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Montgomery's Damping Ground.…


More Warmth for Paupers.i


More Warmth for Paupers. DANGER AVERTED: MONET SAVED. Caersws Guardians had before them, on Wed- nesday, the report of the Committee on the Hot Water Supply. After considering the report of the Inspector with regard to the hot water supply, the Committee inspected the hot water supply apparatus at present in use. Since the bursting of the boilers some months ago that system had been rendered useless. The cooking range, which they had also inspected, was also sadly in need of repair, and would also shortly be useless. The Committee were also of opinion that the Guar- dians should put in a set of apparatus which .P would do for cooking, heating, and washing. They would thus obviate the present system of fire- grates, which were a source of great danger. The new method, they had also come to the conclusion, would also mean a considerable saving in the con- sumption of fuel. They had ascertained that a similar system as that suggested was in vogue at Wrexham, Carnarvon, and St. Asaph, so the Committee recommended that the Chairman and three of its members-Messrs S Powell, R. Bowen and Joseph Davies—should visit these places and make enquiries, and report on the system there employed. The Clerk added that he had been in communi- cation since with the Masters at these Work- houses. and in each instance the Masters had said that they had effected a considerable saving since the adoption of the up-to-date system of heating. The Chairman considered that it was necessary that these members of the Committee should go and iBspect the installations at these places, so as to be able to return and inform thp Board exactly of the position. ;-It was dangerous to defer the matter too long. Mr David Lloyd I quite agree that it will not do to defer the matter, so I move the adoption of the report. We have to face this difficulty sooner or later, and it is a very good suggestion. I move that we appoint the gentlemen of the Committe to inspect these places and see the working of the apparatus, and I believe it is a very good move on their part. Mr Whitticase having seconded, it was unani- mously agreed to adopt the Committee's recom- menaation. Mr Wilson-Jones Does the report Btate what places are to be visited by the Committee ? The Clerk: Well, two of them would have to be visited at <tny rate—St Asaph and Carnarvon. The apparatus in these two places has been in- stalled by two different firms. The idea of the Committee is that if you adopt their report I should communicate with the firms, so that they should send a representative to Carnarvon and St. Asaph to give the Committee instructions as to the working of the system One of the Masters wrote to say that he would be very pleased to give every information in showing bow it was worked, and, no doubt, if they communicated with the firms they would be glad to send representa- tives to explain the working. Mr Wilson-Jones: Can you explain the two systems. because I only know of one ? There is no n"ed that the two places should be visited. The Clerk: The principle, I believe, in each ap- paratus is the same. Mr Wilson-Junes: Yes; the principle is the same, as there is only one way of heating, and I don't see what object there can be in visiting the two places. The Clerk: I have letters trom the two Masters, if you would like to see them, The Chairman I think we can leave the matter to the discretion of the Committee.







Property Sale at Newtown.





Crime in Montgomeryshire.


'IInjustice to Llanmerewig.