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Police-Sergeant's Gruesome…

An Eye-Witness Who Warned.

" A Good Samaritan."

What tfee Motorist Saw.

" Oh, Dear " !

Jlontgomeryshire Divorce Suit.

Journalists' Union.


The Inquest.

IA Son's Testimony.


I A Son's Testimony. "MARKET PEART" HABIT DENIED. A young farmer then rose from amongst the group of men mourners, and stepped forward. He said he lived at Ty Gwellt, Tregyron, and the deceased William Corfield was his father. He could not tell his age exactly-about 60 or 62. The Foreman: Mr Coroner, ask him to speak up. The gentlemen here can't hear. The Coroner: I am afraid the rooms in this building are not good enough from the acoustic point of view. Witness said he had seen the body, and identified it. His father had been a farmer for 28 years, but he was not very well in health of late years. The Coroner: At any rate, was he in as good health yesterday as generally he was ?-I didn't see him since Sunday night. Then he was as good as usual. You heard about his death when ?-Last night, sir. Do you describe your father as a fairly moderate man or how ?-I can't understand, sir. How would you describe your father as regards having drink ?—He was not unreasonable. Some- times he was taking a little drop. I never saw him a little the worse for drink. But he was in the habit, was he ?-Of having a little drop. I never saw him the worse for what he was doing. Often ?-No, not often. Every time he came to town ?-No, not every time, and not so much these last years as he has been taking. Do you say that it was his habit or not, when he ca. to town, that he used to go home what we call market-peart ? "-Not a habit at all.

The Widow's Evidence.

Grief-Stricken Father's Story.

The Steerer's Story.

The Coroner's Charge.

i i Verdict: " Purely Accidental."

Stitch in Time.