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Hands Across the Sea.





MONTGOMERY. PARDONABLE PRIDE.-Sons of the county town are, it is said, wearing their hats a trifle to the side these days. They are pardonably proud of the distinction given to their worthy Mayor (Aid. Fairies-Humphreys), whose photo has just got a place in the daily papers. The popular Alderman will this week be made Mayor for the tenth time, a municipal record which, perhaps, will never be excelled by any other borough in the county. PROPERTY SALE.—On Thursday, at the Dragon Hotel, Messrs Morris, Marshall and Poole offered for sale by public auction the four cottages known as Conquer Hall," situate about a mile from the town of Montgomery. Mr J. Stanley Morris having described the property, the bidding was started by Mr T. G. Mitchell at .£100, and gradu- ally rose to X140, at which figure the property was withdrawn, but it is understood Mr Mitchell sub- sequently became the purchaser. Mr Charles S. Pryce (Town Clerk) acted as solicitor to the vendors. TEMPERANCE.—A meeting was held in the Town Hall on Thursday evening last, under the auspices of the local branch of the British Womens' Temperance Association. In the absence of the Mayor (Aid. N. W. Fairles-Hnmphreys), who had promised to preside, Miss Annie James occupied the chair, and was supported on the platform by Mrs Maurice Owen and Miss Mc Gavin. Mrs Herbert Lewis (wife of Mr J. Herbert Lewis, M.P.) was the speaker of the evening, and she gave a very interesting and intelligent address, urging all ladies to take more interest in political matters. At the close Miss Jame3 proposed a heaity vote of thanks to Mrs Lewis, and said they expected a good address from her, but had had more than they expected. Miss McGavin seconded, and the motion was carried with acclamation. Mrs Lewis, after returning thanks, proposed a vote of thanks to Miss James for presiding, and this was seconded by Mr R. W. Carter, and car- ried. The small attendance was, no doubt, ac- counted for by the very inclement weather and the early hour at which the meeting was fixed. WHIST DRIVE.—In connection with the Reading and Recreation Society, a whist drive was held in the Prince's-street Rooms on Wednesday evening last, and the function proved a great success. Each member was allowed to invite a lady friend, and upwards of 40 were present, and all thor- oughly enjoyed themselves. Thirty-two games were played, and the prize-winners were as follows: —Ladies 1, Mrs Silas Hamer; 2, Miss Ruth Williams; consolation, Mrs J. E. Tomley. Gen- tlemen 1, Mr J. Arthur Withers 2, Mr Richard Hughes; consolation, Mr J. Berwick. Mrs Hamer and Miss Williams each scored 222 points, but on cutting a pack of cards Mrs Hamer took first place. In the gentlemen Mr Withers' score was 230, Mr Richard Hughes 229, Mr Horace Jones being 228 Mr W. J. Powell ably discharged the secretarial duties, and Miss Kitty Powell was in charge of the commissariat department, and she was assisted by a band of willing helpers. It is intended to have a series of these whist drives, the one on Wednesday being given by the Committee of the Society.


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