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REJECTED! The Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Not Wanted by Llandrindod Wells Urban Council. What Would Welshpool Do? Poolonians in particular will need to rub their eyes very, very hard when they read the following report of the proceedings of Llandrindod Wells Urban District Council, at which meeting they actually declined the offer of the Montgomery- shire Yeomanry to encamp in the neighbourhood of Llandrindod. It may well appear a fiction to the martial citizens of Pool, who regard the residence of Yeomanry or Militia for a while in their midst as the summit and consummation of their highest municipal aspirations. But here follows the cold, verbatim report in black and white, and readers kindly remember what may appear still more extraordinary—there is a Coc- servative majority on the Llandrindod Town Council. The Clerk read a letter from Captain Joicey stating that it was proposed that next year the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry should camp at Llan- drindod Wells if the Town Council were prepared to welcome them, and provided suitable camping ground could be found. The Clerk added that Sergt.-Major Wynn had impressed upon him that the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry were an excellent lot of men. The suggested date was May. Mr J. Edwards moved that the Council extend an invitation to the Yeomanry. Mr T. Evans seconded. He said that the time of year suggested would be convenient for Llan- drindod Wells, and if the camp came it would mean that about t2,000 per year would be spent in the town. The Montgomeryshire Yeomanry were a very respectable lot of men; and to have the camp at Llandrindod Wells would not only bring money to the different traders, but the wives of officers would also require rooms, and altogether he believed the camp would prove a financial boon to the town. Mr J. Jones said he had opposed this on pre- vious occasions and should do so now again. What had transpired when yeomanry camps had been in the vicinity of Llandrindod Wells before showed that they ought to be very cautious in this matter. There had been scenes which were a disgrace to the town, and if they had the camp nearer still it would probably be worse. Seme traders in the town might or might not benefit. He did not know whether they would or not. That was not the question with him. Llandrindod Wells was a health resort, and in the month of May and at the beginning of June they had some of the best people they had all through the season. They were advanoing in this direction year by year, and it would be most unwise to have anything in the neighbourhood which would be detrimental to the town as a health resort. Even if half-a-dozen tradesmen were benefitted, daniage might be done in other directions which would take a considerable time to regain. Mr W. L. Harper concurred with Mr Jones and gave an instance of disorderly conduct on the part of yeomanry which had come under his own observation. He considered that the interest of the town as a health-resort should be considered before thinking of the bay and provender which would be purchased locally. They knew where they got the provisions for the men from; and he (Mr Harper) did not see what benefit it would be to have the camp there. His view was that the amount of damage which would be done to the place as a health resort would far exceed any advantage which would arise, and he therefore thought they would be wise in refusing to accede to this request. Mr R. Page said there were good and bad men in most things, and he was surprised that any councillor should be against this proposal. Mr Norton said that in his opinion a good deal would depend on where the c%mp was. Had they any information on that point The Chairman No. Mr Norton: If the camp was a fair distance away I should support it. Mr T. Slfans said the ground proposed was the Doles above Llanyre bridge. He did not want to say more than he had, but if an enemy was approaching from over the hills those who had spoken would be the first to welcome the yeomanry. Mr J. Jones and Mr Harper: Rubbish, rubbish. On a division the voting was as follows: For the invitation, Messrs J. Edwards, T. Evans, R. Page, T. Ileighway, and T. Norton-5; against, The Chairi»an' Messrs J. Jones, W. L, Harper, J. Coombs and J. O. Bufton—5. Mr ETvan Bufton did not vote- A The Chairman said he could not see his way tp support the application, and should therefore give his casting vote against the resolution, which was therefore lost. ^■




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