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MACHYNLLETH SESSIONS. Schoolmaster Charged. A Sporting Calendar. Th e Court-room was well filled at the Machyn- lleth Sessions on Wednesday, when Mr T. W. Bonsall (presiding), Major W. E. Bonsall, Mr Rd. Gillart, Dr W. R. Williams, Messrs T. R. Morgan, Edward Hughes, Thomas Parsons, D. W. Stable, Col Norton, Dr D. Edwards, and Dr A. O. Davies took their seats on the Bench. Mr Ed. Gillart applied for the transfer of the license of the Lion Hotel from Mr Norris to Miss Edith Goldstone. There was no objection on the part of the police, and it was granted. PHEASANT OR PIGEON? Sydney Graig, gamekeeper, Bont, Llanbrynmair, charged Rowland Davies, Hendre Farm, Llan- brynmair, with trespassing in pursuit of game on October 5th. Mr E. Gillart appeared for the prosacution. Sydney Graig said he was an underkeeper in the employ of Mr Stable (who did not adjudicate in this case). He was on the Hendre Farm on October 5th, when he saw defendant running after pheasant, at which he had shot. He pursued it to a hedge, and he put the dog through. When charged, defendant said he came out to shoot pigeons, and witness said, That was no a pigeon." Defendant said he thought it was, and that it was not his gun. Defendant stated that he went to fetch the horses, and he had been asked to take the gun with him to frighten pigeons. Craig did not search, because there was nothing to search for, He did not see a pheasant.—Fined 10s and costs. 9s. The same defendant was also charged with using a gun without a licence, and was fined 53 and costs, 5s. SIR WATKIN'S CONSENT. Owen Burton, mason, Buinant, Commins Coch, Richard Pngh, labourer, Red Lion. Commins Coch, and Richard Owens, labourer, Commins Cocb, were charged by William Watkin, Berthlas, Llanbryn- mair with trespassing in pursuit of conies on October 21. Mr E. Gillart, who appeared for the prosecution, said he was instructed to apply for a withdrawal ef the charges. This was being done wi, h the consent of Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn. -Mr Meredith Jones, who appeared on behalf of the defendant, said they were prepared to pay the costs. Colonel Norton It is a very unusual proceed- ing. He thought the cases ought to be proceeded with. Mr R. Gillart said the Bench had allowed other cases to be withdrawn, and he the application ought to be allowed. The majority of the Bench agreed, and the summonses were withdrawn. FISH-SPEARER FINED. Evan Llewelyn Evans, Typeliaj Llanbrynmair, was charged by P.C. Humphreys with unlawfully using a spear to catch salmon in the river Twymyn. Defendant pleaded Not Guilty." He admitted that he was using a spear, to catch fish, but not salmon. Mr R. D. Richards, Barmouth, appeared for the prosecution. P.C. Humphreys stated that on Saturday nhht. October loth, he was going to Trefaldwyn village, about 11-55. Before entering the village there is a bridge across the river, and underneath be saw defendant with a bicycle lamp, and a pole with a three-pronged spoar attached. He was flashing the light on the water, and he gaw him spear a fish. It turned out to be a sea trout of aoout 21b weight. Defendant moved up the river after he landed the fish and across to the other side of the river. He shouted to some boy, JC There it is for you." Witness asked him what he was doing there, and he put out the lamp and started down the road. He shouted to him that he bad better Come back. He left the fish on the river bank, and handed the spear to witness. i Mr R. D. Richards said that several complaints had been received that night poaching had been going on, but it was very difficult to detect the offenders. If this man was fined it would be a warning to others.—A fine of 20s and 8s costs was imposed. A RIVERSIDE SEARCH. The charge which was brought against Ellis Roberts, Caecanau, Aberllefenni, by Morria Evans, water bailiff, was that he on October 22nd had in his possossion a snatch and spear under such circumstances as to show that he intended to catch salmon by means thereof. The prose- cution was dogain represented by Mr R. D. Richards. Morris Evans said he was a water-bailiff in the employ of the Dovey Club. He was on duty on the 22nd October with another water-bailifif (Lloyd Roberts), and he saw defendant walking across the bank of the Dulas river. He was searching in the roots by the side of the river. They were about 30 yards away. They afterwards searched him, and found two instruments, a snatch and a two-pronged spear. Lloyd Roberts said he was present with the last witness on the data, and corroborated all his evidence. Defendant said he was coming down the meadow land, which he ownpd, along the side of the river. He was about to make a fence along the river, and he was examining the bank. The reason he had those articles was because he bad found them in the meadow a few days before, attached t) sticks. He took them off the two poles, which were at his honse, and put the snatch and spear in his pocket. In answer to the Bench, he said be was on his own land, and he thought the proper thing was to take possession of them. Since then he had com- menced the fence. Re-called by the Bench, Morris Evans said that when he took possession of the spear defendant I asked for it back, because he had borrowed it from another man. He did not tell witness any- thing about finding it. The Chairman paid they had considered the case, and thought defendant had undoubtedly broken the law, but they would deal leniently with him, and he would be fined 103, including costs, with a month to pay. Mr R. Gillart applied on behalf of Joseph Lewis Holt for a licence to use the Town Hall, Machyn- Ileth, for the performance of stage plays, and it was granted subject to the usual conditions. A CLOSING-TIME QUESTION. Jonathan Morris, labourer, Commins Coch, was charged by P.C. Evans, Cemmes, with being on licensed premises during prohibited hours. D.C.C. Williams, who prosecuted, said it was for defendant to prove that he was either a lodger, a servant, or a bona-fide traveller. The Constable, in his evidence, said he was on duty at Commins Coch on October 15th. At 10- 20 he saw defendant come out of the Had Lion. He said to him. "Whatdo you mean by coming out of that house at this time ? He met him by the porch. D.C.C. Williams said the constable need not actually find him on the premises. Defendant said he had been at the Red Lion. As coming out he met P.C. Evans, who said, It is after ten o'clock." "THE CLOCK WAS FAST." The Bench reserved their decision until they had heard similar charges against John Roberts, schoolmaster, Darowen, and Evan Davies, school- master, Commins Coch. Mr Meredith Roberts appeared for the two defendants. In the first case, P.C. Evans said that on the night of October 15th be saw the two doors of the Red Lion Hotel wide open. He went towards the door, and met John Roberts coming out. He told him it was after tan o'clock. Witness went into the house, and it was twenty minutes past ten by the clock in the inn. The licensee to d him that the clock was fast. Cross-examined by Mr Meredith Roberts: He went there on his bicycle, and nobody could see him dismount unless they were in the middle of the road. When he went into the house there was one gla88 of beer on the table David Thomas, porter at the railway station, Cemmes, stated that he had started from Cemmes to Commins Coch, when he met P.C. Evans. He asked for his bicycle, and witness told him that it was outside the station. He went back to Cemmes with the constable. It was about five minutes past ten. David Williams said he was the licensee of the Red Lion. On October 15th he saw P.C. Evans at night, and they compared watches, and the Con- stable's was five minutes fast. Defendant said that on the day in question be walked to Commins Coch and reached there about 8-30. He went into the Inn about 9 0. and stayed there until five minutes to tim. When P.C Evans saw him he was talking to Mr Davies in I the porch outside the door. They had compared watches in the house, and the clock was twelve minutes fast. WHY HE WENT TO THE INN. Cross-examined by D.C.C. Williams He want to the public house to arrange about the treat which Mrs Edward Davies was giving to the school children. His watch was eight minutes fast. The constable did not charge him person- ally. He did not ask Mr Davies to keep quiet and not tell the constable anything. He walked with the constable for about 60 to 70 yards and he did not accuse him. Evan Davies said that on the same day he was at the Red Lion Inn. He left the public house about three or 4 minutes to ten. He had a con- versation with Mr Roberts about the school children's treat in the porch. He saw P.C. Evans come on his bicycle and dismount. He said to somebody It is rather late." When the con- stable entered the room it was twenty minutes past ten. Cross-examined by D.C.C. Williams: It was necessary for him to go to the Red Lion. He always looked at the clock when he went in, and always looked at it when he went out. He did Dot know whether the door was closed after him. He never looked back (laughter). It was not his business to show the constable that the clock at the public house was fast. ACQUITTAL AND APPLAUSE. Owen Burton said he was the brother-in-law of the licensee of the Red Lion, and he lived there. He remembered October 15th and he thought the defendant left the house before ten o'clock. The clock was always ten minutes fast and he told the constable so The house was closed at ten. John Lewis, Commins Coch, said that he was at the Red Lion Inn. He saw Mr Roberts. Witness asked for a glass of beer, but the licensee refused him because it was ten o'clock. Mr Roberts had left then. Witness was the last to leave, and he passed Mr Roberts in the porch. It was about nine o'clock when he went there. By the Bench He was not in the Inn all the the time between nine and ten. He did not see anyone comparing watches. The Bench retired to consider their verdict, and on returning the Chairman said they thought the cases against Jonathan Morris and John Roberts had been well threshed out, and both would be dismissed. The police then withdrew the charge against Evan Davies. The decision was received with applause at the back of the court. ========

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