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—————=— Threatening the Cambrian.


—————=— Threatening the Cambrian. MONTGOMERY TOWN COUNCIL WILL APPEAL TO THE BOARD OF TRADE. A letter was read to the Montgomery Town Council on Thursday from the Cambrian Railway Company stating that in view of the cost the Company could not erect a bridge over the line at the station. but they would erect a finger-post. With reg&rd to the painting of the wicket gates oa the station lane, they had not got them under their maintenance or control. Mr C. P. Davies: It seems to me to be shelving the matter. The Mayor: The point is, who do those wickets belong to. Mr H. Jones: They belong to us I think, sir. Mr C. P. Davies You will find on the old map that the old path went down the middle of the field. Afterwards it was taken to the hedge side. The Mayor: The present footpath is more convenient for passengers going to the station. The wickets, I think, belong to the landlord. The Clerk: As Alderman C. P. Davies says the footpath was removed to a more convenient place, but the landlord and tenant are not obliged to repair the footpath. Mr C. P. Davies: That may be, but the Cam- brian Company are obliged to keep up the road to their property. The- Clerk: I think it is for the public to repair and maintain it. The owner or occupier is not liable to maintain it, tike gates are put there M a rule, to prevent the animals going from one field to another. In this case the wickets are not necessary. The Mayor: I think the best plan would be to put up a direction post ourselves on the wickets to the station," then we could apply to the owners to paint the gates, and if they decline, we might do it ourselves. Mr C. P. Davies: I think we want new wickets as those are tumbling down. As to the other part of the letter about the Station Bridge, everybody hae now to walk across the line, and if the atten- tion of the Board of Trade was drawn to the fact they might see their way to compel the Railway Company to put one up there. The Mayor: Do you propose then that we apply to the Board of Trade ? Mr C. P. Davies: I certainly think we should and point out clearly how all the people from Montgomery, Chirbury, Sarn, Llandyssil and Churchstoke have to walk across the line. I think we can compel them to put their Booking Office on the other side. Mr Maurice Owen: It will be too late after 2 or 3 people have been killed there. The Clerk: This has already had to go bere the Board of Trade, as they must have hand their sanction before putting it there. Mr C. P. Davies: But if they now refuse us to build a bridge across I dont see why they should have their station on the other side of the line. The Clerk: They are not bound to build a bridge, they have level crossings in many places. I agree though that they should not draw trucks across it. The Mayor: If you go round the country you will find heaps of such level crossings. I know of one in Herefordshire where there is more traffic than here, and there is not even a signal-box. Col. Cautley: I think you will find that the porters have special instl uctions to see to the level crossings. The Mayor: We must not forget that Berriew is on the other side of the line. Mr C. P. Davies: But on our side we have Llandyssil, Montgomery, Chirbury, Churchstoke, and Sarn. Mr Mitchell: But all the stations are the same side of the line as ours is all along. Mr C. P. Davies: No, they are not. There's Carno and Llanbrynmair on the opposite side. The Mayor: And also Machynlleth. Mr C. P. Davies: Yes. of course; and Pontdol- goch (laughter). The Mayor: Well, it is proposed and seconded that we apply to the Board of Trade to arrange something. On being put to the vote the motion was carried unanimously.


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