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Stitch in Time.


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Welshpool Pensions SubCommittee.

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Gair at yr Etholwyr.

Dolfor Rainfall for November,…

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Warning to Milksellers at…

The National Memorial.

The Welsh Church Commission.


The Welsh Church Commission. At last the official report of the Welsh Church Commission has been issued. The most interest- ing part of the report for Free Churchmen is that prepared by the Liberationist members on the Commission. The preparation of this special portion of the report was entrusted to Sir John Williams. His report deals with the origin and early history of Nonconformity in Wales and other important facts, all of which were ruled out by the chairman of the Commission when the witnesses tendered their evidence. Mr J. H. Davies has discovered the most glaring discrep- ancies in the figures put forth by the Established Church. Another special report has also been prepared by the Rev J. Morgan Gibbon, jn which he deals with the notorious weakness of the Anglican pulpit in Wales, its utter lack of sym- pathy with the national aspirations of the Welsh people, and the poverty of attendance at its ser- vices. Although the Commission does not say so, the figures given in the report makes out an over- whelming case for Disestablishment.


Mr. Addie's Unfulfilled Promise

Injustice to Llanmerewig.

To Succour the Poor at -1.…


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