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RADNORSHIRE FOR FRANK EDWARDS. ON Wednesday of this week the people of Radnorshire should handsomely atone for the grievous mistake they made last January, when one of the finest characters which has ever represented our sister county in Parliament was temporarily rejected by a small majority. Alike most faithful and influential in the discharge of his parlia- mentary duties, Sir Francis Edwards made quite a model representative. His personal popularity with the leaders of the Liberal party was a valuable aid towards advancing the interests of Radnorshire, and this fact cannot be forgotten when the Tory candi- date, who has practically been a nonentity in the House, demands a renewal of public confidence. We cannot help thinking that twelve months ago the farmers of Radnor- shire deluded themselves by disquieting apprehensions concerning the operative effects of the Budget upon agricultural land, and that they imagined vain things from taxes on foreign wheat. By to-day they have surely emerged from the region of fears and fancies. Farmers, instead of losing, have much to gain by the Budget. As for their hopes of Tariff Reform, what can remain of them since Mr Bonar Law has just declared that the wheat tax is not for Protection, but for the sake of getting a preference with our colonies." And he adds quite frankly, I do not think it would benefit the farmers in the least." Is there a farmer in Radnorshire foolish enough to pin his faith to Protection after this candid confession by one of the most prominent of its apostles ? Is there an agriculturist within the four corners of that county who, for the sake of enabling Canada and Aus- tralia and other colonies to acquire a still greater grip of the British grain market, is willing to pay a higher price for all the necessary implements of his farm, for feed- ing stuffs and manures, for boots and cloth- ing, and all other essentials? We have repeatedly issued a challenge to any Pro- tection-persuaded farmer in Montgomery- shire to produce a balance-sheet which will show an increased profit under Mr Cham- berlain's scale of Tariffs. That same chal- lenge need not be addressed to Radnor farmers now that Mr Bonar Law has made the belated confession. Never in the history of agriculture did farmers suffer so severely as during the years of Protection. Will they deliberately ignore the lessons of those lean years by pursuing what Mr Chamber- lain himself onoe called a will o' the wisp ?" We credit them with more gumption. Will a single Nonconformist in Radnorshire deliberately cast his vote for a gentleman whose party spurns his claim to religious equality and compels him to pay for the teaching of doctrine which, if not repugnant to him, is at variance with his own ? Is there a Rad- norshire man, conforming to the "moderate" minded individual professedly beloved of Toryism at present, who can conscientiously tolerate the complete and permanent domi- nation of his country's affairs by a selfishly biassed bundle of irresponsible and arrogant aristocrats ? Sir Francis Edwards stands for political and religious freedom and equality to all men. Mr Venables Llewelyn demands as the price of his representation that Toryism in all things shall prevail now and for all time. Who can doubt what the choice of Radnorshire men will be


£1.261 AN ACRE!



Llanidloes Rads. and the Colonel.