Wales, where private enterpise is inadequate to secure the necessary communications for the developement of Agriculture, Trade, and Minerals. As an Agriculturist I am most anxious to assist in I passing such measures as would promote the welfare of the farmers and labourers, knowing how nobly they have struggled to cultivate the land notwithstanding the low prices which prevail for Stock and Grain. Living amongst you I have for a long period worked hard for the benefit of the county, and I am anxious to render you further service. Welshmen! support your own countryman, and let me not appeal to you in vain. I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, DEYEREUX HERBERT MYTTON Garth, 24th June, 1892. c747 MR. KERSHAW, SXXEGt-EOJSJ" DENTIST, ATTENDS DAILY AT 38, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. HOUFA-10 to 6. A ELECTION ADDRESSES. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE COUNTY OF RADNOR. GENTLEMEN,— THE TIME HAS COME when the Tory Govern- -L ment of Lord Salisbury can no longer put it au appeal to the Country, and a General Election, the issue of which will be aioinentoud to our Conutrv, is now upon us. I have had the honour of being cho-en as the LIBERAL CANDIDATE for the reprefentatio < i this County in Parliament, and I venture t.) Lvl" that Radnorshire wiil follow the ex m pie set í y other Constituencies, in which the Liberals bar- gained 21 seats as against 1 gained by the Tories, and that it will return to its former allegiance to the Liberal Party. The Tory Government of Lord Salisbury hat, deceived and betrayed the Country. It came into power pledged against Coercion and L'fnd Purchase for Ireland; but it has not only spent millions 1 f British money in buying out Irish Landlords, but ban also passed a severe and unnecessary Coercion Act. The Country was led to believe by the Tories in lSiti that an alternative pian to Home Rule would be produced, but no such plan has appeared for thoush the Government introduced a Local Government B it for Ireland it was abandoned after it had passed its second reading, and it was expressly stated by the Leader of the House of Commons that the measure was not meaut to be an alternative plan to Heme Rule. In face of these facts I am entitled to ay that the Government has broken it pledges and bus forfeited the confidence of the Country. In my opinion there will be no justice for Ireland, or peace for this Country, until we give the Irish a Parliament to manage their own affairs, subject to the main- | tenance of the rights of the minority, and the integrity of the Empire. Next in importance to Home Rule comes theque,ti, n of DISESTABLISHMENT and DISENDOWMENT OF THE CHURCH IN WALES. In the list lew years this reform has made a great advance, aad the Liberal Party has placed it on its programme immediately after HOME RULE FOR IRELAND. There is, therefore, every reason to hope that tais question will soon be settled in accordance with the wishes of the majority of the people of Wales, and I appeal to the Electors of Radnorshit e to return me to Parliament as their Member, that I may assist by my voice and vote in procuring for Wales the justice of religious equality. The Government claims credit for having passed the Free Education and Allotments Acts; but it must not be forgotten that these measures were looked upon with disfavour by the Tories up to the time of their introduction. The is that having been passed reluctantly these measures are defective and incomplete, and it will be the duty of the Liberal Party to amend them. FREE EDUCATION should beplaced under popular control, and the ALLOTMENTS ACTS should be amended so as to make them more eaeily worked. The Small Holdings Bill is, in my opinion, worthless, because it does not contain powers to take lands compulsorily, subject to reasonable compensation to the owners. I am of opinion that the REGISTRATION LAWS should be amended, 80 as to reduce the qualifying period for voters to a few months. At present a householder, under certain circumstances, may be kept for nearly 21 years without having his name placed on the Register. This state of the law presses particu- larly harshly upon voters whose calling necessitates their moving about from one locality to another, and is an injustice which calls for speedy redress. I am in favour of basing the Franchise on the principle of ONE MAN ONE VOTE," and of shortening the duration of Parliaments. The well-being of the Nation requires that the condition of the rural population should receive the immediate attention of Parliament. Any reform in this direction will involve the amending of the LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT, and creating District and Parish Councils. Looking at the immense importance to this Country of the agricultural interests, a REFORM OF THE LAND LAWS is greatly needed, so as to secure the repeal of the laws of primogeniture and entail, the cheapening of the sale and transfer of land, and generally such other amendments as will make the position of the agricultural tenant more secure. I regret that the WELSH LIQUOR TRAFFIC VETO BILL, which recently passed its second reading, was not carried into law, and if I have the honour to be returned as your Member I shall heartily support any measure which has for its object the placing of the Licensing and control of Licensed premises in the hands of the people. It is claimed by the Tories that Lord Salisbury has distinguished himself above his predecessors by his conduct of Foreign affairs, but the facts do not warrant that claim. Since 1886 the CONDITION OF EUROPE has presented no difficulties for Lord Salisbury to contend with, and it must not be for- gotten that the distinguishing feature of Tory Foreign Policy under Lord Beaconsfield was a tendency to interfere in European disputes which did not concern this Country. This Policy was successfully resisted by the Liberal Party, and Lord Salisbury has had the wisdom to base his Foreign Policy on the lines laid down by his Liberal predecessors. POLITICAL POWER is now in the hands of the people, and it rests with them to decide what use shall be made of that power. In offering myself as a Candidate for the representation of the County of Radnor in Parliament, in the Liberal interest, I trust that the majority of the Electors of this County will show by their votes that they approve of the Policy of the Liberal Party, and are determined to press for those amendments of the law which they can only hope to obtain fally from the Party of PRGGBESS, LIBERTY AND REFORM. I have the honour to remain, Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, FRANK EDWARDS. Knighton, Radnorshire, 21st June, 1892. c732. TO THE LIBERAL ELECTORS OF THE MONTGOMERY BOROUGHS GBNTLEMEN, THE battle hae been fought and lost; but an JL honourable defeat is better to be endured than any victory achieved by unworthy means. You will do me the justice to allow that I never failed to impress upon you the absolute necessity of fighting the good fight fairly, as well as bravely, and, I am proud to say, that you nobly responded to my appeal. Wo have been defeated but not routed, for though victories be lost principles survive, and we shsll yet ralh around the Old Flag. It i i not for me to question the motives which have led, orne of my former supporters to transfer their vote- to my opponent; but to the men who were staun h to me throughout the struggle, and who did all ip heir power to return me as their representative, I and w liose kindness to me personally was as marked as evric, I return my most sincere and most hearty thanks. In bidding you farewell, believe me I shall always | entertain the warmest wishes for your welfare and happiness. Yours faithfully, F. S. A. HANBURY-TRACY. Mount Severn, Llanidloes, July 9th, 1892. d33 mHK "EXPRESS OFFICE.—Posters, Cata- JL ogves, Price Lists, and General Printing are executed by PHILLIPS AND SON, St. Mary's Priatiag Works, Nsirtown, is tile bwt aodm tfcrfe. GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. The Sunday School DEMONSTRATION Will be held in the GLANSEVERN PARK. (By kin-1 permission of Mr. Humphreys-Owen). ON FRIDAY, 5th AUGUST, 1892. 0726 10 HOURS™SEASIDE! r THE ROYAL WELSH WAREHOUSE ANNU AL TRIP Will this Year be run to ABERYSTWITH & BARMOUTH, ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 13TH, 1892. THIRD-CLASS RETURN FARES. WELSHPOOL 7 -f Q MONTGOMERY > J-S. t/D. j £ ERRY ABERMULE [ /J NEWTOWN T JLS. OD. CAERSWS- J Further particulars later. c743 NEWTOWN, MONTGOMERYSHIRE FIRST GREAT EWE FAIR (SPECIAL) Tuesday. September 13th, 1892. Annually on SECOND TUFSDAY in SEPTEMBER. By order of the Local Board, dl5 WM. COOKE, Clerk. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. A SALE OF WORK IN AID OF THE FRON SCHOOL CHURCH, Will be held on FRIDAY, JULY 22nd, at the HALF-WAY, GABTHMTL. c530 PRELIMINARY NOTICE. A BAZAAR AND FANCY FAIR Will be held in the PUBLIC ROOMS, on AUGUST 8th, 9th, 10th, Proceeds for the Newtown National Schools. o493 LLANIDLOES FLORAL, HORTICULTURAL, AND COTTAGERS' IMPROVEMENT SOCIETY THE SIXTH ANNUAL SHOW will be held on THURSDAY, AUGUST THE 25TH, 1892. Further particulars will shortly appear. c591 1 PRELIMINARY NOTICE. KERRY. A SUMMER FESTIVAL, To include FLOWER SHOW, ATHLETIC SPOSTS, &c., will be held AT KERRY, ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 27TH. Further particulars shortly. W. DB H. BIRCH, JOHN EVANS, ) Hon- Secs- Kerry, 23 June, 1892. c734 THREE MILLIONS HAVE BEEN PAID BY THE Railway Passengers' Assumce Co., AS COMPENSATION FOR ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS. ESTABLISHED 1849. RT. HON. EVELYN ASHLEY, Chairman. Capital £ 1,000,000. INCOME One Quarter Million* 64, CORNHILL, LONDON. } Secret*ries- Agents at Newtown J c53 THE "EXPRESS" OFFICE.—Finest vtiatia Colour Printing exeented with dMpatch|and oa moderate torma.—PhzSiLXM AJTB g £ *t *me's ftioft Wab lkwtm&