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Old Woman Found Dead at ,Machynlleth.


Old Woman Found Dead at Machynlleth. Dr. Edwards, the district coroner, held an inquiry at the Town Hall, Machynlleth, on Tues- day into the circumstanoes of the death of Jane Williams, aged 78, who lived at Greenfield. She was found dead in bed the previous evening. Hugh Richards, Maengwyn-street, said he was brother of deceased, who was the widow of Daniel Williams. Her husband died about eleven years ago. It was a week since witness saw her, when she appeared to be in her usual health, but she complained often of weakness. She Uved by her- self in a house in Bank-street, and attended to the household work herself. Margaret Jones, wife of John Jones, Dolgau, said deceased was an aunt to her husband. She called to see deceased on Sunday evening at eight p.m. She was very ill on the previous day and complained of a stitch on the 1-ft side of the chest and neck. She said she thought she was better. Witness remained with her for an hour, and did not see her alive afterwards. She had not been in very good health for some time. She resided alone. P.C. Jones said he visited Bank-street about ten p.m., and saw a ladder placed against the front window and Rowland Edwards on the top of it. He broke the pane of glass and got into the bed- room. Witness followed Edwards into the bed- room, and found deceased lying on her back in bed dead and quite cold. He sent for Dr. Williams. He afterwards searched the house, and found on the table a small bottle of whiskey, and was given by Esther Williams a bag in which was a bank deposit receipt, produced. He also found in a glass cupboard in the bedroom jcll 10s in gold, .£1 13,1 in silver, and twopence in coppers. The door was barred from inside as well as the bedroom door. The bed-clothes seemed to be all right. Dr. W. R. Williams said he knew the deceased. He was requested to go to Bank-street as his aunt had been found dead. He examined the body came to the conclusion that the probable cause ot death was heart disease. There was no external marks of violence. The jury returned a verdict accordingly.