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State of Trefeglwys School.


State of Trefeglwys School. Sir,—Will you please allow me a little space in your paper to contradict Mr Richard Jones, chair- man of the Education Committee, in sayiug in your issue of the 25th October respecting the expenditure on Trefeglwys school, first by stating there was practically no clock-room, no ventila- tion, nor was there any water supply. Now, Mr Editor, as a follower of the controversy between Mr Jones and the Ratepayer which appeared not long ago in your paper, I am very sorry that it is necessary to inform you, as the Ratepayer has already done, that there was a cloak-room in the school when under the old School Board, and I am prepared to prove it to you and ventilation of the latest design which was put up not long before the old Board was annihilated at the cost of J620, and was there to be seen if Mr Jones had only inspected the school carefully. More than that, they are there now, and when that expense was put on the school, which was waste of money, nothing more was done towards ventilation. As for a water supply, the school was never without a good supply of water at the low rent of 10s yearly, which they had from a neighbouring pump. Well, Mr Editor, as Mr Jones has stated, a portion of the plan was submitted to the local managers, but not all, and no estimate was given of the expenditure as, should they have the least idea of such an expense, I am thoroughly con- vinced that it would earn their disapproval, and it would be only their reasonable duty to oppose it to their utmost. He says that they had sufficient water for the school and village for XL85 expense, but I say it is fot the school alone, and as far as I understand the village has not had it and will not have it from that souroe. In addi- tion he says that the repairs to the building and to the house were neglected by the old Board. The building was altogether in good repair and the house, so you can plainly see that Mr Jones's statement is wrong, but I quite understand he tries to clear himself, as he has not yet answered Ratepayer's last letter, and I have carefully watched your paper week after week. He has also mentioned that the resolution was to some extent stage managed. I can assure you it was not so, but it was a Parish Meeting and the voice of the ratepayers. I should like to ask him one little question, was it stage-managed when the contract of Trefeglwys school was taken ? as I understand that the pipes were delivered in the course of a few days after the contract was taken. As for Staylittle school, we are only responsible to teach 18 children, as the others come from other parishes, and surely the playground will do for them when it has done for 60, and they need not play in a court-alley as Mr Jones said, but they have the fresh air of the hills to breathe, which comes direct from the sea, and is far healthier than being by the seaside. And they need not be poisoned by the noxious gases as Mr Jones states. We in Trefeglwys at the present day educate 16 children from Llanwnog, the parish Mr Jones represents. Mr Editor, it grieves us very much that they acknowledge nothing yet towards it. So I think I have said enough to show you our grievance, as I did not think it was necessary after "Ratepayer" had explained things so well and is worthy of our highest praise as a parish. FAIR PLAT.


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