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Police-Sergeant's Gruesome…

An Eye-Witness Who Warned.

" A Good Samaritan."

What tfee Motorist Saw.

" Oh, Dear " !


Oh, Dear The Coroner: Did the man say anything No. He cursed me! I said to my mate," There's an accident! I went to the back, and then I S8W-- But before the witness could say what he had seen everyone in the Court room was startled by a sigh, It was no louder than a stage-whisper, but there was a depth of feeling in it. If it had come from the hps of a woman it would have been pathetic. But coming from a man, and a farmer, it was indescribably saddening in its effect. Oh, dear!" exclaimed the bereaved driver sitting at the further end of the room. And the witness continued Two lying on the road. I thought they were dead. I was driving on my right side at the rate of about four or fire miles an hour. The Coroner What is the usual rate you go at?—About five miles per hour. Did you see before starting that everything was in order as regards the motor and the van with it, and everything ?—Yes. Did you examine that yourself ?-Yes. What about the sheet ?-The sheet was fastened securely at every corner with cord. Have you hooks or eyelets to fasten it ?-No; tied with cord it was. In the usual way ?—We don't have it on very often, only we couldn't travel without it yesterday. Why?-The wind and rain was blowing, you couldn't see. Would the she make it more difficult for you to steer ?-No. The steering was on the left side, and the sheet was on the right side. How many were there of you?—Two of us. Was he with you in the cabin?—Yes. It is not usual for you to have a third party behind the same as with a traction engine ?-No. NEVER SAW THE ACCIDENT. Can you explain the accident ?—No. I never saw it, only just saw the horse. That's all. It was done before I got off the engine. Mr William Thomas: Is 17 or 19 an infant or an adult age ? The Coroner It is sufficient in law-he can have a motor license, he has passed the age of 18. Mr Thomas: Is he licensed by the same authority as motor-cars?—Yes. Mr Woosnam (to witness): You really have been nursed with those motor-cars, haven't you ? —I've been on them five years. I know exactly the mechanism of them. I drove the thing back to Oswestry to-day, it was perfectly in order. When this unfortunate accident happened both vans were empty. There was no load, just two bags of coal. Mr Woosnam And you were driving as closely as you could to your side. And you mus't have been driving carefully to be within six inches of the near side ?—Yes. When you saw the horse's head first, WaS the horse opposite to you or behind you a little ?-The horse was right up against the sheet when I saw him. The trap was over. Then I saw the horse go over just like this- Witness suited action to the word by leaning his head down wards towards his left shoulder, and added, right across the sheet!"

Jlontgomeryshire Divorce Suit.

Journalists' Union.


The Inquest.

IA Son's Testimony.

The Widow's Evidence.

Grief-Stricken Father's Story.

The Steerer's Story.

The Coroner's Charge.

i i Verdict: " Purely Accidental."

Stitch in Time.