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Montgomery's Damping Ground.…


More Warmth for Paupers.i







Property Sale at Newtown.


Property Sale at Newtown. On Tuesday, at th* Bear Hotel, Messrs Cooke Bros and Roberts offered for s&le the valuable freehold fat ins known as The Moat, Llwyncoppa, and Pantyberth, a desirable cottage known as Bronyrhiew, in the parishes of Mtnafon and Berriew, and building sites, accommodation land, and cottage property in Newtown, being the out- lying portion of Maeamawr Hall Estate. There was a large company present. The Moat. Llwyn:Joppa, and Bronyrhiew Cot- tage were offered in one lot, but at S.3,600 they were withdrawn and put up separately. The Moat farm is situate in the parish of Manafon. near to the village and main road. It contains 140 acres, 2 roods, 16 poles of arable, pasture, and meadow land, with the growing timber, the sporting and fishing rights in the river Rhiew, and a comfortable modern dwelling house and good range of outbuildings. The shooting of lots 1, 2, and 3 is let to Mr P. Wilson Jones at a yearly rental of £ 5. The farm is now in the occupation of Mr Evan Evans at a yearly rental of £ 90. Bidding started at JB1,500, and at XI.850 it was withdrawn. Llwyncoppa was next put up. This stock and grain farm adjoins the previously offered lot in the parish of Manafon and Berriew, and contains 119 acres, 29 poles of arable and pascure land, a brick built and slated farm house, with out- buildings. The present tenant is Mr David Lloyd, at a yearly rental of J6S2. From £ 1,600 bidding rose to £ 1.835, when it was knocked down to Mr D. Foulkes, Tynypant. Bronyrhiew Cottage, containing 1 rood 26 poles, now occupied by Mr John Griffiths at J64 10s per annum, was sold to the tenant for.2112 10s. Pantybertb, a compact small holding in the parish of Berriew, containing an area of 29 acres, 10 poles, with house and outbuildings, was next put up. The holding is occupied by Mr T. G. Davies at an annual rental of .£18 I Os, and the shooting is let to Captain J. F. Laycock, D.S.O at an annual rental of £ 2 10s. Bidding started at .£250, and the property was withdrawn at £ 345 Lot 5 was described as three desirable cottages, brick built and slated, situated on Kerry-road, Newtown, with gardens, occupied by Miss Jones, Mr D. Jones, and Mr R. Jet man, the annual rental being X7 3s for each house. This property was started at £ 280, and at JB330 Mr Morgan Davies, Park-street, Newtown, became the owner. A piece of, accommodation or building land adjoining lot 5, with a frontage of 270 feet to the Kerry-road, and containing 3,267 square yards, and let at X3 10s per annum, was withdrawn at .£90. At JB650 a similar fate betel the next lot, which consisted of a number of allotments and accommo- dation and building land, with an acreage of 3a., lr., 2p., or thereabouts, opposite the Railway Station, Newtown. The allotments are let to twenty tenants, and bring in an annual rent of £ 22 10s 6d, whilst the accommodation land is let at an annual rental of J88 10s. Some spirited bidding took place for Dulas Cottage, situate on the main road near Glundulas, with garden and orchard, let to the preeent tenant at .£10 a year. Bidding started at JB100, and quickly rose to £ 265, when the property was purchased by Mr Bennett Rowlands, Newtown. The vendor's solicitors for the above lots were Messrs North, Kirk and Co., Liverpool. The same auctioneers also put up for sale a number of freehold investments in Newtown. The first lot put up was four cottages (No. 32, Pool-road, and three cottages in Green's-court adjoining) producing a gross annual rental of .£23 8s. This lot was withdrawn without any bidding. Lot 2 consisted of four dwelling houses known as Pool Crescent, with gardens, and a frontage of 216 feet to Pool-road, Newtown, and producing an annual rental of Y,64 19s, a tannery and warehouse now let to Mr H. Roberts at X20 per annum, and accommodation land in the rear of the tannery, in the occupation of the same tenant at X7 annual rental. Bidding for this lot reached i! 1,450. when the property was withdrawn. Messrs Minshalls, Parry Jones and Pugh, Oswes- try, were the vendors solicitors.





Crime in Montgomeryshire.


'IInjustice to Llanmerewig.