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"JUST THIS TIME". To the Men of Newtown. OBSERVATION and information denote the extraordinary efforts which Toryism is putting forth to capture votes in Newtown. A little host of canvassers is abroad, the Tory candidate is making a house to house visitation, and almost the full force of the party organisation is roncentrated upon the town. There are shaky electors every- where, men whose principles and convic- tions are not sufficiently rooted in their consciences, and who, therefore, are prone to be influenced by persuasive personalities or deluded by plausible tales. But we feel sure that the intelligent, strongly principled men of Newtown, who can boast a governing conscience, will stand firm as the Bryn Bank against all the devices which may be em- ployed to induce them to act falsely by themselves and disloyally by the party of progress." "Do vote for us just this time!" pleads I the Tory canvasser, "just this time, please!" Ah, it is "just this time" that the vote of every working man elector is of vital account. Seldom, if ever, was it more precious than now. That vote is the measure of his citizenship. It represents his rights as a citizen born to a voice in the government of his country. These rights are at stake to-day. A vote for Toryism or for the personalities which plead so pathetically in its name means nothing more nor less than electoral suicide. Let the working people squander their franchise just this time," and Toryism will not trouble to beg again. It is only just this time" that Protectionists want to secure a number of Liberal votes here and there, and desperate are their efforts to capture them. The fate of Conservatism is trembling in the scales. With the aboli- tion of the Lords' Veto, Liberalism will enjoy an equality of legislative freedom, social reform would go forward, and Pro- tection would be scotched for ever. Hence the unprecedented exertions of the Tories in these Boroughs. Give them a majority just this time," and the democratic voter will speedily realise the lamentable and irrevocable blunder he has committed. He is being told not to fear Tariff Reform "this time," since Mr Balfour has promised to refer that question to the country before proceeding to interfere with our Free Trade system. But the sly, elusive, and delusive Tory leader has done nothing of the kind. All he has done is to promise that the H principles of Tariff Reform shall be sub- mitted for public judgment. Only the principles," be it remarked! Whether there is to be a tax on food, on clothing, on the requisites of the household, is not a principle. That is much too trifling to be honoured as a principle. Oh, no, Tariff Reform must not be looked at from such a mercenary standpoint. What we are en- joined to do first of all is to consider our ^'onial neighbours before ourselves. They must be knitted closer to the Motherland by our sacrifices. Otherwise, the Imperial outposts will desert us and go goodness knows where else. The "principles of Tariff Reform" are like those of Mr Balfour himself. They are inspired by selfishness. The principles of a man who sought to arrest intemicine strife in his party by affecting an open mind on the fiscal question are governed by a lust for power. Commanded over and over again within and without the House of Commons to state plainly what tariffs were to be imposed under Tariff Reform, he smiled and turned away, lest Free Trade Tories should desert him on the spot. Disgusted by this latest manoeuvre of the master thimble-rigger, one of the most pro- nounced Protectionist London newspapers has described the suggested referendum as an electioneering dodge to sweep Lan- cashire." Nor are other influential sec- tions of the Tory press content to subscribej to this unwarranted promise." It simply Joes not hold good. Every Nonconformist in these Boroughs remembers the same kind of trick which Mr Chamberlain played upon them in 1900, when he explicitly de- clared that that general election had for its sole purpose the public vindication of the Boer War. They do not forget what fol- lowed as the result of their misplaced con- fidence. The men of Newtown are not likely to prove themselves such simpletons a second time. If Protection be not an electoral reference at this election, why is it that the Tory hoardings in Newtown blazin forth the alleged iniquities of Free Trade in the form of caricatures designed with absolutely no I regard tor the existence of intelligent peo- ple ? If Mr Balfour's promise is to be re- presented as an honourable one, those pic- torial and epistolary travesties should dis- appear. There, however, we daresay they will remain. At any rate, we hope they will,, as an impressive illustration of the Tariffist degree of respect for facts and the truth. "Just this time" is the time when the men of Newtown must hold strong and, true to their threatened citizenship. The crisis which John Bright, Joseph Chamber- lain, Jesse Collings, and the Duke of Devonshire foreshadowed a quarter of a century since has come. Unless English freedom is to be a fraud and a sham," said John Bright, "the people will know how to deal with a titled and hereditary cham- ber, whose arroganee and class salfishness: have long been at war with the highest interests of this nation." Their claim to dictate the laws vtfiich we shall make, the way in which we shall govern ourselves, is a claim contrary to reason, opposed to justice, and which we will resist to the death," declaned the Birmingham oracle. It will be a national degradation if we endure any longer this intolerable inter- ference with the people's will. I am no re- former of the House of Lords (exclaimed Mr Jesse Collings) I demand its total aboli- tion as a legislative power." If Joe and Jesse have changed, what change has com over the lordly chamber? If any change tre be, its interference, its H arro- gance," its "selfishness," its inNstice2 have been intensified. over the lordly chamber ? If any change tWere be, its interference, its arro- gance," its "selfishness," its injustice** have been intensified. TSiere can be no masking of the one and only one ele&r mid straight iame. It ia whether the working man elector is to enjoy the full value of his vote equally with the high-placed Tory. In other words, is the constitution of a democratic country to be so planned, that whatever political party be in power, a Tory House of Lords shall always rule the roost? When they vote Liberal, the electors of Newtown and else- where- are considered to be acting under some temporary abberation, and require to be put in a straight jacket. For this in- sult they have now the opportunity of effec- tive retaliation, and we ask them to strike out manfully. Let their colours be shown as those of independent men. If pecu- liarity of circumstances ordain otherwise, let them remember that the ballot is posi- tively secret. Finally, we would re- mark that while a promise is a sacred thing, and ought always under ordinary conditions to be fulfilled, promises made under misconception or given as the result of misleading information, may be departed from with absolutely moral justification.




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