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The Coming Fight.


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The Montgomery Boroughs.

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CAERSWS. A liICII lot of canvas shoes, and eheap, at Rickards's, 30, Bridge-street, Newtown. [Advt. COUNTY NURSING ASSOCT.ATION.-On Wednes- day week a public meeting Was held in the Village Hall to consider the question of forming a local nursing association for Caersws, Llanwnog and Aberhafesp. Canon Wooenam presided and the objects of the association were explained by Mr William John Evans, Llandinam. It was resolved to form a provisional 4CoLumittee consisting of representatives from places of worship in the district, and Dr. E. Davies Rees was appointed convener. SACRED CONCERT.—A grand sacred concert was held in the Village Hall on Sunday evening week, presided over by Mr Edward Jones, J.P., Maes- mawr Hall. The singing was of a very high order. A select choir, under the able conductor- ship of Mr J. Meirion Evane, gave some excellent renderings of several pieces taken from the Messiah," Great praise is due to Mr Evans for his sucoessful engineering of this concert, which attained a high pitch of merit. The very telling address by the chairman should bear in the future good fruit. His strong and very urgent appeal to the young people to avail themselves of every opportunity of attaining to musical excel- lence will long be remembered. Miss Gertie Lloyd, of Carno, made a grand impression upon all present with her beautiful singing. The following was the programme:—Hymn, 'Sing unto Hin, sing psalms unto Him 1; song, 'Return unto Thy rest' Mr Tom Thomas, L.R.A.M., A.RC.M., Ynyshir, Rhondda; solo and chorus, 'Glory to God,' Miss Fanny Millwood and the Choir (conducted by Mr John Meirion Evans); sang, 'Into Thy Hands,' Miss Gertie Lloyd, Carno; duett, My song shall be alway Thy mercy,' Miss Millwood and Mr -J. Meirion Evans; anthem, 'God shall wipe away all tears,' the Choir; song, 'Jesu, Lover ot my Soul,' Miss Gertie Lloyd; duett. Watchman, what of the Night,' Messrs John Meirion Evans and Tom Thomas; anthem (Evensong), 'The Radiant Morn,' the Choir; song, 'Nazareth,' Mr Tom Thomas; chorus,' The Lord gave the word,' the choir. COMPETITIVE ME ICTIIQG.-A competitive meeting and musical contest was held in the Village Hall on Saturday evening week under the conductor- ship of Dr E. Davies Rees (Ap Gwyddon). The adjudicators were-Mustic, Mr Tom Thomas, L R.A.M., A.B.C. M., (baritone) Ynyshir, Rhondda, and for miscellaneous, Mr J. E. Roberts, Council School, Newtown. Miss Rosa Thomas, the accom- panist, as usual gave great satisfaction. The entertainment was a brilliant Euccess. The secre- tarial and financial duties were efficiently dis- charged by Mr John Rees and Mr T. M. Wilson. The following is a list of the subjects and the winners:—Solo for boys under 14 years,' Bending the shoe' (one competitor) Mastei Ebie Richards, Caersws. Recitation for children under 14 (own selection)-l Edith Hamer, Caersws, 2 Ebie Richards. Contralto or baritone solo (own selection)—1 Mr John Morgan, Carno, 2 Arthur Jones, Pontdolgoch. Impromptu dialogue, time allowed, five minutes—1 Messrs George Jones and Richards, Mochdre, 2 Messrs W. Morris and D. J. Richards, Caersws. Solo for girls under 14 years, 'She wore a wreath of roses'—1 Efchel Williams, 2 Amy Smout, both of Caersws. Describing an article without naming, time allowed, three minutes-Mr George Jones, Mochdre. Duett, own selection, any voices (adults)—1 Miss Gertie Lloyd and Mr J. Morgan, Carno, 2 Messrs A. and Dick Jones, Clatter. Best anecdote-Mr W. Morris, Caersws. Duett for children under 14 years, Home, sweet home Christine Humphreys and Amy Smout. Recita- tion, own selection (adults)—Mr Tom Jones, Pen- strowed, Newtown. Soprano or tenor solo, own selection-l Miss Watkin, Trefeglwys. 2 Miss Gertie Lloyd, Carno. Impromptu speech, time allowed, five minutes—1 Mr G. Jones, 2 Mr W. Morris. Sight reading test (quartette, 8.A.T.B.) -1 Carno party (four parties competed). Part eong, 'Good night, good night, beloved' (Ciro Pinsuti), unaccompanied, for eight voices (Caerews and Carno competed)—1 Caersws, conducted by Mr H. R. Breese.


.. Sodden Death at Newtown.

, Mayor's Sanday at Montgomery,