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-. . Property Sale at Newtown.

Machynlleth Golf Club.


Machynlleth Golf Club. A well attended annual meeting of this Club was held at the Vane Hall on Friday evening week, when Lord Herbert Vane Tempest occupied the chair. A very satisfactory report was submitted by the Hon. Treasurer (Mr J. Jenkins) which showed that the adverse balance of .£-21 odd in 1909 had been reduced to about .£7, which it is hoped to clear off by a concert in December npxt. The Hon. Sec. (Mr J. Ryan Leighton) then made the following report:— My Lord and Gentlemen,-I have much pleasure in submitting my report for tho past financial year. I am pleased to state that the membership is still on the increase, as the following figures will show. 1907, 73 members; 1908, 77 members 1909, 82 mem- ber and at the commencement of 1911 season we have 89 members, with every prospect of an increasing membership (applause). From the statement of account which our treasurer has submitted, you will also realise that the same healthy progress is being maintained financially. We are equally progressive as regards the condition of our excellent little course, which under the eagle eye of our worthy captain is being well nursed by oar Groundsman Bryan, who I believe is second to none in the work he is called upon to undertake, and I sincerely hope that the club will have the benefit of his services for some time to come. We are even farther progressing, as we hope, in the near future to have a club house in keeping with the advantages we at present possess (applause). A club without a pavilion seems to me to resemble a hen and chickens without a coop (laughter). We want some means of keeping in touch, as members, and no better means can be afforded of attaining that object than by the provision of a suit- able club house. A stimulus has been given to the interest of the lady players by the generous gift of a handsome silver challenge cup by Mrs Morritt, of Llwyngsvern Hall, (applause)—which cup was at the recent tournament won by Miss Gweno Davies. As you are also aware, our esteemed President's cup was won by Mr Charles A. Bryce, whose victory was well deserved. The Club cup was won by Mr Chappie Davies whose sporting attainments are likely to equal, if not I eclipse, those of his respected Pater (laughter). It has been very gratifying to hear the many expressions of praise by visiting friends as to the condition ot the course generally, and with the relaying of certain of the greens, we shall be as near perfection as possible. It is hoped to end this year with a clean slate at the bank, by means of a concert which may take place in December. The increased membership will, in addition to other sources of revenue, it is confidently anticipated, result in a credit balance at the Bank at the end of the current financial year. In conclusion, I may say that the work pertaining to the duties of secretary has been a source of pleasure to me, and I thank my co-official3 and friends for the support they have given me, and the club need fear no evil days so long as the members stand shoulder to shoulder and so long also as we have the honour and good fortune of the continued support and presidency of our noble chairman (loud applause). The following officials were duly elected :— President, Lord Herbert Vane Tempest; captain, A. O. Davies; vice-captain, Mr H. H. Meyler: hon. treasurer, Mr J. G. Jenkins; hon. secretary, Mr J. Ryan Leighton. A hearty vote of thanks to the noble chairman brought a successful meeting to a close.


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