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Organ Recital at Llandinam.

Injustice to Llanmerewig.j


Injustice to Llanmerewig. Sir,—Under the above heading, in your last issue, Mr. J. G. Miller appears in the guise of a martyr. He would have the public believe that he is a much injured man because his pockets have been drained to meet the demands of the Board of Education in respect of Dolforwyn school, and the calls of the Local Education Authority in respect of Cefncoed school, and what makes it doubly exasperating to him is this, that there is no prospect of finality about these exac- tions, that they are to go on for ever,, like the Mule which passes by Mr. Miller's door. And in the case of Cefncoed that td. in the X may grow into an amount far beyond the reach of the wild- est imagination. Now, Mr. Editor, if Mr. John Miller is really the man of affairs he represents himself to be, why did he not take the ordinary precaution of counting the cost of being a found- ation manager of a non-provided school before accepting nomination. If he is in a fog as to his liabilities, let me refer him to section 7 (sub-sec. d) of the Education Act, 1902. Perhaps Mr. Miller thinks he should be under some kind of dispensation under which the Church managers might appoint the head teacher and have the Catechism taught without paying the price laid down by statute. If Mr. Miller's mind is free from illusions of this kind, and if he is tired of the bargain, why does he not back out of it? It would be much more sagacious than this public jibbing. Now let us examine Mr. Miller's facts (?) about Cefncoed. He says Llanmerewig gets no benefit from the erection of this school. I may say in reply that five children from Llanmerewig attend Cefncoed, and it is in respect of these children that a local rate of td. in the £ is raised in the parish. Hitherto it has not been the practice in our county of levying anything under fd. rate, and it more money is raised from Llanmerewig than is due in respect of the children who attend Cefncoed this year, the matter will be taken into conaidera- tion next year when the apeoial rates are made. I oan Msure Mr. Miller that Llanmerewig will in the end get even-handed justice. Mr. Miller says that Llanmerewig was not consulted in the matter of the erection of Cefncoed school. In reply to this statement I may say that the Educa- tion Committee issued public notices, by advertis- ment and by handbills, of a public inquiry to be held at Kerry into the matter of the erection of a school at Cefncoed, and all who were in any way interested in the proposal (for or against) were invited to tender evidence. A large number of witnesses were heard, and, without exception, they supported the proposal. The only difference of opinion was as to the location of the school. Now, if Mr. Miller thought a school was unneces- sary at Cefncoed, why did he not come forward t, ?ive the Committee the benefit of his opinion instead of crying in the wilderness at this time of day, when the school is built, furnished, and affording education to 59 children ? If Mr. Miller wants to obtain a hearing in the affairs of life, he must mend his pace.—Yours truly, Pendinas, Caersws. RICHARD JONES. November 17th, 1910.



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