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WELSHPOOL. A New Year's Gift.—Some of the old folks over 70, who now receive parish relief, are slow to send in a claim for old-age pen- sions, which win be paid on New Year's Day. The reason given by many is that they fear to lose the medical relief. There- fore, at a meeting last Monday, the Welsh- pool Old Age Pensions Committee decided to suggest to the local Boards of Guardians that they should continue to allow the at- tendance of the parish doctor on the old age pensioners. The Clerk (Mr J. E. Tomley) remarked that the guardians would not suffer thereby, because the doctor was paid by salary, and it would be no extra charge on the rates. The meeting was attended by Messrs David Pryce (chairman), William Humphreys, John Pugh, Robert Griffiths, F. G. Howarth, C. W. Humphreys, and E. R. Owen, with Messrs W. Perry and H. J. Molineaux, pension officers. Fifty-six claims were dealt with. Fifty-four were allowed 5s weekly, and one pension was in- creased from 2s to 5-s weekly. Of the claims. 47 were those of persons now in receipt of relief from the Boards of Guardians. The full grant of 5s was made in each of these cases. The amount now paid in out-relief to these 47 persons, £ 7 Is 6d weekly, or £ 376 18s yearly, will thus be increased to £ 11 15s weekly, or Y-611 yearly. Welsh Preaching Festival.—" Sometimes we are driven to pray on failure, when things are dark. But do we pray amid success, in the period of popularity ? asked the Rev D. Wynne Evans, Llandrin- dod Wells, at the Welsh Independent- Chapel last Friday night. He and the Rev Ifor Griffith, Llanfair, preached three ser- mons each during the day, and their earn- est and eloquent ministry produced a deep impression. Cymric-speaking townspeople from the other Free Churches were at- tracted to this preaching festival, and felt' that it was good for them to be there. The many friends of the Rev Ifor Griffith were much gratified to note the marked improve- ment in his health. On Thursday night, with Mr Alfred H. Jones, Dolanog, as an excellent chairman, the Rev Wynne Evans delivered his lecture on "The Wonderful People "-the Jews. Property Sale.—On Monday, at the Royal Oak Hotel, Messrs Hall, Wateridge, and Owen, auctioneers, offered for sale the Meadowtown Farm, containing 35 acres, and it was sold to Mr Edward Jones, of Liver- pool, at £ 524. The Bank Farm, Trelystan. was put up, but was withdrawn, and after- wards sold by private treaty, at a price higher than the sum at which it was with- drawn. The Red House Farm (850 acres) and the Fir House Farm (135 acres) were withdrawn. The small holding, Black Park, was also withdrawn, but afterwards sold by private treaty.







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