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The Coming Fight.


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The Montgomery Boroughs.

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.. Sodden Death at Newtown.

, Mayor's Sanday at Montgomery,




NEWTOWN. A SPLBNDID New Assortment of Wedding Presents on view at C. W. NOITTONS, Iron- monger, Broad-street, Newtown.—[Advt.] FoOTBALL.-C&II and see the New Stock of Football Boots. Bladders and Inflators all cheap at Rickard's Eagle Boot Dep6t, Newtown. [Advt. COAL AND Livic.-If you want good quality Coal at reasonable prices, either in truck or cart loads, or in cwt. sacks, try JOHN SHOUT, No. 13, Canal Wharf, Newtown. rAdvt. MB. T. MALDWTN PBICB, R.A.M., visits Llanidloes on Tuesdays and Newtown on Satur- days Lessons given in Singing, Pianoforte, Violin, and 'Cello. He may be seen at Mr Evan Bebb's, Broad. street, or Salop-road, Welshpool. PARENTS PLBASB NOTB.—A pure sweet gives not only pleasure, but also nourishment to grow- ing children. All the ingredients used in making Ann Taylor's Everton Toffee are pure and whole- some. It is as nourishing as it is delicious. NEW Season Reds just in first-class quality. Trade supplied. Pure Malt Vinegar; superior, strength and quality; free from acids, 1/- per gallon, 3d. per quart.—David Evans, The People's Seedsman, Newtown. [Advt.] BIG MANTLE Sirow.-We are now showing all the new modes for the present season in ladies' and children's coats, jackets, costumes, etc., which, for distinction in excellence of style, quality, and real good value, far surpasses all previous dis- plays.—Lewis's, London House, Newtown. FESTIVE SEASON.—Get well armed for the festive season by purchasing from E. H. MORGAN, Silversmith, 18, Broad-street, your Carvers and Cutlery; also, Spoons and Forks in Solid Silver, Silver-plated, and Acetic Silver. See his special Tea Spoons at 2s 6d per dozen. CHILDREN'S MILLINERY.—A remarkably at- tractive display of children's beaver and felt hats and bonnets may be seen at Misses GOODWIN'S, 7, Market-street; also, a well-selected stock of fur sets, gloves, woollen underwear. |, J. D." v J. W. What (asks a corres- pondent) is the difference between Sir J. D. Rees and John Wesley ? The latter said, The world is my parish" Sir J. D. says, "My fellow- country-men are my constituents! SUNDAY SCHOOL COUNCIL.-To represent the Archdeaconry of Montgomery on the St. Asaph Sunday School Council the following members have been elected:—Clerical, Rev R. Evan Jones, Rev T. D. James, and Rev H. Eaton Thomas; lay, Mr S. H. Jarvis, Mr H. A. Tole, and Miss Selina Lloyd. THE PRINCE AND THE BEGGAR MAID.—Miss Inez Howard's Company visited the Public Hall on Saturday night, in Mr Walter Horward's new dramatic play" The Plince and the Beggar Maid." The Hall was crowded, as it usually is when one of Walter Howard's plays visits the town, and especially when it is acted by a company such as Miss Inez Howards. CONSERVATIVE ASSOCIATION.—A meeting of the Newtown Conservative Association was held at the Junior Conservative Association Rooms, in Bryn Street, on Saturday. A large and enthusiastic attendance was presided over by Mr G. H. Ellison. Colonel Pryce-Jones was again elected Conservative Candidate for the forth- coming election. PERSONAL.—The Rev R. Evans Hughes has accepted the curacy of Hawarden, (Flintshire). Hawarden Castle is the residence of the Gladstone family, and for many years Canon Drew was incumbent of the parish. The earnest and popular curate, whose departure will be keenly regretted not merely by the attendants at the Parish Church, but by all with whom he has come in contract, will piestch his farewell to Newtown next Sunday. FoOTBALL.-On Thursday last Newtown County School were at home to the Newtown Apprentices. After a very interesting game, the School won by 7 goals to 2. At half-time the Apprentices led by 2-1, but in the second half they were completely outplayed by the School, who not only scored six goals but also prevented their opponents from scoring. The goals were scored for the school by P. Powell (3), W. Powell (2), R. Davies (1), H. Jones (1). "PAUL, TEN MAlq, AND THE APOSTLE."—This was the subject of an interesting and well- delivered lecture given by the Rev. Warburton Lewis, Aberystwyth. at a crowded meeting of the Wesley Guild, on Wednesday evening. Mr C. J. Newell presided. The lecture was attentively listened to, and at the close a hearty vote of thanks was accorded the lecturer, on the motion of Mr Douglas Whittaker, seconded by Mr Kel, apll Miss Wilson accompanied at the organ. GoiP.—A most enjoyable match was played on Saturday between the Newtown and Machynlleth teams on the ground of the latter, resulting in a win for the home team. Scores: Newtown. C W Norton (oapt) 0 E Powell 0 James Wall. 0 ODS Taylor. i P Wilson-Jones 1 J Arthur Jones 0 A W Barratt. 0 D H liewis J E Roberts 1 3i Machynlleth. J Ryan Leighton 1 Dr Davies 1 Holt-Willes 1 D Jones i C L J Evans 0 H H Meyler 1 P James l F J Davies 0 T Powell o 5t FIELD CLUB.—REV Canon Williams presided over a meeting on Thursday evening at the Free Library in connection with the Newtown Field Club. The room was well filled, and the audience enjoyed an interesting and instructive lecture on Birds and Beasts of Montgomeryshire by Mr H. E. Forest, Shrewsbury. The excellent pictures belonging to the lecturer were shown on a lantern manipulated by Mr Harry Hibbott. At the close, on the motion of Canon Williams, seconded by Mr A. Ford, the lecturer was heartily thanked for his interesting lecture. Rev Evan Jones, vicar of Llanllwchaiarn, proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman, and it was seconded by Mr J. E. Lane Griffiths and carried unanimously. Mr S. H. Jarvis was thanked for the use of the lantern, and Mr Hibbott for so ably manipulating. Mr Gibson, scoutmaster, thanked the Club for kindly inviting the Boy Scouts. ELECTRIC PICTUREDROME.—On Thursday even- ing last Mr J. Codman very kindly arranged to give the proceeds of a benefit performance for the New Building Fund of the Montgomeryshire Infirmary. On this occasion in lieu of the usual two-house entertainment Mr Codman gave one complete and extensive programme. The Severn Valley Male Voice Choir, under the conductor- ship of Mr J. R. O. Evans, also gratuitously lent their services, and rendered that fine chorus "Martyrs of tho Arena" and the glee Comrades in Arms." Mr G. A. Tyler sang "Young Tom o' Devon," and Master Nolan Oliver The song that reached my heart" in fine style, to the accom- paniment of Master Harry Hanks. All the pictures we both instructive and amusing, and were excellently produced. Through Mr Codman's generosity the Infirmary funds have been augmented to the extent of X6 SPEED THE PARTING.—Newtown haa during the past week lost through removal two young inhabitants who have been both social and athletic favourites. Mr Robert M. Lloyd, of the National Provincial Bank, who has been a con- spicuous figure on the cricket field, the hockey ground, and the golf links, has transferred his services to the Wrexham branch of the N. P. Bank. Mr R. A. Wilson, who has been employed at the District Counties Bank, has gone to Coventry. At the Lion Hotel on Tuesday night Mr Wilson was feted by a large number of friends. Mr C. W. Norton occupied the chair, and Dr Fred Wilson was vice-president. After ample justice had been done to the excellent fare provided by Mr Henry Beale, the loyal and a number of other toasts were proposed. The toast of the guest was entrusted to the Chairman, Canon Williams, Messrs A. I. Guest, G. N. Phillips, and David Morgan. The speakers referred to Mr Wilson'a exceptional prowess as an athlete, to his keen observation as a naturalist, to his faithful diligence as a chorister in the Parish Church Choir, to his assiduous industry in his profession, and finally to his many estimable qualities which had so endeared him to the inhabitants of the town after a residence of only two years. The toast was most enthusiastically drunk, and musical honours and a salvo of cheering were also accorded the guest of the evening. Mr Wilson made a brief, but able and witty response in acknowledging the many good wishes for his continued success. A number of topical ditties were sung by Mr Tom Richards; other songs by Mr H. Beale and Harry James, some gramophone selections further enlivened a most pleasant gathering, which, perforce, had to break up at 11 p.m. A letter from Mr R. M. Lloyd, a co-hockeyite of Mr Wilson's, was read by Mr David Morgan. By the loss of two such stalwarts from the ranks of the hockey club, it is feared that the prosperous career of the Newtown XI may suffer a check.