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Welsh Senior Cup Draw.





) WELSHPOOL COUNTY SCHOOL. Prize Distribution. On Friday week the prize distribution was made to the scholars attending the Welshpool County School. Mr Forrester Addie (the Chair- man of the Governors) presided over a large gathering. I- HEADMASTER'S REPORT. The Headmaster (Mr R. E Owen) in his annual report, said the numb rs in the school bad been very satisfactorily maintained, with an average of 85 for each term of the year. The Board held its full dress inspection last February, and he ventured to say that the report was satisfactory to all concerned. Particular appreciation was shown of the efforts now made in the school to teach agriculture and the subjects connected with it, and the inspectors considered that a solid founda- tion bad been laid in that respect. Many boys had taken up the subject with great interest. Good examination results were secured last July, and three boys—R. C. Riddell, J. I J. Davies and D. G, Price-were offered county scholarships in agriculture, Riddell being placed first on the list of candidates in the special examination conducted by the County Council. He thought they might claim as a school to have done some good work in the last five or six years in practical subjects- drawing, woodwork, surveying, weather observa- tion, and so on. He was sure their distinguished visitor (Mr Edward Owen) would agree that even a subject like history could be taught on practical lines by the personal observation and study of the concrete remains in their midst, British strongholds, Roman roads, Roman camps, and so on. The Headmaster also gave an interesting record of the successes of old pupils during the year, and than ked the Governors for their kind- ness and assistance. I HEADMISTRESS'S REPORT. Miss Bingham, in the course of her report, refeired to the proposal to add a department to the school for younger girls. The attainments of pupils who came from different elementary schools varied greatly, she said, though they might have been in the same standard. The weaker of those children, as well as those of 10 or 11, coming from private schools, would profit greatly by the com- plete separation of the schools two lowest forms. There always had been in. the school a lower division of form II. When she came there first both fottn I. and II. did the same work. At the present time they were only very slightly separ- ated on two subjects. The complete separation of these two forms, which had always been com- bined, and which had certainly been the greatest source of weakness and inefficiency, would be of untold advantage. For that they required extra space. Additions to the girls' school were urgently needed on other grounds, and the school could not grow without them. She believed she had lost elder girls this year through cramping. In the school year, 1907-8, she had 17 girls out of 68 who entered from private schools and private tuition; in 1908-9, 14 out of 68; last year 9 out of 57; and this year 14 out of 66. Of the 14 from private schools now in the school only 8 were admitted this year, two of them from Shropshire. In all the new English county schools the age limit was 10 in the girls' school, and in several of them it was eight. As the county school schemes were being amended, it seemed to her a pity that the special case of girls' schools should not he considered separately with special regard for pupils from private schools. Of course, there was no idea there of altering the exi ting arrange- ments for elementary scholars. The Central Welsh Board triennial inspection of the school occurred in the spring, and the result was very encouraging. THE PRIZE WINNERS. Mra Dugdale distributed the following prizes GIRLS. Form VI.: Madge Reese-Form prize, C.W.B. Honours certificate for English language, literature and French, with conversation. Frances J. Rogers- Form prize, C.W.B. higher certificate for botany, with three distinctions, English language and litera- ture, French and history. Form V. Edith Turner—Form prize, Salop County Council major scholarship, C.W.B. senior certificate for English language, literature, arithmetic, mathe- matics, French, dressmaking with distinction, and cookery. Ethel Bennett—C.W.B. senior certificate for Scripture, English language, arithmetic, French with conversation, and geography. Rosaline Francis —Oxford University locals 3enior certificate for Scripture, English, arithmetic, history, geography, French and botany. Muriel Breeze—Passed in the C.W.B. senior examination in literature, history, mathematics, French, dressmaking and cookery. Bessie Griffiths-Passed in the C.W.B. senior examination in English language, literature, arith- metic and dressmaking. Form IV.: Nora Quin-Form prize, Salop County Council major scholarship, C.W.B. junior certificate for English language, literature, history, arithmetic with distinction, mathematics, French. Latin, drawing with distinction, dressmaking with distinction at the senior stage. Marjorie Pryoe—Form prize, C.W.B. junior certificate for English language with distinction, literature, history, arithmetic, mathematics, Latin, French, geography, drawing with distinction, and dressmaking with distinction at the senior staere. Mary Jones—C.W.B. junior certificate tor English language with distinction, literature, history, arith- metic, mathematics, French, drawing, dressmaking at the senior stage. Doris Reese-C.W.B. junior certificate for English language, literature, history, arithmetic, mathematics, French, geography, and dressmaking at the senior stage. Lilla Jones—Passed in the C. W.B. junior certificate examination in English language, literature, history, arithmetic, and dressmaking at the senior stage. Violet Rider- Passed the C.W.B. junior certificate examination in English language, literature, arithmetic, French, and dressmaking at the senior stage. Form III. (Form prizes with which are included prizes for order and punctuality): 1. Elizabeth Ashton; 2, Gladys Davies, 3, Annie Stephens; 4, Margaret Lloyd; 5, Mable Cound. Cookery and needlework at the C.W.B. junior certificate stage; 1, Gladys Davies; 2, Elizabeth Ashton; 3, Annie Stephens. Form II. (Form prizes with which are included prizes for order and punctuality) 1, Emily Passant; 2, Eleanor Lloyd; 3, Mabel Bennett; 4, Harriet Row- lands; 5, Phyllis Jones; 6, Elizabeth Morgan; 7, Mabel Hall; 8, A. Williams. Charles Howell Memorial Prizes.—(I.) Dressmaking and needlework at the Senior C.W.B. stage: 1. Violet Holmes; 2, Edith Turner; 3, Gladys Mary Powell; 4, Clara Rogers; 5, Norah Quin 6, Kathleen Green. (II.) General merit and thoroughness: 1, Edith Turner 2. Marjorie Pryce. Headmistress's Science Prizes': Frances J. Rogers. Boys. Form VI. W. J. Pugh—First in form, C.W.B. Honours certificate, Salop County Council leaving ex- hibition of X20. J. H. Elton-second in form, profi- ciency in C.W.B. higher certificate examination. Form V. J. S. Pilot-First in form, C.W.B. senior certificate. J. A. James-Second in form, C.W.B. senior certificate. A. Black—Third in form, profici- ency in C.W.B. examination, Charles Howell Memo- rial prize for *'General Excellence and Thorough- ness." J. R. H- Reese—Third in form, proficiency in C.W.B. examination. W. H. Bennett—C.W.B. senior certificate, Oxford University senior local cer- tificate. G. Jones—C.W.B. senior certificate, with distinction in arithmetic. W. H. Oliver—C.W.B. junior certificate, with geography at senior stage. Form IV.: C. A. Finchett-First in form, C.W.B. junior certificate. H. G. Garratt—Second in form, C.W.B. junior certificate, never absent, never late. J. 1. J. Davies-Third in form, Charles Howell Memorial prize for woodwork. R. C. Riddell- Oxford University local junior certificate. H. W. Gwilliam Charles Howell Memorial prize for General excellence and thoroughness." J. Jores- Never absent, never late. Form III. James Jones —First in form: E. C. H. Jones-Second in form. W. A. Jackson—Third in form. Proficiency Prizes.—Never absent, never late G. R. Arthur, R O. Cambridge, E. R. Jones and A. R. Molineux. .L Form II. E. E. Davies—First in form, never absent, never late. J. D. Evans-Second in form. E, M. Foulkes-Third in form, never absent, never late. J. F. G. Challinor-Third in form. E. J. M. Berwick-Never absent, never late. J. Jones- Never absent, never late.

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