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A PERSONAL VICTORY. For the Last Time. THE Tories of the Montgomery Boroughs ha,ve won a personal victory-that, and nothing else. This very obvious fact cannot be conscientiously denied by a single Con- servative in the constituency. He is our only champion," said Mr Marshal Dugdale, in seconding Colonel Pryce-Jones' adoption at Welshpool. None other was conceivable as the least likely to success- fully carry the Conservative colours. But for the Colonel the Borough Tories would have been as hopeless as their friends in the county. As a large employer of labour, he commands a political following such as would be given to no other Tory candidate. Many of his employees-sons of old Non- conformist stock-who, under ordinary con- ditions, would vote for their principles, supported their master for the mere gratifi- cation of honouring him. While one may regret this want of fidelity to principle, it is perfectly understandable. In a fair and square fight between Liberals and Tories, stripped of the personal influence, there would be no betting, because there could be no doubt. Nobody knows better than Colonel Pryce-Jones that to personality alone his victory is due. Personality was the key- note of his canvass. It was the first and last word of the Tory press. Here is a sample of the argument by which men were invited to determine principles and policies: "We wonder what Newtown would be like without its Royal Welsh Warehouse. What does Newtown owe to the Squire of Glan- sevem comparable for a moment with the benefits, public, commercial, and industrial, it has derived and is deriving from the energy and enterprise and great business capacity of the Colonel and his firm?" That was the kind of political gospel by which men were exhorted to pronounce upon the great issues before the country. We would be among the last to, belittle the "energy and, enterprise" of the gallant Colonel, or the prestige which his firm has given to Newtown nor were we ever stinted in our praise of his public-spirited services. If such considerations properly ranked first in the dispensation of political honours, Colonel Pryce-Jones might have received our heartiest support, but it will be a bad day for the country when prin- ciples are sold to personal bidding. The smallness of this constituency, and its par- ticular industrial conditions, give quite ex- ceptional advantages to the Tory party so long as it is led by Colonel Pryce-Jones. He has succeeded to the seat simply through his influence as an employer of labour. It is not Liberalism that has been defeated. It is not Toryism that has won. Neither Toryism nor personality will win again. Before another election these Boroughs will disappear as a separate Parliamentary division. Nothing can save them in a redistribution scheme, which must accom- pany electoral reform. Merged in the county, and mingled with the broad acres where men dwell in unfettered independence of political thinking, their personal politics will count for naught. The extinction of pocket boroughs and plural voters will figure among the blessings resultant of this great national Liberal victory. Unhappily the Montgomery Boroughs, owing to one and one cause only, have not shared in it, but our sister county south of the Ithon has counter-balanced their loss. Next time Toryism will not neutralise the represen- tative voice of Montgomeryshire at St. Stephens. In that assurance Liberals have abundant consolation for Saturday's verdict.


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