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HISTORICAL RESEARCH And a Pint of Ale. Newtonian's Sunday Cycle Bide. Unlawfully and falsely representing him- self to be a bona fide traveller, and thus obtaining a pint of ale at the Waterloo Arms, Abermule, on Sunday, October 16th, was the charge which Benjamin Rowlands, a painter, living in Ladywell-street, New- town, appeared to answer at the Mont- gomery County Sessions last Thursday. We are not guilty," said Mr Martin Woosnam, solicitor, Newtown, who con- ducted the deience. P.C. David Davies, Montgomery, the prosecutor, said that at 11-50 a.m. that Sun- day he visited the Waterloo Arms, and found defendant sitting on a chair in the kitchen. On the table close to him was a pint-mug half full of ale. He wished Rowlands Good morning," and asked him where he had been. He replied, "TO THE BRIDGE TO TAKE THE NUMBER OFF," meaning to get the number of the bridge, as they had an argument about it in New- town the night before. Witness then asked Mrs Nicholls, the landlady, what did de- iendant say when admitted to the house. She replied, The little girl went to the -door." Mrs Nicholls' daughter-a little girl 16 or 17 years of age—came into the kitchen, and in answer to the same question, replied that Rowlands said he had been to the Half-way to see a friend. Witness told de- fendant he would be reported for obtaining a pint of ale by making a false statement- Mr Maurice Owen (a magistrate): What's this man ?-He is a painter. Mr Woosnam: I will TELL YOU ALL ABOUT HIM in a minute. .1 Mr Owen: Alright! Mr Woosnam: I have a good character. P.C. Davies, continuing, said that Row- lands replied, "I hope I haven't done any- thing wrong." Cross-examined, P.C. Davies said that on that Sunday he was returning from New- town in a trap, and Rowlands passed them .on his bicycle by Penarth. When witness ,got to Abermule, defendant was coming back from the direction of Brynderwen bridge into Abermule. Witness had known him for 16 or 17 years, and he had been a perfectly respectable man in every way. Mr Woosnam then had his client put in ihe witness box, where he gave evidence on oath. He was a married man with a family, and worked at present with Mr John Evans, Caersws. In consequence of an argument he had had at Newtown with regard to the erection of the bridge at Brynderwen, he went down on Sunday on his bicycle to see the bridge really. Mr Woosnam: The bridge was erected by Mr Penson after some big flood in—what year ? Witness: 1852. Mr Woosnam: And that really is on the .bridge in- Witness: Letters. Mr Woosnam: Iron letters. You take an interest in these little local matters ?—Yes. Mr Woosnam: I know from my own inowledge. From Newtown to Brynderwen bridge, said witness, was about 42 1 miles. On the way back he met P.C. Davies in a trap on the Montgomery side of Abermule, and called at the Waterloo for a pint of beer. When the daughter asked where he came irom, he "JOKED HER A LITTLE." P.C. Davies' evidence was perfectly cor- rect. Witness had lived in Newtown all his life, and had never had a charge of any description brought against him. He had worked for Mr Edward Davies, builder, for many years. No complaint had ever been made against his intemperance or anything of the sort. P.C. Davies: Can you give any reason why you made a false statement to Miss Nicholls ?—No, no more than out of fun, to joke her. You made that statement for the purpose .of obtaining that pint of beer ?—Certainly -not! Why did you say it, then ?—More out of fun. I didn't think I was doing wrong. It would have been ridiculous for me to .cycledown for that pint of beer!" ex- claimed witness when further pressed by the .constable. The Mayor (Alderman Fairles-Hum- phreys), who presided: How far is the public house fsom Montgomery ? P.C. Davies: Four miles. The Mayor: The case is dismissed. Mr Maurice Owen: I think it is five sniles from the river bridge to Newtown.



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