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Oat-door Relief in Machynlleth…


Oat-door Relief in Machynlleth District. WHY IT HAS INCREASED. Asked to state the reasons why ont-door relief has increased, the Believing Officer for the the Machynlleth District reported to the Boatd of Guardians on Wednesday. It appears that the total increase, this year, over 1909, was .£59. Mr. William Jones (Aberdovey) reported that there was and increase of £ 17 19s. 8d. in Pennal parish, and a decrease ef X2 10s. in Scuborycoed. The relief in Town parish had increased from .£613 to .£639, an increase of £ 26, being an increase for the district of .£41 13s. 4d. The increase in Pennal was due to the transfer of a pauper from Darowen parish. There was a steady increase in Scuborycoed for many years. The increase in the large parish of Towyn was insignificant, having regard to the increasing population of Towyn and Aberdovey, and the stoppage of Abergynolwyn Slate Works. The direct cause of the increase was the removal of a pauper to Denbigh Asylum, leaving three children chargeable to the Union. Mr. J. Jones reported an increase of £ 12 10a. 3d. in Machynlleth district. In Machynlleth parish the relief had increased from "3 16s. 3d. to .£4.16 16s. 7d., an increase of X12 18s. 4d.; Isy- garreg parish, an increase of £ 14 15s. 8d.; and Uwchygarreg a decrease of £ 15 3s. 9d. The increase was attributed to various causes, there being a large amount for relief in kind. Mr. Ivor Jones reported that the relief in Llan- brynmair parish had increased from .£197 to £ 200; Cemmes decreased from .£196 to £ 188; Darowen decreased from £ 186 to £ 170; Llanwrin increased from .£156 to £ 189; Penegoes decreased from .£192 to £ 183 and Caereinionfechan increased from .£18 to .£21. The increase of £ 32 14s. 4d. in Llanwrin parish was due to relief amounting to .£28 12s. given during the year to a woman and six children and other heavy cases. The only two paupers in Caereinionfechan had received extra relief during the year. Mr. Richard Gillart proposed that a copy of the reports should be supplied to each member. The information would be useful for future reference. Mr. Edward Hughes seconded the proposition, which was agreed to, Mr. Richard Jones remark- ing that he hoped that members would remember the reports when considering the relief lists.