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SALES BY AUCTION. Messrs. Morris, Marshall & Poole MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE, Agricultural & General Auctioneers, Valuers and Arbitrators. PERIODICAL SALES of STOCK conducted at Montgomery, Welshpool, Caersws, Bishop's Castle, Westbury, Berriew, Newtown, Kerry, Anchor, Llanbadarn, Craven Arms, Ludlow, Church Stretton, Knighton, Tenbury. The most careful attention is given to Salee of Agricultural Stock, Estate and House Property, Timber and Antique Furniture. A Speciality is made of Valuations and Arbitrations ot every description. HEAD OFFICES :—Chirbury, Shropshire. Newtown Offiee:-38, Broad-street. (357) Short Notice. Sale, To-morrow (Wed). (J. CLARK v. T. GRAHAM). Under an Execution by Order of the Sheriff of (Montgomeryshire. MESSES MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE instructed by the Sheriff, will Bell by Auction, on Wednesday Next, December 7th, At 2-30 and 6-30 p.m. In the CLUB ROOM, at the BULL HOTEL, WELSH- POOL (a sufficient quantity as will cover the Debt and Costs in this Action), of a valuable collection of OIL PAINTINGS AND WATER-COLOUR DRAWINGS, Including Works by, or attributed to, the follow- ing ArtistesDavid Cox, P. de Wint, Birket Foster, F. Goodall, W. Duncan, Geo. Morland, J. Herring, T. B. Corot, W. L. Wylie, T. S. Cooper, P. Nasmyth, J. Constable, J. Neimann, and other well-known artistes. Oo view (To-day) and morning of Sale). Catalogues may be had on the premises, or of the Auctioneers, at Chirbury, and at Welshpool. (õ30) NEWTOWN CHRISTMAS FAT STOCK SHOW AND SALE. MESSRS MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE beg to announce that, at the earnest solicitation of a number of their supporters in the district, they have decided to hcud their first annual SALE OF PRIME FAT STOCK OF ALL CLASSES On Tuesday Next, December 13th, When they will have much pleasure in offering the following CASH PRIZES JB d. Best Pair of Bullocks 1st prize, 2 0 0 2nd „ 1 0 0 Best Cow or Heifer prize, 1 0 0 Best Pen of 10 Wethers prize, 1 0 0 Judging at It. Sale at 11 o'clock prompt. N.B.—Early entries esteemed a favour. Auction Offk" 48, Broad-street, Newtown. THE MANSION HOUSE WELSHPOOL. MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE have received instructions from the Trus- tees of the late Miss Mytton to Sell by Auction, on the above premises, on Tuesday & Wednesday, Dec. 13th & 14th The Whole of the very Superior, Antique and Modern FURNITURE AND APPOINTMENTS Of the above residence, including the well-made DINING AND DRAWING ROOM SUITES, Chairs and Tables of various descriptions, An- tique Chests and Cabinets, Fine toned Pianoforte by Broadwood & Sons, Mahogany and other Book- cases, about 500 vols. of Books, Water Colours, Oil Paintings and Engravings, Handsome Clocks, Brussels, Kidderminster, and other Carpets and Rugs; several excellent Wardrobes; Italian, French, and other Bedsteads; Feather Beds, Blankets and Counterpanes; Dinner, Breakfast and Tea Services in Worcester and other choice porcelain; a few pieces of Antique China; a large quantity of best Table and other Glass; Silver- plated and Sheffield Goods, Ivory-handled Table Cutlery; Substantial Kitchen Pieces and Cup- boards; Cooking Utensils and other items; also the contents of Greenhouse and other Garden Requisites. The Sale will be conducted in a large Marquee, and will commence each day at 11-30. Catalogues from the Auctioneers, Chirbury. (459) CAERSWS SMITHFIELD. RJTHE^ FOURTH ANNUAL SHOW & SALE PRIME FAT STOCK, Specially Fed for the Christmas Markets, Will be held On Friday, December 16th, When upwards of X13 in Cash Prizes, in addition to the 5 guinea Silver Cup will be awarded. Further Entries will be esteemed a favour. Prize lists on application to MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE, (498) Chirbury and Newtown ■- Messrs Cooke Bros. & Roberts. COOKE BROS,& ROBERTS, F,A.I. N.D.A. AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, HOUSE & ESTATE AGENTS. OFFICES—Newtown, Llanidloes, Aberystwyth and Dolgelly. (75) MONTGOMERYSHIRE. VALUABLE FREEHOLD INVESTMENT IN NEWTOWN. FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION (Unless otherwise disposed of). ALL THAT VALUABLE PROPERTY, with extensive frontages to High-street and Market-street, occupying a most commanding position in the very heart of the shopping centre of the town. The Premises are in the occupation of Mr T. A. Forster, Messrs D. Lewis and Son, Mrs Parry, and Mrs Francis. Further particulars may be obtained from Messrs NORTH, KIRK & Co, Solicitors, 15, Lord-street, Jsiveprool, or from Messrs COOKE BROS. & ROBERTS, auctioneers, Newtown and Aber- ystwyth. 494 FARM AGREEMENTS, with the Alterations -t- necessitated by th Act of 1908, are Now Ready, and may be obtained from the Publishers, PHILLIPS & SON, 6:3. each. ELECTION ADDRESSES. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE OSWESTRY DIVISION OF THE COUNTY OF SALOP. GENTLEMEN,— THE PEERS HAVE AGAIN FORCED A JL dissolution of the House of Commons, and thrown the Country into the turmoil of a General Election. A year ago, by rejeoting the Budget, they compelled the Government to appeal to the people. The Election was then fought not only on the Budget, but also on the Government's proposals for suppressing the arrogant claim of the Peers to interfere with National Finance, and for curtailing their power to overrule the people's representatives in the House of Commons. The answer of the Electors was clear and emphatic. By the decisive majority of 120, the new House of Commons stood pledged to support the Government's proposals. In fulfilment of the mandate so received from the Electors, Resolutions in favour of the removal of the Veto were passed through the House of Commons by large majorities, but, after a futile attempt, by means of a Conference of the leaders, to induce the Peers to bow to the will of the people so clearly, so unequivocally, expressed, the House of Lords remains obdurate. The Peers, not content with refusing to carry out the Verdict of the Country given in January last, now propose to substitute for their present House a new Second Chamber, in which they will continue to have a large and permanent Tory majority. In this manner they hope to retain in the future, as in the past, the righc to reject all Liberal measures which are distasteful to them. Not content with this, they propose further to curtail the prerogative of the Crown to create additional members of the Second Chamber, which at present affords the only means of com- pelling them to submit to the will of the people. Thus the proposed new House of Lords is to be as strongly marked a Conservative body as ever, and to be entrenched in a position unassailable either by the Crown or the People. It is to be' made to look more reputable and less unrepre- sentative, so that satire may have less obvious play on it. It is to be relieved of the odium of appearing to autocratically overrule the House of Commons, but, in fact, is to have greater power than ever to thwart and stultify the work of the people's representatives. It is a characteristic Tory Scheme for revolu- tionising the British Constitution by making the power of the House of Lords supreme—independ- ent alike of King and People. The Electors will know how to treat such a threat to farther curtail their right to rule them- selves, and how to resent such an insult to their intelligence. In the momentous struggle in which we are thus engaged to secure our independence and to place the right of self-government on a sound Hsis, I appeal to you as a Candidate for your Suffrage?. I venture, with confidence, to express a hope that your voice, as the voice of the rest of the United Kingdom, will be raised in support of the people's just claim to make their own laws. Should you honour me by returning me as your Member, I shall loyally support the Liberal Government in carrying its Veto proposals into law, and in resisting the sinister proposals of the Peers. When the Veto has been removed, then—and not until then-it will be possible to proceed with those great Measures of Social Progress and Political Reform to which the Liberal Party is pledged, and which will receive my warm support. I am in agreement with the policy of the National Farmers' Unioi, and, as the representa- tive of an Agricultural Constituency, it would ever be my care to see to the interests of those engaged in farming pursuits. Your obedient Servant, EDWARD POWELL. Oswestry, 30th November, 1910. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE COUNTY OF RADNOR. GICNTLEMUN,- THE CONFERENCE BETWEEN THE Leaders of the Liberal and Tory parties having failed to make any arrangement for abolishing the unrestricted Veto of the House of Lords, it becomes necessary to appeal to the country. The House of Commons and the House of Lords are in a serious conflict. I venture to express the hope that the Electors of the County of Radnor will, in the words of the late Mr Gladstone, take frankly, fully and finally the side of the House of Commons." a The present position of the House of Lords is indefensible. That is admitted even by the Lords themselves, for they have recently been making haste to condemn their own Constitution. They have passed certain resolutions which they call Reforms, but which are in reality only shams. These resolutions leave untouched the Tory majority in the House of Lords, together with its unrestricted Veto. In the exercise of that Veto the Lords have mutilated and destroyed many important Liberal measures. The Lord Chancellor has reminded ua that for over 100 years the House of Lords has never thrown out a single Bill introduced by a Tory Government, while in the hpr, four years it has rejected four great measures of a Liberal Government. The House of Lords is, in fact, merely a branch of the Tory party. This state of things has become intolerable and cannot continue. The Government appeals from the tyranny of the Tory Lords to the sense of justice of the people. I am in favour of a Second Chamber but one which will act impartially and will be equally fair to both great parties of the State. I agree with Lord Rosebery that measures should be taken so that the Liberal party when in office should not be placed at an unfair disadvantage compared with the Tory party. That is the plain and simple issue before the country. My views on the general political questions of the day having been fully stated at the recent Election are well known to you and need not here be repeated. If you do me the honour to return me again to Parliament as your Member it will be my constant and earnest endeavour to serve the interests of the County to the best of my ability. I remain, Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, FRANCIS EDWARDS. The Cottage, Knighton, 28th November, 1910. 512 PUBLIC NOTICES. PARISH OF BETTWS. THE Parish Council invites Applications for -L the Post of Assistant Overseer and Collector of Rates. Salary, about .£25, including Emolu- ments.—Applications to be sent in by December 8th, to Clerk of Parish Council, Bettws. 488 Mr. A. J. BIBB, F.R.C.O., (Organist of Newtown Parish Church), HAS VACANCIES FOR A LIMITED Number of Pupils^ TERMS Organ and Theory Lessons, 2 Guineas per quarter; Voice Production and Pianoforte, 1 Guinea. Candidates prepared for Musical Examinations.—Address: Preswylfa, New-road, Newtown. (180) FORDEN UNION. PERSONS desirous of Contracting for the supply of FLOUR to this Union for the ensuing Three Months are requested to send Sealed Tenders for same, with Samples, to the Workhouee, Forden, before 10 o'clock on the the morning of Wednesday, the 14th inst., en- dorsed Tender for Flour. CHARLES S. PRYCE, Union Offices, Clerk. Montgomery, 1st Deer., 1910. 527 MONTGOMERY COUNTY COUNCIL- LOAN £ 2,500. THE COUNCIL desire to borrow a sum of i>2,500 at not exceeding 3$per cent., the money to be advanced on the 23rd December next. The amount; may be taken up in one sum, or several, to suit the convenience of intending lenders. Applications, stating rate of interest and marked Loan," to be sent to the undersigned, before the 15th December instant. GEO&GE R. D. HARRISON, Clerk of the County Council. Welshpool, 1st December, 1010. 513 WELSHPOOL GRAMMAR SCHOOL. .4. PREPARATIONS for Jhe University Locals, Preceptors, Public Sohools, Shorthand Certificate, and Civil Service Examinations. OVER 100 PASSES during the last five years in the above Examinations. Thirty Shorthand Certificates gained since 1893. CAMBRIDGE LOCALS. ALL PASSED. HONOURS. RESIDENT MASTER, UNIVERSITY GRADUATE. Cambridge Local Examination Class now forming Comfortable Home for Boarders. Moderate Terms. i87 T. F. HILES, Head Master. CAMBRIANS RAILWAYS COMPANY. THIS Company is prepared to receive Tenders I for 40 Tonfe of BEST OLD CLOVER CHOPPED HAY, to be supplied in Bags of 501bs or TOOlb?, lie delivered in Weekly Quan- tities* as required by the Company during the twelve months ending 31st December, 1911. The Contractor to find the necessary Bags, which will be returned. Samples of the Chop offered should accompany Tenders, which should provide for delivery into Railway Trucks at a Cambrian Station, and the Station at which Delivery would be made should be specified. Sealed Tenders, marked Tenders for Chopped Hay," to be received by the undersigned not later than 9 a.m., on the 12th instant. S. WILLIAMSON, Oswestry, Secretary. 2nd December, 1910. MONTGOMERYSHIRE EDUCATION AUTHORITY. TEACHERS, as indicated, are REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY for the following SCHOOLS HEADS. Certificated-Gungrog C.E., Mistress, X90. ASSISTANTS (Female). Certificated-Welshpool C.E. (Girls), k/5. ASSISTANTS (Female). Unoertificated-Buttington C.E. (to teach infants) £ 40. Llangadfan C.E. (Welsh essential), to take sewing, .£50. Llangynog Cl. (know- ledge of Welsh), 1.£40. Carno Cl. (Welsh essential), X40. Cemmes Cl. (to take sewing; with knowledge of Welsh), .£45. Pool Quay C.E. (2), JB40 and JB45. Mont- gomery C.E. (to take sewing), .£45. Peny- bontfawr C.E., .£45. Llandrihio Par., X40. Mochdre B., X40. Churchstoke C.E., A40. Supplementary-Llwydiarth C.E., .£25. Forms of application may be obtained from mo the undersigned, on receipt of stamped addressed foolscap envelope for reply. Canvassing, directly or indirectly, a disqualiifcation. LLEWELYN PHILLIPS, Clerk to the Education Authority. County Education Offices, Newtown, Dec. 2nd, 1910. 508 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES, ABEBTSTWTTH (One of the Constituent Colleges of the University of Wales). President: The Right Hon. Lord Rendel. Principal: T. F.Roberts, M.A. (Oxon) LL.D. (Vict) STUDENTS are prepared for Degrees in Arts, 8 Science (including the applied Science of Agriculture), Law and Music. Sessional Com- position Fee, .£10, with additional Laboratory Fees for Science Students. Registration Fee, £ 1. Men Students reside in Registered Lodgings in the town, or at tha Men's Hostel. Warden Prof. J.W. Marshall, M.A. Women Students reside in the Alexandra Hall of Residence for Women. Warden: Miss E. A. Fewings. For full particulars respecting the General Arts and Science Departments, the Law, Agriculture, and Day Training Departments, the Department for the Training of Secondary Teachers, and the Hostels, apply to J. H. DAVIES, M.A., Registrar. i LLAWDINAM. R SAVAGE, GROCER, LLANDINAM • keeps Thomas Jone3 & Co., Limited (Livarpool). Teas. The tea for this neighbour hood. Best quality Groceries, Provisions, Ac., at lowest prices. Flour and Corn Merchant. Q513 L LANE AIR. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS —FOR RIDING JL Saddles and Harness (made on the Premises) go to JOHN EDWARDS, Saddler, Collar and Harness Maker, Llanfair. London Whips, Never Rust" Bits, Sponges, Chamois, Embrocation, 4cc. Water- proof Knee Rugs. Clotu and Leather Leggings Special Oil and Blacking for Harness Agent to the Alliance Assurance Co. >-205 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. WANTED-A Housemaid Waitreiia.-Apply, W Mrs Jenkins, Black Lion Hotel, Talybont. WANTED—Toby Jugs, genuinely old; Ft ate colour and prioe.—Apply, 449 'Express' Office, Newtown. TURNER BROS., Ironmongers and Implementl Agents, Newtown, hare a vacancy for an Apprentice. 451 PARTMENRS for Single gentleman; Bitting aDd bedroom, bath: on the outskirts of the town.—Apply, Box 491' Express' Office, Newtown. WANTED—A Youth as Junior Clerk; must be over 16 years of age, and proficient in Shorthand and Typewriting.-Apply, by letter only, giving particulars of education and experi- ence to Mr W. J. Evans, Llandinam Hall, Llandinam. 454 ANTED.—A Ton of POTATOES. Good Condition. State Cash Price.—Thomas, Park Street. Newtown. 520 ANTED.-Seveml Apprentices to the Mil- W linery at once.—Apply, D. Vyrnwy Jones, Alexandra Buildings, Llandrinded. 622 WANTED, twelve Machini8teT(power),~con- W tinuous employment,-Apply Manager, Teify Shirt Manufacturing Company, Llandyssul, South Wales. 518 WHEELWRIGHT WANTED-One used to W carpentry work preferred; a drunkard, or one that uses bad language* need not apply.— Howells, New Mills. 528 ROADMAN Wanted for the parishes of Llan- dyssil and Llannierewi^. regular work and tools found.—Apply, W, P, Hole, Crowther's Hall, Welshpool. 529 OLE SKIN COMPETITION—Prizes value Twelve Guineas. Half & million skins wanted; also Cat. Otter, Badger, Hare and Rabbit Skins. Top prices paid.-Write, Watson & Co., 49, Great Qaeen-street Kingsway, London, W.C. S-TRA YED since early in September near 8 Bettws, 3 sheep; owner may recover on giving description and paying expenses.-Box 519, M Express Office. STRTYED, middle of October, to Cefntwlch, Tregynon, Welsh Ewe.—Owner must claim ot Richard Evans forthwith, or will be sold. STRAYED to a Farm in tb Parisb of Beguildy, kJ county Radnor, a Mountain Pony if not claimed within days will be sold to defray axpenses.—Apply, P.C. Bufton, Beguildy. 455 BOOK DEBTS Purchased, Cash down; any district.—W. Jackson, 26 Corporation-street, Manchester. (139) FOR SERVICE, Large White BOAR, from Stanwardine herd; fee 2s 6d, to be paid before leaving the yard.—D. O. Jones, Sybwll, 5arn. 450 PROPERTIES TO LET TO LET, the New Inn, Bettws.—For particulars JL apply to Thomas Swift, Market-street, New- town. 413 aOUSE TO LET, with immediate possession JLJL if desired, being No. 6, Bryn Villas, New- ;Own.-Apply on the premises. (471) r|^0 LET, with immediate possession, Rose JL Cottage, Caersws; rental —Apply to tfisa Jones, Crown Inn, Newtown. (761) TO LET, from November 12th, The Bear Inn, Llanidloes.—For particulars of terms, etc, ipply to C. A. Hackett, Ind Coope and Co. Ltd., Newtown. 353 TO BE LET—No. 28, Broad-street, Newtown, lately in the occupation of Mr J, Vinter.— Kent and particulars apply Llanerchydol Estate Office, Wrexham. 436 TO BE LET—From the 1st of May, all that Commodious Family Residence known as Glandwr," with Stable, Garden, etc., situate on the Pool-Road, Newtown.—Apply to Cooke Bros. ind Roberts, House Agents, Newtown. (411) TO BE LET. THE following Properties, apply to Mr Bennett Rowlands, Estate Agent, Newtown DOLYFARDYN, a large and excellent Hill Farm; also DULAS GRO COTTAGE AND LAND, situate near Newtown; Several COTTAGES AND GARDENS at Llan- idloes, Caersws and Newtown; also Two Lots of Useful TIMBER. 423 SALES BY PRIVATE TREATY. OOD KINDLING WOOD for Sale. — Jones X and Leach, Joinery Works, Newtown. TO BE SOLD, by Private Treaty, Park House, Park-st.eet (freehold)—For further particu- lars apply, J. Maurice Jones, Nantoer, Newtown. PIANOFORTE-AJmost new, cost *630 j accept I JL half or near offer.-Box 36, Montgomery- shire Express' Office. PIANO— £ 12 excellent condition walnut case.—40, Regent-street, Wrexham. 37 ORGAN-Massive high top with mirror; 10 0 stops and two knee'swells; sacrifice for jelo. —Box 38 Montgomeryshire Express.' ABERYSTWYTH.—For Sale, with immediate possession, an Old-established Boarding House, situate in the best part of the Terrace.— Apply to Cooke Broe and Roberts, Esnate Agents, Newn and Aberystwyth. 429 STOCKTAKING SALE, Tyres Covers, 3/3; Air STOCKTAKING SALE, Tyres Covers, 3/3; Air Tubes, with valves, 2/3 eaoh, guaranteed; Pram Tyres, Frames, Wheels, Saddles, Pedals, Carriers, etc., new goods; sale list free.-W. A. Gorton, manufacturer, Wolverhampton. 370 WALLPAPERS from lid per Roll. Any W Quantity (large or small) supplied at Wholesale Prices. Our Stock exceeds 250,000 Rolls of all Classes. Write for Patterns and say what class you require.—(Dept. 284), The Barnett Wallpaper Co., Ltd., Manchester. (90) DRESSMAKING FOR LADIES and CHILDREN IN THE LATEST STYLES. GOOD FIT ASSURED AT MOST MODERATE CHARGES. MOURNING & WEDDING ORDERS HAVE SPECIAL ATTENTION. POWELL a RIDOUT BOURNEMOUTH HOUSE, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. LEGAL NOTICES. GRIFFITH GRIFFITHS, Of Bellevue, Newtown, Bank Manager, deceased. A LL PERSONS having any Claims against O. the Estate of the above-named deceased are required to send particulars thereof to us, the undersigned, the Solicitors to the Executor, and all Persons indebted to the Estate ar9 requested to pay to us the amounts due from them. WILLIAMS, GITTINS, & TAYLOR, 504 31, Market Street, Newtown. RICHARD THOMAS, DECEASED. ANY PERSONS having claims against the Estate of Richard Thomas, Tailor and Grocer, Tregynon, who died on the 27th day of October, 1910, are requested to send particulars thereof to us, the undersigned, and all persons indebted to the said estate are required to pay the amount of their indebtedness to us forthwith. REUBEN MORRIS CORFIELD, Church House, Tregynon. BENJAMIN HUDSON PHILLIPS, Temperance Hotel, Tregynon. Executors. 24th November, 1910 (474) MONTGOMERY BOROUGHS. PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION, 1910. I EDWARD PRYCE-JONES, a Candidate 9 at the above Election, HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I have appointed SYDNEY HERBERT JARVIS, of 44, Broad Street, Newtown, in the County of Montgomery, Solicitor, to be my ELECTION AGENT, and the Address of his Office, at which all Claims, Notices, Writs, Summonses, and Documents may be delivered, is 44, Broad Street, Newtown. And I HEREBY FURTHER GIVE NOTICE that all Contracts and Payments on account of or in respect of the conduct or management of my said Election, must be made with, by or through my said Election Agent. And that I have authorised and will authorise no other person to enter into any contract or to make or receive any payment on my behalf. DATED this 1st day of December, 1910. 514 E. PRYCE-JONES. MONTGOMERY BOROUGHS. PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION, DECEMBER, 1910. I ARTHUR ERSKINE OWEN HUM- § PHREYS-OWEN, a Candidate at the above Election, HEREBY GIVE NOTICE Lhat I have appointed MARTIN WOOSNAM, of Newtown, in the County of Montgomery, Solicitor, to be my Election Agent, and that the Address of his Office, at which all Claims, Notices, Write, Summonses, and Documents may be delivered is SALON CHAMBERS, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN, aforesaid. AND I HEREBY FURTHER GIVE NOTICE that all Contracts and Payments on account of or in respect of the Conduct or Management of my Election must be made with, or through my said Election Agent, AND THAT I HAVE AUTHORISED and will authorise no other person to enter into any contract or receive any payment on my behalf. DATED this 29th Day of November, 19ZQ, ARTHUR ERSKINE OWEN 510 HUMPHREYS-OWEN. COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION, 1910. I DAVID DAVIES, of Plas Dinam, Llan- 9 dinam, in the County of Montgomery, a Candidate at the above Election, HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I have appointed LLEWELYN PHILLIPS, of Llanidloes, in the said County, Solicitor, to be my Election Agent, and that the Address of his Offioe at which all Claims, Notices, Writs, Summonses, and Docu- ments may be delivered, is China Street, Llanidloes. AND I HEREBY FURTHER GIVE NOTICE that all Contracts and Payments on account or in respect of the Conduct or Manage- ment of my Election must be made with, by, or through my said Election Agent, and that I have authorised and will authorise no other Person to enter into any Contract or to make or receive any Payment on my behalf. DATED this First Day of December, 1910. 511 DAVID DAVIES. — IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS. EVERY Mother who values the Health Cleanliness of her Child should use Harrison's "Reliable" Nursery Pomade. One application kills all nits and vermin, beautifie and strengthens the hair. In tins, 4jd and 9d. Postage, Id.—George W. Harrison. chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists.—Agent for Newtown; A. Breese, chemist, The Cross; agent for Mont- gomery: W. P. Marshall, chemist, Broad-street; agent for Welshpool: William Bishop chemist; agent for Llanidloes: R. Hughes. (764) NEWTOWN. PROMPTITUDE, NEATNESS AND GOOD Workmanship Guaranteed. Moderate Charges. HARRY HIBBOTT, Undertaker, Joiner, and Carpenter, Weir Street, Newtown. Carpets laid down, Shops fitted up. Removals attended to. Furniture carefully repaired. CLOGGING —EDMUND HITCHON begs to inform the inhabitants of Newtown and District that he still continues to carry on the Clogging Trade in all its branches at Crown Street, Newtown. JOHN A. OLIVER, Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist. Appointed Sole Agent by the Manufacturers for Newtown and District of the following Specialities: Messrs Sandorides, Turkish Egyptian, and Virginia Cigarettes; Messrs J. Samuda's Avoca's, Cigars, Tobacco and Cigarettes also, the World-renowned G.B.D (B.G.B.), and Masta Briar Root Pipes. J.A.O. Keeps a large Stock of Briar and Meerschaum Pipes in Cases, suitable for presentations. All kinds of ripes Repaired and Ro-mounted, uN ota Address: 36 Broad-street, Newtown. WELSHPOOL. NO BRIDE, NO WEDDING but in addition to the presence of the Bride, no Wedding in the Borough of Welshpool is com- plete without one of A. E. BOND'S Celebrated Wedding Cakes—International Gold Medallist Quality.—Sold at 7 & 8, Broad-street, Welshpool O YOU WANT TO LOOK WELL AND PROSPEROUS? Of course you do, who does'nt P JOHN JONES, Broad-street, Welshpool, will help you by supplying a well-cut Suit of thA best material at a moderate price. JOHN JoNp-e stock of Hats, Collars, Ties, and Gloves is iarg6 and up-to-date. If you doubt the veracity of this statement, take the wise man's advice, Proveall things, and hold fast that which is good," by calling at JOHN JONES', Broad-street. Welshpool GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. NEWTOWN. THE CHRISTMAS MARKETS For 1910 will be held as follows LIVE STOCK AND POULTRY- Tuesday, 13th December. DEAD POULTRY— Tuesday, 20th December. By order of the Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Urban District Council. MARTIN WOOSNAM, Newtown, Clerk. November 21st, 1910. 467 BOROUGH OF MONTGOMERY. CHRISTMAS MARKETS. These Markets will be held this year as follows LIVE POULTRY- Thursday, 15th December. DEAD POULTRY- Thursday, 22nd December. By order of the Town Council. CHARLES S. PRYCE, Montgomery, Town Clerk. 24th November, 1910. 476 BOROUGH OF WELSH POOL. CHRISTMAS MARKETS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Christ- mas Markets for 1910 will be held: For the Sale of LIVE POULTRY, On Monday. December 12th; For the Sale of LIVE AND DRESSED POULTRY, On Monday, December 19th; For the Sale of DRESSED POULTRY, On Thursday, December 22nd. By order, C. PRYCE YEARSLEY, November 9th, 1910. Town Clerk. NOTICE. NEWTOWN FAIRS THE SHEEP AND PIG FAIR and the HORSE AND CATTLE FAIR which would ht been respectively held on the 26th (Monday) and 27th (Tuesday) December, 1910, will not be held on those dates, but BOTH FAIRS will be held On Wednesday, 28th December, 1910. THE MARKET which would have been held on Tuesday, 27th December, 1910, will also be held On Wednesday 28th December, 1910 By order of the Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Urban District Council. MARTIN WOOSNAM, 25th November, 1910. Clerk. MONTGOMERY COUNTY COUNCIL. AGRICULTURAL CO-OPERATION. ADDRESSES ON Agricultural Co-operation Will be delivered by WALTER WILLIAMS, ORGANISER FOR WALES, Of the Agricultural Organisation Society, At CAERSWS VILLAGE HALL, Monday, Dec. 5, at 7 p.m. NEWTOWN FREE LIBRARY (Assembly Room) Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 2-30 p.m. MACHYNLLETH TOWN HALL, Wednesday, Dec. 7, at 2-30 p.m. LLANFYLLIN TOWN HALL, Thursday, Dec. 8, at 2-30 p.m. FOUR CROSSES VILLAGE HALL, Friday, Dec. 9, at 7 p.m. The most important points bearing on the benefits to be derived from Agricultural Co- operation as affecting Farmers and Small-holders, how Societies are formed and worked, etc., will be dealt with. FARMERS and others interested are cordially invited to attend. R. S. FORBES. Director of Agriculture. Welshpool, Nov., 1910. (472) FOR HIRE. A SPLENDID DAIMLER LANDAULETTt SUITABLE FOR BALLS, PARTIES, TOURS, ETC. All Kinds of Fittings and Repairing Done. Apply—COOKSON & CROSS, Prankwell, NEWTOWN. GQ0S .<f1l Vv-' te J- -AJ WHM H cfi "n Ç\) A Hi PATTERNS SffORT GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. NEWTOWN :DISTRICT NURSING ASSOCIATION. THE ANNUAL MEETING Will be held On Tuesday, December 6th. At THE FREE LIBRARY, NEWTOWN. The Chair will be taken at 3 p.m. by The President: THE LADY JOICEY. All Subscribers are cordially invited to attend. (499) A. M. LLOYD, Hon. See A CHURCH DEFENCE MEETING Will be held at the Public Hall, Newtown, On Tuesday, December 6th, 1910, AT 8 P.M. Chairman: WILLIAM WATKINS, ESQ. Speakers: The Hon. LAURENCE A. BRODRICK, Coed Coch, Abergele, CHARLES EVERITT, Esq., M.A., Tower, Llangollen, AND OTHERS. 517 PUBLIC HALL, NEWTOWN- Thursday Next, December 8th. SYDNEY JAMES and his famous STROLLERS In Their CELEBRATED ENTERTAINMENT. A Refined Original Programme of SPARKLING WIT AND HUMOUR, WHISTLING, MIMICRY, —VENTRILOQUISM— THOUGHT-READING AMERICAN COON & BUCK DANCING. The First and Seeond Half of the Programme will conclude with the following Burleaquw.- A COSTER'S OUTING22 AND THE GERMAN BAND. PLAN OF TTALI. AT PHILLIPS' MUSIC SALON. RESERVED SEATS (No.) 21-; 1/ 6d. Doors Open at 7-30; Commence at 8 o'clock. 521 BAPTIST CHURCH, CAEBSWS. THE ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD will be held JL on GOOD FRIDAY, APRIL 14tb, 1911. Programmes will be out shortly. T. WILSON, J Flon. Sees JM e. S, ) TO FARMERS & STOCK-KEEPERS. ENGLISH YEAST, 25 per cent, stronger than any other. Pea Meal and Peas, Bean Meal and Beans, Barley Meal and Barley, Wheat Meal and Wheat, Indian Meal, Round Flat Corn, Best Middlings and Thirds, Best Germs and Bran, Crushed Oats and Beans, Old Oats and Mixed Feed. XOLASSINE MEAL. GOOD FLOUR at MILLERS' PRICES. FOWL CORN. lOOlbs, 7s. 6d. New Hops and Malt. Best Devonshire Trussed and Chopped Hay. j Highest Price given for all Game. The Best Prizes at the largest Shows invariably go to ULi-bra of Wilson's Canadian Pig Powders. Wilson's Canadian Worm Powders. DAVID EVANS, People's Seedsman, NEWTOWN. <. ø i) Ii H AMERIM II \i;\ l w A.M:ERŒ&N B R I 0 tK, E-L 9 STOPPING. EXTRACTINO. 5CAUNC|Tg^| IS VVL* CLEAW>NO AT HQ9aua%\OHAM3a».BBf l BREG6H. S&RI* JEP °TR ATTENDANCE W* » TFS nucc um POST ntWCRJ R*AN > —< S *1 8|/6- "BROOKES" PROCESS OF— PAINLESS TOOTH EXTRACTIONS. Uan-jj il» in*l ■■ m,i .,umt Attendance Daily at I MR. EDWIN DAVIES'S, Photographer, 411 Broad -street, Newtown. WHILST YOU WAIT!—I! you require PRINTING in a hurry—hurry to the Express' Office.