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NEWTOWN URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. REFUSE DESTRUCTOR CONTRACT SEALED. STREET SCENES AT 11 P.M. The absentees from Newtown Urban Council at the meeting on Thursday night were Messrs A. S. Cooke, S. H. Jarvis, W. F. Pryce, and R. Barnes. The whole busi- ness was finished soon after an hour from the start. MUNICIPAL MONEY-BAG. The Finance Committee's report showed, payments of t547 12s 4d, and the receipts were £396 from free library, gas,.and rates. The balances at present at the bank were as follows:—Free library account (credit), £17 17s 6d; gas loan account (debit), V-50 13s 8d gas revenue account (debit), jE612 12s Id general district rate account (debit), F.232 10s 6d gas loan sinking ac- count (debit), £ 25. The Collector reported having collected the following amounts:—General district rate, Y.312 5s water rate, E239 3s 6d district fund, £ 54 17s 9d total, IV-606 6s 3d. GENERAL HEALTH GOOD. The Medical Officer (Dr Wilson) reported as follows:—The general health of the town and district is good, and no case of infec- tious disease had been reported to him. The yards and properties inspected during the month were found in a fair sanitary condition. Where nuisances existed, notices were served for the abatement of the same, and they have been complied with. The slaughter houses have been inspected dur- ing the past week, and found in a clean condition. THE SURVEYOR'S SURVEY. In the course of a long report, the Sur- veyor said:—I have inspected most of the roads in the rural districts, and found them, with few exceptions, in a sanitary condi- tion. The Fron Dolfor road leading to the Sewage Farm needs repairing, and I pur- pose having about 50 tons of stone raised in the Porthouse quarry, and laid down for metalling. The cost of raising the stone will be about Is 3d per load, and the consent of Mr Arbuthnot has already been obtained. I have received complaints regarding the condition of Tynygreen-lane, and on inspec- tion found that the upper portion of the road has been badly cut up and damaged by timber haulage from Mr R. E. Jones' land, a portion of which abutts on to the lane. The road crossing to Wernddu-lane adjoining Mr S. Powell's field is also in a bad state,. and requires about 30 tons of broken stone. As instructed at the special meeting of the Council, the information and plan have been furnished for the purpose of the recent road conference, and an estimate of cost amounting to E200 per annum, showing the details of the scheme for the mitigation of the dust nuisance within the Council's dis- trict. These have been submitted to the County Council, who have included the same for re-consideration to the Road Board, and there is every likelihood that a sub stantial amount, will be allotted. During the month I have had workmen employed at the Sewage Farm in slating the weather side of the house and other im- provements, also the opening up of the main carriers and the cleaning of distributing pipes. The workmen have been employed in the removal of surplus soil at the ceme- tery and the formation and digging up of the large circle in the main drive. SEVERN RIVER OBSTRUCTION. Owing to fallen trees having formed an obstruction in the river on the Severn Green side, I have thought it desirable to have the same removed, with the consent of the owners, and the boughs and trees have been converted into stanks for the purpose of piling defective portions of the river banks. As instructed, I have prepared a plan of the river's banks for the purpose of ob- taining legal opinion, showing the waste ground from the Short Bridge to Severn Green. Several defective portions of the tar pave- ments of the town have been repaired dur- ing the month. The usual sanitary duties connected with the town, such as scaveng- ing of yards and streets, and the disposal of sewage and refuse, have received all pos- sible attention. The drainage at the isola- tion hospital has been improved and a ven- tilating shaft provided. An application has been received from the owner of property on the New-road asking that the present ventilation shaft erected in connection with the town sewers should be removed on account of its proximity to the new houses recently erected. I recom- mend that the same be granted, and that a shaft should be erected at a more suitable position. The town's water supply and works con- tinues in good condition; but owing to a breakage in the main on the 24th ult. the supply had to be turned off for the neces- sary work of repairs. This was carried out. during the following night with as little delay as possible. The caretaker at the reservoir reports all in good working order, and that the lake is now at its usual win- ter's level. I have made the usual inspection of yards and properties, and found the same in a fairly satisfactory condition. I have inspected the slaughter houses and found them clean. The canal boats inspected dur- ing the month were found clean and not over-crowded. No Fire Brigade Committee meeting hav- ing bean held during the month, I have to report that I have been in communication with the firm who at the last meeting offered for sale a second hand fire engine, but not having heard further from them, I conclude the same has been sold. LESS GAS USED. The Gas Manager reported that there was a decrease of 39,800 cubic feet in the quan- tity of gas manufactured in the month of October as compared with October, 1909. The coals carbonized amounted to 161 tons. In October he had collected P-149 9s 4d from the slot meters he had taken £ 64 16s 4d. The Sanitary Committee reported that the contract for the erection of the refuse destructor had been sealed, and they trusted that the work of erection would pro- ceed at once. They were also of opinion that an additional urinal was needed at the top of Park-street and New-road. The Cambrian Railways Company had agreed to let them a plot of land for the purpose at the entrance of the coal wharf on a 21 years' lease, at a nominal rent of Is per year. The Streets" and Lighting Committee re- ported that the automatic gas controller and lantern had been fixed on Wesley-street corner, and the consumption for the week ending Wednesday last amounts to 170 cubic feet. Further tests will be made, and a comparison between the old system and the new one reported upon at the next meeting of the Council. A LIGHT EXPERIMENT. In moving the adoption -of the report, Mr Ellison said that he had had the experi- mental lamp at the corner of Wesley-street under his observation, and found it was a great success. He had not seen the light- ing process in operation, but the extin- guishing was very effective. The saving he thought would be very great, but they could not at present give a comparison with the method now in vogue. They would be able to do so at the next committee. As to the extinguishing process, if any councillors happened to be about the street at 11 o'clock—(cries of "Oh!" and laughter). He had seen some of them about later than that- Mr Ford: Then you must have seen them then (laughter). Mr Ellison, continuing, said that un- doubtedly the system would prove a great success, and at the next meeting he hoped to be able to report further. WATER AND RIVER BANKS. The report of the Water Committee was as follows:— Your committee beg to report that they have met and considered the various mat- ters connected with the water department of the Council. Regarding the question of carrying out of repairs at the Nyodd Mill, they have been in communication with the agent, Mr Bennett Rowlands, who since the last meeting has effected further repairs, and they now have a further assurance that the landlord is willing to complet the work upon the Council finding the necessary labour. Other matters are engaging their attention as to arrears outstanding and claims for reduction in meter charges, upon which they hoped to report fully at the next meeting. The text of the report of the Severn Banks Committee was as follows:— Your committee have been in consulta- tion with the Clerk upon the legal position of the Council relative to the banks of the river, and they have perused and approved of the draft scheme which the Clerk has forwarded for an opinion. The revenue de- rived from the letting of the river banks for the past month was V-9 10s, and the expense incurred £2 2s 9d. This was incurred by the obtaining and making of willow stanks to be used for further piling, and also for the levelling of about 50 loads of waste from the gasworks. The adoption of the report was moved by Mr Parry.