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Tory Lies.




LIBERAL MEETING AT ABERBECHAN. The Aberbechan Liberals gathered to- gether on Friday evening at the Aber- bechan Chapel, at a meeting in support, of the Boroughs Liberal candidate. The chair was taken by Mr Evan Bebb, Lluast. The Chairman ,in his address, said they had got a straight fight before them and a clear issue. Never was it so clear. The issue was whether or not a few hundred hereditary lords should stand in the way of the elected representatives of the people. Mr W. H. Evans, Tynyreithin, said that in Mr Humphreys-Owen they had a noble son of an honoured father, who would worthily uphold, the family traditions. He was a man whom they could trust. Mr Humphreys-Owen was an employer of la- bour and a landowner, and he was a strong advocate of the Liberal principles which they believed in. By supporting Colonel Pryce-Jones they would be increasing their burden. The time had come when they could make a dash for political freedom. It might never -come again. What they claimed was the same treatment by the House of Lords for bills passed by a Lib- eral Government as by a Tory Government. Mr Richard Jones, Bryntirion, in the course of a convincing speech, asked why, if the foreigners were going to pay the tax. under Protection, should not they tax them 20, 30, or even 50 per cent. Mr Bonar Law had said that Tariff Reform would not benefit the farmer. It would benefit the landlord. The time had now come for them to strike a blow for their own freedom. It was a case of now or never. They did not want the Peers to manage their business, and for that reason he asked them to re- cord their votes for Mr Humphreys-Owen. A resolution was then passed by the meeting pledging itself to support Mr Hum- phreys-Owen, and to do all in its power to return him to Parliament. The Rev Edward Parry said he had re- ceived a number of questions addressed to Mr Humphreys-Owen. The first was, "Are you in favour of Home Rule ? He took it that he was. Home Rule meant that peo- ple should be allowed to rule their own affairs at home. The next question was, If the Church was disestablished, will the tithes have to be paid ?" He took it that they would. Tithe was given to the Church of England when it represented the whole of England. Another question was, Is it not a fact that the Liberal party has created more peers in the last five years than the other party in the same length of time ?" He could not tell them that. Many of the lords had since turned round, and become the Toriest af the Tories. They must help them to get rid of the veto of the House of Lords next Friday. Mr Edward Jones, Newtown, followed with a rousing speech, in the course of which he declared the text of this election to be Fair Play."





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