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"GOOD LUCK! YOU'RE A WINNER!" MR. HUMPHREYS-OWEN'S ELECTION CAMPAIGN. Enthusiastic Meetings at Machynlleth, Llanfyllin and Llanidloes. Slashing Speeches by Mr W.J. Evans, Llandinam "Place on Record that the People in Wales Value Brains more than Birth & Money." THE HOUSE OF LORDS EXPOSED. Colonel Pryce-Jones has declared that he will vote fur a tax on bread. Mr Arthur Humphre-ys-Owen told a Radical heckler at Llanfyllin that ii some day he has £ 100 j a week coming in, he will be willing to pay an extra super-tax of 6d in the £ towards giving old-age pensions to working men who fail to work at the age of 65. Last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights the Radical candidate for the Mont- gomery Boroughs faced crowded and enthu- siastic meetings at Machynlleth, Llanfyllin, and Llanidloes. Resolutions pledging sup- port were carried with tremendous enthu- siasm in these three boroughs in fact, the unanimity would have been somewhat monotonous except that at Llanfyllin three men and a lady did hold up their hands against. Veteran Radicals declared that the po- litical enthusiasm was unparalleled in Montgomeryshire since the days when Mr Stuart Rendel (now Lord) Rendel wrested the county from the domination of the Wynn family. At Llanidloes the Public Rooms were packed when the meeting be- gan, and when it had been in progress an hour, the proceedings had to be stopped for a few minutes, because 400 people were packed along the staircase and down into the street. A number of the crowd were invited on to the platform, and the Liberal candidate gave up his chair to a lady, and made himself at home by sitting on his coat on the platform by the Chairman's table. And amongst the crushed audience a con- fident Radical expressed smilingly the hope, I hope it won't be as tight as this in Par- liament for Mr Humphreys-Owen." A feature of the Machynlleth and Llan- idloes meetings were the clear-cut speeches 1 p delivered by Mr W. J. Evans, barrister-at- law, Llandinam, Mr David Davies' well- known and popular Private Secretary. Mr Haydn Jones, the past and future M.P. for Merionethshire—whom the Tories now feared to tackle-canie to give a helping and hwyliog voice at Machynlleth, whilst the Llanfyllin and Llanidloes audiences were enthused by Dr Spinther James, Llandudno, a venerable Welsh politician and land re- former, who was a platform stalwart thirty years ago, and who still retains remarkable vigour as a public speaker. The Liberal candidate himself was in good fighting form he will probably be still better this week and next, when the oppo- nents begin to hit back. Mr Humphreys- Owen did not deliver set speeches, but talked convincingly to his eager listeners about the case against the House of Lords, warning them against allowing the Tory bogies to confuse the clear issue. And he condemned Tariff Reform" from his own experience as one who has lived in the United States of America. From each meeting the candidate was chaired and escorted by cheering crowds to the house where he stayed the night. One working man summed up the situation i:1 six words as he gripped the candidate hand, and said, Good luck! You are a winner The three meetings said "Good luck!" The enthusiasm need only be carried into the polling-booths next Friday week in order to bear out the working man's prophecy, "You are a winner



Mr. Haydn Jones.