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"TOWN'S LAND." ----


"TOWN'S LAND." Interesting Valuation at Welshpool. County School Play-Ground. Mr Forrester Addie's Triple Role. Though it was not a question of fiiling up a multitude of Form 4," Mr W. Forrester Addie admitted last Wednesday afternoon that he was in rather an awkward position" on a question of land valuation. For he represented three parties: The Earl of Powis, whose estate agent he is. The Welsh pool County School Governors, cf whom he is chairman. And the Welsh Department of the Board of Education, inasmuch as the Governors appointed him to be an independent valuer of the land which they are buying from Lord Powis. In December, 1896, Mr Addie and two other Governors leased from Lord Powis a piece of land near the Welshpool railway station to be used by the County Schools pupils as a play-ground. It was (like the town recreation ground) for a term of 21 years-from March 25th, 1896. And the yearly rent was fixed at .410. According to the indenture this land covered 12,350 square yards, ABOUT 2i ACRES. There was a provision in the lease that the Governors should have the option of buying this land for -6300. Up to next March the education- ist will have paid X150 in rent to the Earl of Powis for this ground, and recently they decided to ask permission from the Welsh Department of the Board of Education to buy the land, which will thus have cost have cost the ratepayers and taxpayers A TOTAL OF X450. In January, 1897, it may be added, another indenture was made between the Earl of Powis- with Major-General Herbert and Lord Windsor- the two trustees of the Powis Castle estate—and the County Governing Body to buy outright for £150 an acre of land to be used for building the school on, &c., and thesb premises are vested in a Government servant, who is described as the Official Trustee of Charity Lands." Last Wednesday's meeting of the Welshpool County School Governors was attended by Mr Forrester Addie, as chairman, and the following members Mis Humphreys-Owen, Mrs Forrester Addie, Messrs Charles Shuker, Joseph H. Davies, John Pugh, and T. Ward Green, who represents the Shropshire Education Authority. The CIrk (Mr C. P. Winnall) read to them correspondence from the Welsh Department of the Board of Education on the question of buying the play- ground. The Welsh Department approved of the purchase for .£300 subject to the receipt of (1) "The usual certificate as to the sufficiency of the title of the vendor. (2) "Professional evidence that the price is reasonable." What do you think," asked Mr Addie, as chairman of the Governors. Do you wish to go on with the purchase ? Mrs Humphreys-Owen (to Mr Addie): I should think they would accept your evidence as a pro- fessional man, Mr Addie. I think that simplifies the matter. Mr Addie: Yes. But it places me in rather an awkward position. I mean to say-- Mrs Humphreys-Owen You are for bcth sides ? I see no difficulty at all. Mr Addie: I should have very little hesitation in saying that the proper valub is not in the least exceeded. As a matter of fact IT IS UNDER-VALUED. Mrs Humphreys-Owen (laughing): No. It's no good saying that to them. Mr Addie: You have a right to purchase—the amount is stipulated in the lease. Mr T. Ward Green: The only point is what may be satisfactory to them [the Welsh Depart- ment of the Board of Education.j Mrs Humphreys-Owen We made our bargain, you know, when we took the lease of the land. Mr Addie (to Me C. P. Winnall): Would it be satisfactory if I wrote ? Mr Winnall: Yes, I should think so in your porition of Chairman of the Governors. The Governors then agreed that Mr Addie should supply to the Welsh Department of the Board of Education "professional evidence that the price is reasonable." The Governors gave no instructions with regard to the usual certificate as to the sufficiency of ttie title of the vendor, which will be supplied no doubt in the usual legal manner from the Clerk's office. It is interesting, however, t) recall tht the Powis Castle authorities purchased th,3 Count-y School grounds from the reprosentative3 of the late Sir Antony Jodrell, Bart., who derived the property from Sir Charles Lloyd, Bart., of Mwly- garth, by marriagq. This property comprised the some-time mansion of Dolanog, and extended from the neighbourhood of the Shropshire Union Canal towards Severn Cottage-property which is now cut by the Cambrian Railway. One field, tenanted by Mr Gifford Cant, and used in the summer as a tennis ground, still retains the ancient title of this strdtch of land. It is MAES-Y-DRE," The Land-of-the-Town. a Cymric name which Carries the title back earlier than the Norman invasion to the days when this ground probably formed part of The Town's Land." It is an interesting contrast to note that the Machynlleth County School Governors in 1896 bought tho freehold of If acres from Messrs Edward Marpole and J. M. Breeze for £ 10, the yearly amount paid in rent by tbe Welshpool Governors for the annual use of the play-ground.



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