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LLANIDLOES SCHOOL ATTENDANCE. THE LOWEST IN THE COUNTY. CASES AT THE COUNTY SESSIONS. Several school cases came up for con- sideration at the Llanidloes County Ses- sions on Thursday. Aldermen Edward Davies and Gwilym Edmunds were the magistrates on the Bench. Mr Llewelyn Phillips, the clerk to the County Education Authority, said he had again been asked by that authority to attend the court. Llanidloes district compared very badly with the rest of the county. In Machynlleth district there were sixteen schools, and for the month of October the average percentage of eight of the schools was 90 Newtown northern, fourteen schools, seven over 90 per cent; Newtown southern, thirteen schools, five over 90 per cent. Llanidloes district, sixteen schools, only one was 90 per cent., and that was Llawryglyn Council School. The average percentage of Glandwr mixed was 85.2 Machynlleth C.E. (mixed), 90.6 Machyn- lleth Council, 91.0 Penyglodda mixed, 97.6 Llanidloes C.E., 88.2 Newtown Council (girls), 99.91 Newtown Council (boys), 95.0. John Evans, Planybwl, was charged in respect of his child's irregular attendance. Mr Phillips said two medical certificates had been handed in, and he asked the ma- gistrates to adjourn the case. Mr Davies: No, we will not adjourn it. Two medical certificates are sufficient to show that the child could not attend school. Mr Phillips: This child was summoned before either of the certificates was ob- tained. The case was dismissed. Edward Tannett, Bont, was summoned by Attendance Officer Richard Jones for ne- glecting to send his child Margretta, aged 12 years, 10 months, to school. Since the school had opened on June 1st, the girl had not attended once. The home was 11 miles from the school. Defendant produced a doctor's certificate from Dr Vaughan Owen, Llanidloes Mr Phillips: That only accounts for the present time. It does not account for June, July, August, September, and October. Defendant said the child had been ill for many months, and stayed in bed until dinner-time. Adjourned for two months. Daniel Smith, Penycoppa, was charged with a like offence. His child, Margaret Mary, aged 13 years, 8 months, had attended 116 times out of a possible 154 since June 1st. The house was three-quarters of a mile from the school. A medical certificate was submitted, stat- ing that the child was suffering from anaemia. Mr Phillips: The parents do not produce the medical certificate until they are sum- The Education Authority are put to the ex- pense of taking out summonses, and then these certificates are forthcoming. I must ask your Worships to impose a small fine. Adjourned for two months. Edward Jones, Brynhafred (two charges), John Griffiths, Frodyrgir, David Bowen, Llwynier, John Davies, Tynyfron, and Harriett Campbell, Glanynant, were also summoned by Attendance Officer Richard Jones. In the two cases against Edward Jones, Brynhafren, fines of 5s and 2s 6d in- eluding costs, were imposed. John Griffiths was fined 3s inclusive, and the other cases were adjourned for two months.

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