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Death of a Montgomery Recluse.


Death of a Montgomery Recluse. The Coroner, Dr E. D. Thomas, held an inquest touching the death of William Pritchard, Yew Tree Cottage, Hendomen, Montgomery, who was found dead in his house on Saturday week by Mr John Crowther, the local grocer. The deceased man lived the life of a re- cluse. He kept all the doors locked, and refused to let anybody into the house. A tragic reflection is that inquests have pre- viously been held at the same house upon the mother, uncle, and sister of the de- ceased. Charles Whittingham, farmer, Hendomen Farm, said deceased was his brother-in-law. He was about sixty years of age, and had lived at Hendomen all his life. He was a carpenter by trade, but had not done any work for the last six or eight years. He gave up his work because his health failed im, but he had sufficient means to keep himself. He had never been married. The doctor attended him in August, when he was very ill and not expected to recover, and the doctor said he might, die any time. He did not know the nature of his illness, except that he was weak, and since last August seemed to be depressed, and almost lost his voice. No one looked after him, and he cooked his food and washed his clothes himself. Witness lived about two or three hundred yards from deceased. Up to August deceased used to visit his house about once a month. He had not spoken to him since July. He was rather deaf. John Crowther, grocer, Old Tollgate, Chirbury-road, Montgomery, said he had known the deceased intimately for about two years, but had known him casually all his life. He received instructions from Mr Charles Pryce, solicitor, Montgomery, in August to supply deceased with anything he wanted, such as food and clothing. This he did. He went there twice a week. I vvhen he went there on Saturday last, about twenty past twelve, with the usual groceries, he found the door locked, as he always found it. He rapped and received no response. There was a red curtain over the window, and he got a stick and put it through a broken pane in the window and removed the curtain, and saw a body lying face upwards on the floor. He informed Mr Whittingham, the previous witness, and then went on his usual rounds. By the Foreman: Deceased did not al- ways come to the door when he went there, and he left the groceries by the door. P.C. Davies said that on Saturday he received information from Mr Whitt-incrham and proceeded to Hendomen. He obtained an entrance into the house, and in the back kitchen found deceased lying on his back dead. He examined the body, and appar- ently life had been extinct two or three days. He found 110 marks on the bodv. Laot August deceased was not seen for two weeks, and he accompanied Mr Prvce and Mr Crowther to the house where deceased lived. After knocking at. the door for about quarter of an hour, deceased opened it. Mr Pryce told Mr Crowther to let him have everything he wanted. Witness did not think he was in a fit state to be left. alone. The doctor also told him he might die any minute. The Coroner said he thought it rather extraordinary that a close relative living so near to the deceased should not have looked after him, seeing that he was unfit to look after himself. He thought the de- ceased must have been in the first stage of insanity. The jury returned an open verdict of "Found dead."



The End of the Election.

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