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A PLEASURE TO VOTE THIS TIME!' NEWTOWN'S ENTHUSIASM FOR MR. HUMPHREYS-OWEN. Crowded Meeting at a Few Hours' Notice. Fighting Speeches by Local Men. "It looks healthy. The place crowded. And only bellman's notice] Such was a delighted Radical's impression of. Mr Arthur Humphrey s-Owen's first election- eering night in the Montgomery Boroughs. The Young Squire of Glansevem had only been adopted as the Liberal candidate on Wednesday afternoon in the Victoria Hall, Newtown, but a few hours later, in the same building, he faced a crowded and enthusiastic audience over 1,000 strong, many of whom- including even some local ministers—could only find standing room. Like the proverbial Bridgnorth elections, the feeling was all one way, and the people cheered the old cam- paigner, who voiced their feelings-" It reminds me of the old times when we always won, and we didn't feel any danger of losing. It is in the air; it is in the people; it is in the -candidate." Only eleven months ago the Victoria Hall had been crowded with another political meeting on the eve of the poll. But now there was no need to prompt the Liberal candidate, at the end of his half-hour's speech, to talk about the House of Lords. The present candidate took the Peers' name in vain of his own accord, and even ventured to speak with almost disrespectful familiarity of "Lord Jones, and Lord Brown, and Lord Robinson." Times have changed within the last twelve- month in the Montgomery Boroughs. And so have the candidates. Mr Humphreys-Owen had a willing band of platform supporters: Mr Hugh Lewis, in the chair: Mr William Lewis, the registration agent; Mr Martin Woosnam, the election agent; the Rev Edward Parry, M.A., Mr T. Parry Jones, Mr Richard Phillips, Mr C. J. Newell, Mr Edward Jones, and the Rev T. E. Williams. At almost a moment's notice these were ready to take their part in the campaign. And the speeches throughout had great acceptance. There was no opposition from the Conservative side, but one Radical critic in the audience created some diversion by dotting the i's and crossing the t's of any semi-appreciative references to the late Liberal Member for the Borpughs. But at this election, it was made clear, there will be no split in the Progressive forces.


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