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Tory Working Men. gir,—I am surprised at the working people of Montgomery Boroughs returning a food taxer to Parliament, a man who would raise the revenue by taxing the necessaries of the working people rather than the luxuries of the rich. I am afraid there are a great many men in the Montgomery Boroughs who have not got the courage to stand out for their rights. Perhaps some of them sold their birthright for a mess of pottage. If Colonel Pryce-Jones' party were in power it would be a dark lookout for the workers of Great Britain. We should have Protection, which 1 jvould bring misery to our homes. And this the Tory party know, but they don't trouble as long as it will relieve the rich of paying their fair share of the revenue. Their object is to keep the working classes in the inire. But, happily, the Liberals have won a great victory even if they lost the Mont- gomery Boroughs. They had lords, brewers, and parsons fighting bitterly against them, and telling the voters all manner of pre- judicial lies. It is anything but creditable for a parson to ask a man to vote for a food taxer, knowing ,as he must, that Protection would bring nothing but misery into the homes of the majority of people. The parson above all men should be the last to advo- cate such unwelcome and unjust legislation. I think it ought to be enough for us to know who is for us and who is against us, when we read of men like Lord Joicey turning their backs upon us. Why did he turn ? I ask working men not to be misled again. Have courage to stand up for your rights, and dont listen to what lords, brewers, and parsons tell you at election time. The majority of these men have lived a life of luxury on the money they have obtained from the workers of this country. I read in your paper that Welshpool is the hot-bed of working men Tories, and yet, if I am rightly informed, there are more slums and poverty in Welshpool than any town in Montgomery- shire. Let me say a word to my working friends in Welshpool. Don't put yourselves in the hands of the Tory party at election times and do their dirty work. We look upon such men as traitors to their fellow men. Although I do not say Welshpool boys are traitors, perhaps it is their ignorance of politics. Indeed, any working man that votes for a food taxer must be very ignorant of politics, otherwise he is no good to him- self or his fellow men. When we read here of I,iberal speakers getting molested in Welshpool by the Tory roughs, we often wish we were nearer Welshpool. We would make short work of these fellows My ex- perience of the Tory working man is, he is either a very ignorant man, or a Tory be- cause his employer is a Tory, and he thinks to better his position by sporting the blue. I always look upon this class as dangerous. In fact, they are snakes in the grass. I have known them to be hot Liberals when working for Liberal employers. When, how- ever, they work for Tory employers they turn at once. and are prepared to do any dirty work. Such men I look down upon as unworthy of the name of men, and I am afraid there are a good many of this class in the Montgomery Boroughs. A SOUTH WALES MINER.





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