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The Recommendation of the…

Mr. Humphreys-Owen




THE LIBERAL CHAMPION FOR THE BOROUGHS. Mr Humphreys-Owen Enthusiastically Chosen. "The Worthy Son of a Noble Sire." START OF A STIRRING FIGHT. When like a boomerang the epistolary reunciation )f Sir J. D. Rees came hurtling' through the Boroughs local Tories swelled with the delightful prospect of victory a, the forthcoming election. They chortled over the thought that Liberals were unable to find a local champion commanding sufficient personal influence to reclaim the seat. To-day, however, they realise that in Mr. A. E. O. Humphreys-Owen they are confronted by an opponent whose acknowledged ability, high character, robust Radicalism, inspiring speech, and honoured family name are forces such as they have not had to contend with for mmy years. Unanimously selected by the Borough Liberals, Mr Humphreys-Owen has the brightest hopes of not only retaining the seat for his party, but of achieving a splendid victory. The excellence of the Liberal party organi- sation is evidenced in the fact that by Tues- day-only four working days after the receipt of Sir J. D Rees's resiguation- there were about a dozen desirable candi- dates to choose from. The same evening all the district associations in the six con- stituent Boroughs had met, and the next day witnessed the unanimous adoption of Mr Arthur Humphreys-Owen, and his acceptance of the candidature amidst de- monstrations of unrestrained enthusiasm. On Wednesday evening he addressed an overflowing meeting in the Victoria Hall at Newtown, at the conclusion of which he was carried shoulder high to the Elephant Hotel through crowds of exultant supporters. A similar compliment was paid to the Con- servative candidate after addressing a meet- ing of his party workers, but somewhat different was the reception of his oration from the hotel balconv. There is no gain- saying the intense vigour with which this great constitutional struggle will be fought in the Boroughs, and Liberals will enter upon it with a grim resolution to beat back the attacks on their rights and liberties.