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(Continued from Page 6). from the Conservative party for their de- structive intentions. It it said that they intend to destroy and to pull down, not to erect and to construct. I entirely deny that (hear, hear). What has been destroyed since the general election of 1910 or 1906 ? (hear, hear). Is there a single institution or any property that has been destroyed by the Liberal Government ? On the other hand, they have done their utmost to con- struct a peaceful and a happy future to a certain degree for those who are less for- tunate than some of us here. I believe thers is no greater apcstle for humanity in practical legislation than Mr Lloyd George (loud cheers). I am heartily glad that amidst this practical, mercenary 20th century, when we all think of how much we can make and how much we can get, that there is somebody at the the head of affairs and in the Cabinet who really thinks of the philanthropic side as well as the practical side of legislation. Britannia and the Empire has in Mr Lloyd George the finest housekeeper that any country could have (hear, hear). It is a wonder how he manages to get the money in with- out having to borrow it. Anybody can get money if they can go and borrow it- A Voice: No tariffs Mr Humphreys-Owen: No tariffs ? Cer- tainly not! (laughter and cheers). Don't you go and put up tariffs you won't be able to get money then withour borrowing it (hear, hear). People have talked about borrowing £ 100,000,000 for the Navy. We don't borrow money until we are obliged to, and as it is we are dong very nicely now, paying money out of income. That is the way to keep the credit of the coun- try safe. We paid last year about £ 40,000,000 for the Navy, and I am afraid it may cost C45,000,000 this year. It is going up tremendously to the utmost of its capacity under this very progressive and Liberal Government (hear, hear). But if there are still people who want to force the Government to borrow £ 100,000,000 for the Navy or any other purpose, I promise you I will do my best to see that in Mont- gomeryshire at any rate we hurry on the county lunatic asylum to give them good accommodation (loud laughter and cheers). "HAVE YOU HAD A TARIFF?" I don't think the House of Lords desire to retain their power, nor do the Con- servative party desire to retain the power of the House of Lords, except for one reason-to force tariffs upon this country (hear, hear). I wonder does anybody in Llanfyllin think that Tariff Reform" is a good thing, is there ? Mr W. Arthur Pughe: Yes! Mr Humphreys-Owen: Have you ever had a tariff ? (Voices: No!). You don't know what it is. You get it if you go and live in Germany or the United States. The very first thing that the Conservative party did at Nottingham was to reap in Mr Bal- four. They have been trying to fish for Mr Balfour for five years, and they got him on the platform, and he admitted that he would put a 2s tax on corn. I don't, be. lieve that the 2s tax is going to stop there. Everybody else who has something to sell or to grow will ask to be protected as well. Then you will have a manufacturer going up to his representative in the House of Commons—to Mr Humphreys-Owen or Colonel Pryce-Jones—and saying, Look here, I have a little bit of trade. I think I could do better if I was allowed to charge more for what I sell." These manu- facturers will say 5 per cent. or 10 per <5ent. or 20 per cent. is not enough, and so long as that party is in power, it is com- mitted to the principle of helping those who ask for something over what they would .charge themselves in the open market. MR. HUMPHREYS-OWEN'S AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. You will soon know where the shoe is pinching, as they do in America at the present day. That is nort theory. They put up a very high tariff-the Dingley tariff-under President McKinley. I hap- pened to be in America at the time, and know how it happened. Certain men made millions out of their manufactures. But we are told that when manufacturers make millions the working men are going to get part of it. But who is going to make the manufacturers share it with their work- men ? These don't get higher wages be- cause the masters get higher profits. It is human nature in other parts of the world, and I am afraid it would not be different in this country (hear, hear). The Republi- can party got into power at the last general election in America because they promised to break down these tariffs. But the big bosses, the manufacturers, who hold the ealth and power of the country—as the Lords do here at the present time to some extent—would not allow them. The result is that a House of Congress—equal to our Rouse of Commons—has been returned strongly democratic and pledged to pull down these tariffs (hear, hear). But it re- mains to be seen whether they have tjff power to do so. If you go into politw, as the Americans do, to ask Westminster to get you a little more money than you de- serve, you will find that the corrupt poli- tics of this country will become absolutely Unbearable (hear, hear). It will be a ter- rible disaster to the poor people, to the labouring classes, and especially to the small towns of Montgomeryshire, if such a system is forced upon us (hear, hear). Dr. Spinther James. WHY ARE THE PEERS LIKE CROAKING CROWS ? Before the meeting began, young Radicals in the rear of the room had been singing God made the land for the people." Dr Spinther James, Llandudno, next spoke in Welsh to show the personal interest of the Lords in the Land Question. How is it (he asked) that Mr Lloyd George is one of the best abused men in the whole world, and, on the other hand, one of the most popular men in Europe ? (hear, hear). Why has so much commotion, so much abuse, so much passion been awakened at this election ? Did you ever, climb to a crow's nest ? You remember the old crows hover- ing peacefully about the branches of the trees, taking no notice of you when you were at the bottom. But as you climbed up they began to get excited, and croak and threaten. What is the matter ? Ah They see you are getting nearer their nest (loud laughter). Mr Lloyd George was left alone and was respected while he was at the bottom. But now the little boy from Criccieth has got nearer the Peers' nests (loud laughter and cheers). They see the time is comng when the wealth, not the poverty, of this country shall pay the rates (hear, hear). RADICAL HECKLER'S TEST. The Chairman having invited questions, Mr Maurice Jones, stonemason, a local Radical spoke: I saw in to-day's paper the Chancellor of the Exchequer reports that up to the 22nd of this month E2,083,000 has been paid into the Exchequer as super- tax (6d in the £ on all incomes above E5,000 a year). If it is found necessary to get more money for old age pensions, say at the age of 65, for working men who can -work no longer, would you be prepared to support a proposal in Parliament to raise this super-tax from 6d to, say, about Is in the £ on the poor people who only have £ 100 a week coming in ? (laughter). Mr Humphreya-Owen: I would rather leave it to the people here to instruct me what to do in Parliament. Shall I vote for an extra 6d on those who have £ 100 a week ? Loud Voices: Yes! Yes! Mr Humphreys-Owen: I haven't got it, so it won't hurt me (laughter). Of course, I might get it some day, and then I should have to think about it. But I promise you, if ever I have that income, well, I'll be generous, and let you have that 6d (laughter and cheers).



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