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State of Trefeglwys School.


Sunday Golf.

Welsh Football Cup Draw.



THE Borough Member in Parliament.

Taint of Pauperism.

Defence of the Church.

The South Wales Riots.


The South Wales Riots. On a motion for adjournment in the House of Commons any hare can be started and given a run, and for an hour or more the mining riots in South Wales and on Tuesday the action of the police were vigorously denounced by the two members for Merthyr Tydvil, Mr Keir Hardie and Mr Edgar Jones. Their cue was to represent the miners as meek, inoffensive citizens, all active chapel- goers, who loathe the slightest disturbance of law and order. Not being able to deny the wreck of Tonypandy, they explained that it must have been the work of alien roughs, strangers from a distance whom no one knew, while if any of the local miners had taken a hand in the loot- ing, they must surely have been ex-soldiers from the South African War, who had learnt to love violence in the King's service. Mr Jones inci- dentally denounced the correspondents of the London papers as beastly cowards," who took care to keep out of danger while they wrote their lurid stories, and both he and his colleague ac- cused the police of bludgeoning indiscriminately men, women, and children. They pressed for full inquiry; so, too, did Mr Abraham, in an impas- sioned but totally different stamp of speech from theirs, in which he assured the House that he felt deeply any slur on the character of the miners of the Rhondda, whom be had represented for a quarter of a century Mr Churchill firmly refused the inquiry. He pertinently asked how it was that so many police came to have their heads broken if the miners were such peaceful lambs as their apologists had represented them to be, and said that the police would remain there as long as their presence was required for the preserva- tion of law and order, and that the military would not be withdrawn until all danger of fur- ther outrage had passed. The speech did not please the Labour party, and Mr Keir Hardie openly scoffed when the Home Secretary spoke of the frightful folly" of strikers destroying mining property, and when he called on the men's leaders to co-operate with the authorities in deprecating violence.

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Stole Money from his Mother.

Contented Lunatics.

Machynlleth Guardians and…


Old Woman Found Dead at ,Machynlleth.