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State of Trefeglwys School.



MONTGOMERY CRICKET CLUB. Tribute to the Mayor. The Mayor (Mr. Fairies-Humphreys) presided over the annual dinner of the Montgomery Cricket Club, on Friday evening week, being supported by Mr. Chas. S. Pryce (Towa Clerk) and Dr. T. D. Kirk, while the vice-chair was taken by the cap- tain, Mr. Arthur Vaughan. After an enjoyable spread the loyal toasts were followed by The bishops, clergy, and ministers," from Mr. J. E. Tomley, to which Dr. Kirk (rec- toi's warden) replied. The army, navy, and reserve forces" was given by Mr. S. A. Winkup, and responded to by Serg-major George Holloway. Mr Arthur Vaughan submitted the health of the Earl of Powis, who, he said, had done a great deal for their club, and they would be very badly off without him. He was a good sportsman and gave a ground, rent free, on every part of his estate where there was a cricket club. He was glad to see Lord Clive taking a lively and keen interest in the game, and he hoped he would soon be at the head of the county eleven, and that the eleven would be second to none. Mr. W. P. Jones, one of the estate tenants, responded. The Chairman proposed The Montgomery Cricket Club." As far as he could remember, he said, it had been a good club and had been able to play against all the clubs of the county. Dr. Wilding- and the Mickelburghs were all good players, and they had one representative at the same time who was the champion amateur tennis player of England. Of late years things had not gone on quite so brilliantly as they formerly did, but owing to the efforts of the hon. secretary, Mr Kilvert, there had been a great improvement (cheers). Mr. Kilvert, in replying, said they had played 10 matches, won 3 and lost 7, but they played all their own men, which some of the clubs they played against did not do. The Eaton Memorial Cup this season was presented for bowling. Mr. J. E. Tomley was top of the averages, but as he had not played the requisite number of matches the cup went to Mr. J. Arthur Withers, who was a decimal below. The Chairman, in presenting the cup to Mr. Withers, amidst cheers noted that that gentleman had won it for three years. Mr. Chas. S. Pryce, in proposing the health of the Chairman, said that on the incorporation of the borough Mr. Fairies-Humphreys was elected Alderman, in the next year he was appointed Mayor, and this year he has been appointed Mayor for the twelfth time (cheers). I think you will agree that this is a municipal record which cannot be beaten. I am told the Mayor of Dover has been elected Mayor for thirteen times, but, even then, if that surpasses our Mayor in point of num- bers it does not come up to our Mayor's record because he was Mayor during the two Jubilees of 1887 and 1897, during the year of the lamented death and funeral of Queen Victoria, the Corona- tion of Edward VII., he attended the state function,at the funeral of King Edward, and now he has been appointed Mayor during the reign, and will attend the coronation of King George V. It may be thought that these elections were purely coincidences, but I venture to think they were nothing of the kind. I think most of these national functions were anticipated by the Corpor- ation, and they knew that by appointing Mr. Fairies-Humphreys to represent them on these occasions they would appoint a man who would represent them with dignity and with a presence and personality that would do credit to any authority in the United Kingdom (hear, bear). I am quite sure that when representing the Borough on these occasions he has shewn that we can send a man equal to any in the Kingdom (cheers) He has not only the Coronation to attend this year of office, but also the Investiture of the Prince of Wales at Cardiff. In addition to his municipal achievements we know Mr. Fairies-Humphreys in many other characters. He has been an Alderman of the County Council since its formation, and he has been a magistrate of this county and Shrop- shire for many years. Further, we know him as a gentleman who is beloved by all (loud applause) They also knew him as a landlord who is beloved and respected by all his tenants. Referring to the compliment paid to the Mayor by the proposal of the Welshpool Corporation to attend church with him on Sunday, Mr. Pryce said he was quite sure it would strengthen those ties which always existed between Montgomery Corporation and town and the town of Welshpool (applause). The toast; was enthusiastically received and drunk with musical honours. Mr. Fairies-Humphreys received a great ovation on rising to respond. He said: I feel honestly and truly perfectly overwhelmed by your kindness. Mr. Pryce has, I think, very much exaggerated my merits, I do not think it is from my merits he is able to speak in such complimentary terms, but it is the kindness of the people of the ancient Borough of Montgomery, who received me amongst them as a perfect stranger, and to whom I am in- debted very much indeed for that kindness, that friendliness, and that consideration which I have always received at their hands. They have always been good to me and the little I have done has been a pleasure to me to do (applause). Mr. J. A. Withers proposed the health of the Captain, and Mr. A. Vaughan replied. Councillor C. B. Williams proposed the health of the Visitors, and Mr. R. T. James responded. Mr. J. M. Tipping gave the toast of the Host and Hostess, and Mre. Davies responded. During the evening songs were given by Mr. J. M. Tipping, Mr. C. Davies Jones, and Mr. T. G. Davies, and recitations by Messrs. W. H. Cornell and T. Lloyd.

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