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THE MAYORAL PROGRAMME. BEFITTING the character of his office, I almost every successive Mayor makes a I survey of the municipal position as it stands at his appointment, and, unless a mere time server, he also gives a general idea of the administrative progress which he desires should mark his reign. For we take it that every civic chief is, or should be, ambitious of immortalising himself upon the pages of local history by a record of accomplish- ments that will form a substantial subscrip- tion to the communal well-being. Oppor- tunity and public necessity, of course, govern to a large degree the character and extent of such accomplishments, but a public-spirited Mayor can always contrive to justify his choice by fruitful service of some kind. Having stated this common concep- tion, we feel disappointed to view the pur- poseless speech with which Mr T. J. Evans reassumed the direction of affairs at Welsh- pool. He confessedly realises a respon- sible year of office." But what are the responsibilities that weigh upon him ? The Coronation of the King, and the coming of the National Agricultural Show to Welsh- pool. Not a word did he speak of municipal progress. Apparently he will be content to celebrate the accession of King George with a flaunting of flags and a blare of trumpets. Mr Evans has the opportunity to distinguish that memorable year by a coronation" accomplishment of lasting benefit. It is not ours to suggest he knows the needs of Welshpool better than we can tell him. If 364 ratepayers in the whole borough, and the majority of the town burgesses call for a freehold system of sanitary reform, and urge it for the important secondary reason of industrial progress, does he require any instructional prompting ? While on the subject of the Mayoralty of Pool, we cannot overlook the dismissal from the Council of a gentleman for whose faithful service the community has much reason to feel grate- ful. After association with the municipality extending to a quarter of a century, during which he regularly courted an electoral pro- nouncement upon his public work, Mr David Jones has been turned out of his seat by the reactionaries upon the completion of his first term as an alderman. The Mayor, who joined the Council only four years ago, succeeds to the honour. Everybody knows very well that Mr Jones' rejection is the penalty which the anti-Henfaesites have yisited upon his outspoken criticism of their conduct. They do not forget that scalding hot sentence in which he denounced their shameless treatment of the purchase con- tract with the Vicar as one of the most dishonourable transactions that I have ever seen in the commercial world since I have had to do with it." This shabby and un- gracious removal of an honourable gentle- man, and a faithful and valued citizen, is not Mr Jones' loss. The loss is that of the Council and the community-a community which, while appreciating his long years of self-sacrificing and upright service, is not yet independent enough to successfully assail and overthrow the old influences of privilege and dominion. On the other hand we witness the re-election of Alderman Harrison, who for over twenty years has not subjected himself to popular election. Re- cently the people of Pool have had many object lessons such as might rouse the most spiritless community to a real sense of its rights, and to a thorough assertion of them. Happily these lessons are not lost, and though the first bout with feudalistic flun- keyism has not been successful, it has cut the path to eventual independence, without which no community can enjoy the utmost blessings of self-government. We turn with pleasure to the Mayoral election at Llanidloes, where caste and privi- lege and territorial influence have no place in administrative affairs. Here we find a wholesome communal atmosphere, in which the democratic spirit flourishes and typifies self-government. Alderman Edward Hamer, who has been retained in the chair of the Council by unanimous assent, gave a mayoral deliverance worthy of his position, and finely indicative of his enthusiasm for the advancement of the borough. His finan- cial review, which is reported elsewhere, will gratify the ratepayers, while his pro- gramme sketches a number of improvements acceptable to his colleagues and the com- munity. The development of the town as a health resort will doubtless produce some valuable practical suggestions, amongst which the provision of well equipped golf links should prominently figure. We have repeatedly stated that the people of Llan- idloes do not appear to realise the first-class character of the course which the local club is struggling to maintain. At Welshpool, Newtown, and other places, the links are formed of grass lands, which no amount of labour will convert into that natural turf so much beloved of the golfer but on the summit of the Tan Rhallt. ideallv mirlnW- -7 -1 ing, it is abundant. Drainage, the erection of a pavilion, the formation of greens, which might be of the very best, and the construc- tion of tees are the essentials to the pro- vision of one of the finest and most attrac- tive inland courses in Wales. Golf appeals to all classes, and every town which invites the holiday maker has come to recognise the value of facilities for its indulgence. We believe that the Mayor of Llanidloes is in full sympathy with this view, and from local golfers, who include the esteemed Vicar, he will obtain practical direction for .a scheme of improvement. At Montgomery, Alderman Fairies- Humphreys, who takes the mayoral chair for the twelfth time, had no programme to descant upon. The Council have, oi course, decided upon an improvement. rof 'J the town's water and sanitary systems, and this will be effected during the year. Fi- nancially, what a blessed state the County town enjoys. It's total indebtedness is not more than P-24, and the banking account is such as might dispense with all rates for a whole year. The needs of Montgomery are few, but what might not be accomplished in other towns during the Coronation year under financial conditions like these ? We should be glad to see some special 3-ecognition made in this historical year of the unique mayoral services of Mr Fairies-Humphreys, whose municipal record certainly deserves such distinction. The I Tories and Liberals of Llanfyllin have awarded the civic honour for the sixth time to Mr Marshall Dugdale, whose pro- gramme was limited to an undertaking to promote the best interests of the borough. Under the direction of capable men, all the municipalities in the county ought to es- tablish a year's record of sound work.









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