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Welshpool Pensions SubCommittee.

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LLANIDLOES GOVERNORS. Do the Fees Suit the District ? Mr Gwilym Edmunds presided over the ordinary meeting of the Llanidloes County School Governors held at the School on Tuesday evening. Those present were Messrs Richard George, Godfrey Bowen, J. Kinsey Jones, and Savage, with the Head Master (Mr E. R. Horsfall Turner). APPOINTMENTS. A letter was read from the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, informing the Governors that as a result of the election for two represen- tatives for the county, Mr Gwilym Edmunds, of Doleaog, Llanidloes, and Mr T. R. Morgan, Machyniletb, bad been appointed. A letter was read from the Board of Education stating that they bad decided to extend the benefit of Article 40 of the Regulations of Secondary Schools for Llanidloes School. TOO LATE. Mr David Jones, Seaham Cottage, Llanidloes, wrote applying for one of the X2 10s bursaries advertized in the local papers, for his child, but it transpired that these two bursaries were awarded at the last meeting to two scholars who had already been granted a half bursary (. £ 2 10s), thereby making them X5 bursaries. A TRIBUTE. Referring to the appointment of the late Clerk, Mr Spencer, as assistant secretary to Mr David Davies, M P., the Chairman said that Mr Spencer had filled the office as their clerk for many years. He had always found him exceedingly careful in everything, that he always gave sound advice, and he was a man in a thousand almost. He was not a bit surprised that Mr Spencer had been appointed to fill his present responsible position. He thought that Mr David Davies could not have chosen a better man. He proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Spencer for his past services and congratulations upon his important appointment. Mr J. Kinsey Jones seconded, and Mr Horsfall Turner, in supporting, said Mr Spencer had been very efficient in his work as clerk to the Governors, and took a real interest in the school. He was extremely sorry to lose the company of Mr Spencer in the work of the school. The vote was carried unanimously. SCHOOL FEES. The next item on the agenda read as follows, To consider the advisability of recommending a reduction in the amount chargeable as tuition fees." The Head Master said that when he brought the matter forward he thought that there was a possibility that some influence might be brought to bear upon the scheme. He knew that the fees of the secondary schools in the county varied greatly, but he was not sure whether the fees were quite elastic enough. They were allowed to charge a minimum of £ 4 4s, but there were many places in South Wales where the fee was X3 3s. It seemed to him that the people of Llanidloes were not able to piy more than the people in South Wales. The fees in Bangor were .£10, and those in the quarry districts three guineas. He sup- posed that the fees were made to fit the locality. He had brought the matter forward so that the question might be open to inquiry as to whether the fees suited their district. There might be more pupils attending the school if the fees were lower. At any rate, if there was some reason why more pupils did not attend the school they ought to get at the bottom of it. Mr Savage said he had never heard any of the parents complaining about the fees, and he did not think there was any need for a reduction. The Chairman If we reduce the fee to three guineas we should require fourteen more pupils. Mr William Ashton: What is the maximum charge ? The Clerk Five guineas. The Head Master: The Board of Education have the matter under consideration now. Mr Ashton: Weuld it not be advisable to defer the question until we see what alteration, if any, is made in the scheme ? Mr George said that was just his feeling. They ought to look after the finances of the schools, but the main object was to try and bring education within the reach of every child. He would like to see the day when all secondary schools and colleges were free to everybody. Mr Godfrey Bowen said he would not like to see the school finances crippled in any way. He asked if the reduction of the fees would alter the grant. The Head Master: No. Mr Bowen, continuing, said he agreed with Mr George that they ought to look after the finances of the school. The Chairman remarked that 18 pupils received free scholarships, and there were 27 who paid fees. The real fee for the school was JJlo, so everybody were really receiving the education at half price. He did not know what prevented a layger number of pupils attending, but he doubted whether the cause was too high fees. Perhaps it was that the parents did not value secondary education sufficiently. He was in favour of wait- ting to see the report upon the matter by the Board of Education in order that their action might not be stultified. The headmaster said he was quite of the same opinion, but his purpose meantime was served in having the matter discussed. It was certainly a subject that ought to kept in mind. If the fees did not present a large attendance then they ought to discuss other probable causes. Pupils did not come young enough. They had them com- ing from the elementary school at the age of 15 and 16, when they ought to be well versed in secondary education, and when they came there at that age they did not take so much interest in their work and were backward. If they were going to take French or Latin they ought to start at twelve. The Chairman: Would they be sufficiently learmed in elementary work at that age ? The Headmaster: They ought to be. In large towns at the age of twelve boys were in a high position in secondary schooling. The question was very important and they ought to get at the bottom of it.

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