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NEWTOWJN. A SPLENDID New Assortment of Wedding Presents on view at G. W. NORTON'S, Iron- monger, Broad-street, Newtown.—[Advt.3 FOOTBA.LL.-Call and see the New Stock of Football Boots. Bladders and Inflators all cheap at Rickard's Eagle Boot Depot, Newtown. [Advt. COAL AND LX)(E.-If you want good quality Coal at reasonable prices, either in truck or cart loads, or in owt. sacks, try JOHN SKOUT, No. 13, Canal Wharf, Newtown. fAdvt. MB. T. MALDWTN PlUCK, R.A.M., visits Llanidloes on Tuesdays and Newtown on Satur- days Lessons given in Singing, Pianoforte, Violin, and 'Cello. He may be seen at Mr Fvan Bebb's, Broad-street, or Salop-road, Welshpool. PARENTS PLEASE NOTE.—A pure sweet gives not only pleasure, but also nourishment to grow- ing children. All the ingredients used in making Ann Taylor's Everton Toffee are pure and whole- some. It is as nourishing as it is delicious. NEW Season Reds just in first-class quality. Trade supplied. Pure Malt Vinegar; superior strength and quality; free from acids, 1/- per gallon. 3d. per quart.-David Evans, The People's Seedsman, Newtown. [Advt.] BIG MANTLE SHOW -We are now showing all the new modes for the present season in ladies' and children's coats, jackets, costumes, etc., which, for distinction in excellence of style, quality, and real good value, far surpasses all previous dis- plays.—Lewis's, London House, Newtown. FESTIVE SEASON.—Get well armed for the festive season by purchasing from E. H. MORGAN, Silversmith, 18, Broad-street, your Carvers and Cutlery; also, Spoons and Forks in Solid Silver, Silver-plated, and Acetic Silver. See his special Tea Spoons at 28 6d per dozen. IF you have a bad cough, and a good shilling, you can part company with both by purchasing a bottle of Owen's Cough Elixir, a never-failing remedy.—Prepared and sold only by F. J. Nash, M.P.S., chemist, Broad-street, Newtown.—Advt. CHILDREN'S MILLINERY.—A remarkably at- tractive display of children's beaver and felt hats and bonnets may be seen at Misses GOODWIN'S, 7, Market-street; also, a well-selected stock of fur sets, gloves, woollen underwear. F. J. NASH, M.P.S., Chemist and Optician, Broad-street, Newtown, desires to draw the atten- tion of intending purchasers of Xmas presents to his varied and up-to-date stock of spectacles, Egyptian and other optical goods. Eyesight tested free of charge. CONTRACT.—The Cambrian Railways Company have accepted the tender sent in by Mr Vincent Lloyd, watchmaker, Newtown, for the clock and watch contract of the Mid-Wales section. PROPERTY SArf;M-srs Morris, Marshall and Poole offered for sale at the Bear Hotel, on Tues- day, the freehold stock farm, known as Kill- owent," situate in the parish of Beguildy, mid- way between Newtown and Knighton, and Ii miles from Velindre, comprising a stone-built dwelling house, with farm and buildings, together with about 251a. Or. 37p. of meadow, pasture and arable land. Bidding rose to X2,250, at which sum the property was withdrawn. SYDNEY JAMES and his famous Strollers are to appear at the Public Hall on Thursday next, when there will, no doubt, be a great treat in store. Full of vim and go. the .f Strollers" serve up burlesque in a manner that is extremely original, and their entertainment from start to finish is brim full of sparkling fun and con- spicuous by its refinement. They have just con- cluded an enormously-successful season at the Palace Theatre, London, under the management of Mr Alfred Butt, and are giving what is termed a flying" farewell tour previous to their teur of the world, or. to be more precise, Africa America, and Australia, where they have already created many records. SUCCESSFUL PROTEST.-After the match between Aberystwyth and the 7th R.W.F., on Saturday, November 19th, and which resulted in a victory for the seaside team by four goals to three, the Territorials laid a protest on the ground that some of their opponents were not registered 14 days prior to the match. The protest was suc- cessful, and the Aberystwyth Town team cannot now compete for the Welsh Senior Cup. It will be remembered that Pennington did not play in this match for a similar reason to that for which the protest was laid. The Terriers will now have to play Llanfyllin for the second round, and should they win this match they are in competi- tion-proper for the cup. COUNTY SCHOOLS.—Dr F. Wilson presided over a meeting of the Newtown County Intermediate Schools on Friday afternoon. There were also present—Mrs Edward Jones. Messrs T. A. Forster, F. W. Cooke, Richard Jones, David Hamer, and J. E. Roberts. Bills amounting to .t546 16s 4d were ordered to be paid. The Finance Committee reported that A606 6s Od had been paid on the general account, and the credit balance at the bank was .£597 13s lid, and repairs account (credit) .£117 Is 5d. A letter was read from the Headmaster asking the Governors to increase the salary of Mr E. P. Morris, and it was resolved to increase the salary from £ 120 to A125 per annum. —A letter was received from Miss Davies, stating that Mary Winifred Bumford had been a proba- tion teacher at Penygloddfa Council School for six months, and asking if her scholarship at the County School could be transferred to another pupil (Winifred Frances Taylor).-The Chairman said the Governors could not do this.—It was stated that some people cross the playground as a short cut to the station, and it was resolved that a notice be erected near the gate prohibiting this. OWING to what are considered exoessive prices charged for stone at local quarries, the Council have resolved to get quotations from other quarries. ONLY one interment took place in the Cemetery during November. Since 31st March the inter- ments numbered 16, and since the opening of the cemetery, 852. THE Urban Council have agreed to erect a public urinal at the top of Park-street, and the provision of a drinking trough there is also under consideration. GAS MANUFACTURE.—During the past month, the gas manufactured amounted to 1,855,400 cubic feet, a decrease of 87,800, compared with the same month last year. g i Hocxsr.- JChe International trial match which was to have been played at Newtown on the 17th inst., has been transferred to Ruabon. The reason for the transference is obvious. EYE AND EAR DEPARTMENT of the Montgom- eryshire Infirmary. We are aeked to intimate that Dr. Russ Wood, will attend at Newtown on December 20th instead of December 27th. MARKETS AND FAIRS.—At the suggestion of Mr Ford, the Council have decided to postpone the proposed public meeting relative to the markets and fairs until after the Christmas holidays. TUESDAY'S MARKET PRicics.-Chiokens, 3/6 to 4/6 per couple; hen eggs, 7 for a 1/ butter, 1/4 per lb; apples, 2d to 4d per lb; beef, 6d to 9d mutton, 6d to 9d; pork, 6d to 9d; lamb, 7d to 9d. MEASLES AND WHOOPING COUGH.—Whilst no case of serious infectious disease was reported during November, there is a slight epidemic of measles of a wild character, and two cases of whooping cough. MICDICAL.-Dr. F. Wilson of Tymawr, Newtown, Montgomeryshire, and Dr. Y. M. Jones- Humphreys, of Cemmaes, Montgomeryshire, have recently been elected Members of the British Medical Association. FOOTBALL.-On Saturday an exciting match was played on the Cunnings between the R.W.W. and the Territorials. There was a good gate. At half-time the Warehouse were leading by two goals to one, but at the finish the scores were four goals each. FREE LIBRARY.—At a meeting of the Free Library Committee held on Wednesday morning the Librarian reported that during the past month 1,235 books had been taken out from the lending department, and fees amounting to o£1 4s had been received. IT transpired from the Surveyor's report to the Urban Council on Thursday, that on the night of November 21at, a serious leakage occurred at the reservoir owing to a fracture of the sluice valve near the embankment. The necessary repairs were carried out with all speed. APPOINTMBNT.—Mr R. E. Jones, Carmarthen, has been appointed to succeed the late Mr G. Griffiths, in the management of the North and South Wales Bank. Previous to going to Car- marthen, Mr Jones, was manager of the Llandrindod Wells Branch of the same Bank. THE HARASSED MIEDICO.-With regard to the letter from Dr Shearer complaining of the intol- erable noise from the show ground on the Severn banks, the Council have replied that without admitting liability they will stipulate for the suppression of excessive screechers and other noises at future fairs. THE TOWN'S FINANCES.—The balances of the various Urban District Council aoceunte at the end of November were: Free lrary aeoount (credit), X.6 17s 9d; gas loan (deb, X50 13s 8d; gas revenue account (debit), £ 786 s 2d; general! district rate account (debit), 0£112s 6d; gas loan sinking fund account ^credit) £ 25 Os Od. FUNIZEAL.-The funeral took'lace at the Parish Churchyard, of Mrs Sab Pugh, of Ladywell, who died on the prtous Sunday morning at the advanced age oBighty. The funeral was largely attended byelatives and friends. The Services at the hou and church were conducted by the Rev Canon Williams. A number of beautiful wreaths were :it. P.S.E.—Despite the snow and :n which fell there was a good attendance at he Pleasant Sunday Evening, when the Rev E. aes Williams occupied the chair. Rev T. Lvelyn Jones delivered a powerful address, a solos were rendered by Miss Sallie Jones and JBter Clifford Evans, Miss Edith Reynolds accovanying, and Mr J. R. 0, Evans conducting the ging. BAPTIST MUTUAL.—Mr T. Parry-nes presided over a well attended meeting othe Baptist Mutual Improvement Society, heldn Thursday evening. A lecture was deliverecby Mr Tom Pugh, on Profitable Allotment Gasning," and by Mr W. E. Sambrodks, on Profible Poultry Keeping." At the close, a hearty va of thanks was accorded the lecturers, and the lairman was thanked for presiding. THE IRISHMEN AT NEWTOWN.-The Public Hall was filled on Saturday night, ien a meet- ing held in support of the candidate of Colonel Pryce-Jones (who was absent). T chair was occupied by Mr G. H. Ellison, and le principal speakers were Rev. T. KingsborouglMr Wesley Bryan (who came from Ireland),t)r Davies, Machynlleth, and Mr Wm. Watkin The audi- ence was chiefly composed of Conwatives, and throughout the meeting none of Ie speakers were interrupted.- Demands upoi our space compel the report to be held over. By an abbreviation of his speech a the Stand- ing Joint Committee last week roecting the offices of the County Clerk. Mr C. J. ewell seems to have been misreported by the ress, which represents him as having said never con- tested the appointment at all." 1% of course, well known to our readers that Mr bivell took a strong stand against the Joint Comittee arro- gating to itself the right of apinting the Finance Clerk to the County Couil and the Clerk to the local taxation authoritwhich posi- tions were created by the Council. THROUGH the enterprise of Mr CW. Norton, the local public is able to see the last develop- ments in bicycles as exhibited lastveek at the great cycle exhibition at Olympia, ondon. In the window of Mr Norton's depot i8 road Street, Newtown, are now to be seen sample of the all- Steel Releigh cycles, (both ladies' nd gents'), duplicates of the machines shown Olympia. The Raleigh has attained such widfame that doubtless many local cyclists will takthe oppor- tunity of calling this week at the Heigh local headquarters to inspect these latest iodele of all that is best and most modern in the fcycle. SKILES AND LAuaHTics.-Consideble merri- ment was created at the Council neeting on Thursday by the reading of the Water ommittee's report with reference to Nyodd MJs. "The agent of the property (Mr Bennet Rowlands) has supplied the tenant with fresh wil paper for the kitchen —(smiles)—upon his unartaking to put it on—(laughter)—but he wouldiot consent to give paper for papering the bedrams, and as this was only a very small expense, tb Committee supplied the necessary paper. No tiughing for the house has as yet been supplied—aughter)— owing to the agent waiting the Coan l to do the haulage, the cost of same being morevalue than the troughing" (laughter).—Mr Garge: What price did he pay a piece for the paper (laughter). The Chairman: I think it was take: out of old stock (great laughter). Mr Parry: Wl he supply him with a ticket out of the old stookor the fish- ing next year (renewed laughter).