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Llandinam Council School.


Llandinam Council School. ANOTHER TALK ABOUT "EXTRAS." At a special meeting of the County Council held at Newtown on Tuesday (Mr Hugh Lewis, the chairman, presiding). the Education Com- mittee recommended the sanction of an increased loan in respect of alterations and additions to Llandinam Council School. Major Mytton said he was not going to argue against the necessity for the increase, but it seemed remarkable that the original estimate should have to be increased from X400 to J6617. The fault must be with the official employed by the Council to prepare the estimate, but they had it from the Surveyor that he was not responsible. He did not refer to the matter in any carping spirit, but as a matter of curiosity. The Chairman of the Education Committee would no doubt agree that it was not advisable that work esti- mated at X400 should ultimately cost .£617. The estimate ought to be closer to the actual cost. This thing seemed to occur so often. Mr Addie expressed a similar view. Mr Richard Jones (the Chairman of the Education Committee) said that about twelve months ago the Executive Committee laid before them proposals for alterations and improvements of Llandinam Council School, at an estimated cost of £ 757. The Committee considered that that was a large expenditure, and they appointed a sub-committee to inspect the scheme with the view to knocking off some of the items proposed to be carried out. The result of that inspection was that several items were knocked off, but among improvements necessary there was the conversion of the present small class-room into another room, removal of old, and erection of new offices, the provision of a water supply and proper sanitary system, painting, improvement of heating arrangements, &c. They were agreed that those things were necessary in order to bring the school up to modern requirements. They had an estimate for them, which amounted to JE400, and they advertised for tenders, and the tender accepted amounted to £ 617. Mr Hurlbutt thought it would save a lot of time if a printed explanation were handed round. Mr Richard Jones: You get an explanation from the Chairman of the Education Committee as far as it can be given. Major Mytten I am satisfied with the explana- tion. All I wanted to know was who was actually responsible for a wrong estimate, which seems rather wide of the actual cost. Mr Dugdale: It would be of immense value if we could get an estimate book in which would appear the estimate for every bit of work which is to be done in connection with the Council, as well as the tenders and the actual cost. This is done on the Cambrian Railways, and it has had a tremendous effect in pulling down the cost of work. I will give notice to move that such a book be obtained.


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