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-. . Property Sale at Newtown.

Machynlleth Golf Club.


- A Plea, for Charity.

Mr Wilson-Jones' Appreciation


Mr Wilson-Jones' Appreciation OF THE NATIONAL ANTI-CONSUMPTION CRUSADE, AND OF ITS INITIATOR. The usual letter which has been read at several public bodies in Montgomoryshire from the Mayor of Cardiff was read at Wednesday's meeting of Caersws Guardians. The circular letter, of course, had reference to the Welsh National Memorial to the late Sovereign which is to take the form of a Sanatorium for consumptive patients. The incep- tion of this, of course, is the work of the County Member-Mr David Davies. Tho Guardians were invited to elect a representative to act upon the body who will deal with the matter. The Clerk said that in the circular he noticed that Borough Councils were invited to elect a representative, but nothing was said about Urban Couneils, so he had taken upon himself to write to the Lord Mayor of Cardiff asking whether Urban Councils would not have such a right; if they had not then places like Llandudno, Rhyl, or Newtown would not have a representative. The Lord Mayor had written in reply that places like Llanidloes or Montgomery would have a repre- sentative, but Urban Councils such as Newtown would not have one. This, the Clerk thought, must have been an oversight, and he had written to Mr David Davies on the matter, but bad not had a reply since saying the matter had been put right He thought he would mention the matter for their guidance as a Board. The Chairman It is very strange. The Clerk It is really a remarkable omission. Mr Wilson-Jones: In connection with what is that ? The Clerk: It is in connection with Mr David Davies' scheme. Mr Wilson-Jones: Certainly, I think we should appoint a representative on that committee, and we should feel proud that the originator of that great scheme, which has for its object the doing away of tuberoulosis, or what is more generally known as consumption, should reside in this dis- trict. It is only another evidence of what the PLASDIKAM FAMILY IN THEIR GENEROSITY are doing in this Principality of ours. You know there are names which are inscribed in history and handed down to posterity in connection with art, literature, science, and medicine, but I can verily say that in connection with philanthropy no name will be inscribed in larger letters than Mr David Davies's. No doubt Mr Davies has set on foot a movement which should have the hearty co-operation of every Welshman. It has a close affinity to the work of the Poor-law Guardians, as many of these poor people have to go to the Workhouse as the result of consumption. Mr Davies's great work is to create a sanatorium to battle with that terrible disease. We shall be everlastingly indebted to Mr Davies for havino- started this campaign. I trust every Welshman has this object at his heart, and the least everyone of us can do who is in a position to do so should contribute. I have very great pleasure in moving that the Board appoint a representative on this committee. The Chairman: I suppose we are all agreed on that. Mr Joseph Davies: Then I propose that our Chairman represent us. The Chairman: I am afraid that I am not a very good one for that. Mr Joseph Davies I think it is important that our Chairman, as head of the Guardians, should represent us. The Chairman: I don't think so; I don't think-- Mr J. P. Francis: I think our Chairman is the person, and I second the proposition. The Chairman, still protesting, said that if they would insist- Mr Joseph Davies: It has been proposed now; will all those in favour please show. There was a general show of hands, and the Chairman will therefore act on the body.


Newtown Grass Widow's Plight.


The Question of Health.