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Russia and Persia. A startling incident is reported from Teheran. The Russian Legation presented a memorandum to the Persian Government demanding a full apology and other reparation for an insult said to have been offered by Bakhtiaris to the Russian Consular Agent at Kashan and to the Russian flag. In his reply, the Foreign Minister asserts that the appointment of the Agent in question-a Persian subject-was an irregularity which bad been strongly objected to, but expresses regret for any disrespect shown to the Russian flag, and promises the punishment of the offenders. The Great Russian. It was reported on Saturday that Count Tolstoy had disappeared into solitude, accompanied only by his physician. In a letter he left behind for his wife, the Count stated that he could no longer live surrounded by luxury. He asked his wife not to seek his place of sojourn, and not to come te it if she discovered it. Later on news came that Count Tolstoy, after some days' rest ia the Sbamardinski convent, intended to travel to the Caucasus and take up his abode for some time with the Dukhobors. His youngest daughter, Alexandra, has tollowed him. He now lies ill at the station of Astapovo, in the Government of Ruasan. Aberystwyth Lifeboat Rescues Fisher- men. The Aberystwyth lifeboat was launched on Tuesday morning in response to signals of distress from two fishing boats out in the bay. The occu- pants had got into difficulties owing to the wind shifting round suddenly to the north. There was a strong sea running, and both boats were in danger of being swamped. The lifeboat took off the occupants and also took the boats in tow, subsequently bringing all in safety to the shore. The rescues were watched by hundreds of specta- tors who had gathered on the pier and Marine Terrace. The Birkbeek KBank. There was an extraordinary run on the Birk- beck Bank, High Holborn, on Friday and Satur- day week, recalling the run on the same Bank in 1892. The Bank of England came to the assist- ance of the Birkbeek, but remarkable scenes were witnessed. The most amazing feature of the run is that it is due to an anonymous com- munication. On Monday the Bank received scores of letters from depositors cancelling notices of withdrawal which had been given. A reward of £ 200 will be paid by Messrs Rubenstein, Nash, and Co., of 5 and 6, Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn, solicitors to the Birkbeek Bank, for information leading to the conviction of the per- son or persons responsible for the circulation of the type-printed circular, signed "A Friend," recently sent to customers of the Bank. Eclipse of the Moon. Happily, the conditions proved most favourable for watching the eclipse of the moon, which took j place on Wednesday night and in the early hours of Thursday ihorning, and the spectacle engrossed the interest ot thousands of observers. The moon was high overhead. There was little perceptible dimming of its lustre as the faint peoumbral shadow crept onwards, the familiar features of the moon's face being easily recognised. Four minutes before midnight the moon was entirely immersed in the shadow. Not a cloud appeared to obstruct the view. The conditions for seeing remained excellent; in fact not for some years has a total lunar eclipse been seen under such entirely advantageous circumstances. As the moon passed into the shadow the sky assumed a deeper blue, and the darkness of the night was in noteworthy contrast to its previous brilliancy When totally immersed the moon was plainly visible, shining with a dull coppery glow. It proved not to be one of those rare occurrences, a •f black eclipse."

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