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SALES BY AUCTION. Messrs. Morris, Marshall & Poole MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE, Agricultural & General Auctioneers, Valuers and Arbitrators. ERIODICAL SALES of STOCK conducted at r Montgomery, Welshpool, Caersws, Bishop's Castle, Westbury, Berriew, Newtown, Kerry, Anchor, Llanbadarn, Craven Arms, Ludlow, Church Stretton, Knighton, Tenbury. The most careful attention is given to Salea of Agricultural Stock, Estate and House Property, timber and Antique Furniture. A Speciality is made of Valuations and Arbitrations ot every description. &EAD OFFICES :—Chirbury, Shropshire. Newtown Office:—38, Broad-street. (357) Jh ORDER OF THE SHERIFF. 28, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. \f ESSES MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE MX are instructed to Sell by Auction on the )retnises as above, late in the occupation of Mr d Mrs H. J. Vinter, on This-day (Tuesday), Nov. 1st, remainder of the High-class STOCK-IN- T&ADE, including 20 Dozen LADIES HATS, TRIMMINGS, and other Millinery. Also, few items of Household FURNITURE, Shop Sittings, Fixture?, Etc. Sale at 1-30 prompt, (375) MONTGOMERY. DESIRABLE SMALL FREEHOLD PROPERTY To be Sold by Auction by AIESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE, at the DRAGON HOTEL, MONTGOMERY, On Thursday, November 3rd, 4t 3 o'clock in the Afternooo, all those Four ■ pottages, with the Outbuildings and Gardens ^longing thereto, called "CONQUER HALL," Situate n the Hendomen Road, Montgomery. The property is in an excellent state of repair, is situate about a mile from Montgomery Town d Station, and within 100 yards of the main oa.d leading from Montgomery to Welshpool. The Holdings are always readily let, and are at Resent all occupied, the total rents amounting to -<15 14s. OJ. per annum. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, ^birbury, Shropshire or to MR. CHARLES 6. PRYCE, 371 Solicitor, Montgomery. | MONTGOMERY STOCK SALES. Thursday Next, November 3rd. FURTHER ENTRIES of all Classes of FAT nd STORK STOCK solicited. Sale commences with Dairy Cattle at 9-30 a.m. ( MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE, Auctioneers. BUTTINGTON HALL, Adjoining Buttington Station, and 21 miles from Wel8hpool. j MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE are favoured with instructions from the of the late Mr Stephen Williams, to Sell -V Auction upon the premises, On Priday Next, November 4th, 578 KERRY HILL SHEEP, *1 PURE-BRED HEREFORD CATTLE, including 43 Ripe Fat Bullocks and Heifers, VALUABLE SHIRE HORSES AND JLO COLTS, including 7 Powerful Team Horses, and 7 Big, Well-grown Colts, 6 Well-bred HACKS AND COLTS, 2 BACON PIGS, 10 Sets GEARS, The Up-to-date Collection of AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, lklso the whole of the Excellent WINTER KEEP, Sale commences with Implements at 11 o'clock. Catalogues from the Auctioneers, Chirbury and Newtown. (322) BERRIEW STOCK SALES. EXT SALE OF FAT AND STORE ..1. STOCK On Friday, November 18th. Early Entries esteemed a favour. <378) MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE. CAERSWS STOCK SALE, Friday, November 25th. MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE beg to announce that they will hold a Special Sale as above of FAT AND STORE STOCK of all classes. Early Entries solicited. Offices: Newtown and Chirbury. (379) C. WOODYATT POPE, 13, Broad Street, NEWTOWN. CHOCOLATES of all the Leading Makers always in Stock in great varieties. Sole Agent for CARSON'S Celebrated Chocolates and other Confectioneries. Large Variety of FANCY BOXES Suitable for Presents. Biscuits, Fruit, and all kinds of Sweetmeats. Splendid Assortment, and Big Range of Prices to Suit Everyone. DAVID HAMER Railway Whari, NEWTOWN, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN COAL To Suit all Customers, and in Trucks, to any Station. LLANYMYNECH LIME. CANADIAN HAY SUPERPHOSPHATE. BILSTON SLAG. SAWN OAK CORDWOOD. Write for Quotations. SALES BY AUCTION. Messrs Cooke Bros. & Roberts. COOKE BROS,& ROBERTS, F,A.I. N.D.A. AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, HOUSE & ESTATE AGENTS. OFFICES—Newtown, Llanidloes, Aberystwyth and Dolgelly. (75) MONTGOMERYSHIRE. PARISHES OF NEWTOWN, MANAFON, AND BERRIEW. HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARMS, Situate in the Parishes of Manafon and Berriew, known as "THE MOAT," "LLWYNCOPPA," & "PANTYBERTH," v-ith Excellent Dwelling Houses and Farm Buildings. The land is in a good state of cul- tivation, well watered and timbered, and divided into convenient enclosures, comprising a t Jtal area of 284a., 3r., 14per., or thereabouts. Also the COTTAGE & GARDEN known as "Bronyrhiew," in the Parish of Manafon. THREE CONVENIENT COTTAGES with Gardens, Kerry-road, Newtown. CHOICE BUILDING SITES, ALLOTMENTS .& ACCOMMODATION LAND, also an Attractive COTTAGE known as DULAS," with Large Orchard and Garden, all situate near the town of Newtown. MESSR&. COOKE BROS. & ROBERTS have received instructions from the Owner to offer the above for Sale in Eight Lots at the BEAR HOTXL. NEWTOWN, in The Middle of November. For Particulars, Plans, and Cards to View apply to the Auctioneers at their Offices, Newtown and Aberystwyth, or Messrs North, Kirk & Co., Solicitors, 15, Lord-street, Liverpool. (352) Messrs. Frank Lloyd and Sons. CW Last Sales for the Year. 600 HORSES.— £ 40 Prizes. NORTH WALES REPOSITORY, WREXHAM. FRANK LLOYD & SON INVITE ENTRIES FOR— Wednesday, November 16th—Hunters, Harness Horses, Cobs and Ponies. Thursday November 17th- Waggon, Lurry, Van, and Young Horses. Entries Close Monday, November 7th. Mr. Edgar Hickman. NAVIGATION INN, GUILSFIELD, 4 Miles from Welshpool. MR. EDGAR HICKMAN begs to announce hu instruction* from Mr P R- White, who is leaving the neighbourhood, to Sell by Auction on the premises as above, On Thursday Next, November 3rd, The Whole of his Useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE & EFFECTS, Including an Excellent Gramophone with records. Mangle equal to new, Lady's and Gent's Royal Enfield Bicycles, 12 Bore Double-barrel Breech Loading Gun, New Ladder (23 rung), 15 Couple of Fowls, 10 Cwt. Scottish Triumph Potatce3, Quantity ot Harness and Machine Oil. Sale at One o'clock Prompt. Further particulars from the Auctioneer, Welshpool. 380 TO FARMERS & STOCK-KEEPERS. ENGLISH YEAST, 25 per cent. stronger than any other. Pea Meal and Peas, Bean Meal and Beans, Barley Meal and Barley, Wheat Meal and Wheat, Indian Meal, Round Flat Corn, Best Middlings and Thirds, Best Germs and Bran, Crushed Oats and Beans, Old Oats and Mixed Feed. SEED WHEAT Old Red Straw, Square Head, Gold Drop, Ivory King, etc. GOOD FLOUR at MILLERS' PRICES. FOWL CORN. lOOlbs., 7s. 6d. New Hops and Malt. Best Devonshire Trussed and Chopped Hay. Highest Price given for all Game. The Best Prizes at the largest Shows invariably go to Users of Wilson's Canadian Pig Powders. „ "Worm" DAVID EVANS, People's Seedsman, NEWTOWN. MUST BE CLEARED TO MAKE ROOM FOR NEW SEASON'S GOODS. SECOND-HAND INSTRUMENTS, Thoroughly Overhauled & Renovated. COTTAGE HARMONIUM, Walnut Case (almost equal to new) £ 3 10 0 HARMONIUM by Alexandre, in first-class condition, with 3 sets of vibrators. in Oak Case, suitable for a Schoolroom £ 5 5 0 ORGAN in Walnut Case, with Music Cabinet and Knee-swell. Suitable for Cottage £ 5 10 0 AMERICAN ORGAN IN SOLID Walnut Case, with Mirror Top and Knee-swell, (as good as new) d67 0 0 PIANETTE by J Broadwood 1. and Son -67 10 0 PIANOFORTE by Johnson, J. of London, in Walnut Case d68 10 0 PHILLIPS' MUSIC SALON, NEWTOWN. ELECTION ADDRESSES. BOROUGH OF WELSHPOOL. TO THE FREE AND INDEPENDENT ELECTORS OF THE GUILSFIELD WARD. MY LORD, LADIES AND GENTLE- f MEN.—If you are satisfied that the Health, Prosperity, and Expansion of our Town are well looked after by your Re- presentative who retires on November 1st, I shall not expect you to1 elect me as his successor. Men are judged more by their deeds than their words. While other towns have progressed during the last 35 years, some of the members of the Town Council have been satisfied (se far as Welshpool is concerned) by a policy of stagnation. Signs of independence are increasing daily, and the rule of the opponents of social reform in Welshpool is nearing its end. Every political party in the country in- cludes social reform in its policy, for they cannot exist without the support of the working classes. What has been done for them here ? What will be done ? I personally know of grossly insanitary conditions prevalent in Welshpool, which would not be tolerated in other towns under a popularly-elected Council. If you favour me by electing me as your Councillor, Guilsfield Ward will be solid for Progress. My best efforts will be utilised to improve or remove our plague spots. The water supply and sanitation of Guilsfield and the outer borough will re- ceive my equal attention. I will vote for the early Purchase of the Henfaes Estate, as a capital investment offered solely to the town. Freehold land within the borough is in few hands, and the powers-that-be will not allow you to get a bargain. Many sugges- tions have been made for the present and future use of the Henfaes, among them a Refuse Tip. Quite recently an abortive attempt was made by your Council to com- pel you to become parties to a 20 years' lease of a now universally condemned ground for that purpose, and this proves how they like to serve you. A rent up to its full value is arranged for the temporary dumping ground. Why pay rent for that in the future, when nothing is so certain than that Welshpool will soon be com- pelled, as other towns have been, to keep its sewage out of the river ? For centuries before the 1883 Sewers Amendment Act was passed, the Corporation of Shrewsbury had the so-called valuable right to discharge into the Severn. They have wisely stopped doing so, and so has Bicton Asylum at Sheyton Rough, which i quite out in the count rv. Beware of amateurs advising you upon law, and remember th" Welshpool Cor- poration Law-suit, 1904 Stafford Town r'I111.cil were ob^tiiiat .v/f • offered them, and theUl't'ri,es jumped up to lls. 6d. in the £ when the inevitable pres- sure was put on, and they lost thousands of pounds by the delay. I have been over some of the largest sewage farms in Eng- land. There is no effluvia, as science has advanced, and the farms return splendid profits to reduce the rates. I have never been in favour of an Isola- tion Hospital in the Henfaes, but this is a very small point in comparison to the greater issues involved in this question, notably the helping forward of the Indus- trial Development of the Town and Dis- trict, in which you are all so interested. Thanking you to decide carefully in favour of steady, efficient, and economical progress, I am, my Lord, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Obedient Servant, ALFRED J. GILES. Severn Street, Welshpool, Oct. 3rd, 1910. BOROUGH OF WELSHPOOL. TO THE MUNICIPAL ELECTORS OF LLANERCHYDOL WARD (No. 3). LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.—Having -LJ been requestion by a large number of influential Ratepayers to become a Candi- date for the representation of your Ward on the Town Council, I beg to offer you my humble services, and to' solicit your votes and interest in support of my can- didature. The vital interests of our Borough are at stake, and it is the paramount duty of every Ratepayer to carefully consider the momentous issues involved. Î, Is the Borough to remain stagnant, and the town to dwindle into a second rate village, or are we to march on in the van of progress ? These are' the important questions you are called upon to decide by your votes on the 1st November, and the responsibility that rests upon your should- ers calls for your weightiest consideration. THE HENFAES ESTATE. Whilst there are several matters which should engage the serious attention of the Council, all are insignificant as compared with the proposed purchase of this freehold property by he Corporation. '1- +.r. r.r. The ratepayers nave, uu wu VCö::OlV11::O, in public meetings assembled, most em- phatically (in fact, most unanimously) de- clared in favour of the purchase. I now respectfully appeal to you to give me your votes and support ,and if re- turned as your representative, I pledge myself to do all I can towards affecting a speedy purchase of the above Estate, for such purposes as may be deemed necessary and expedient. This, in my opinion, is essential in order to carry out requisite Sanitary arrange- ments and improvements, as well as the development of the trade of the town and neighbourhood, which would necessarily create a gteater demand for labour. For over nine years I have been one of the representatives on the Forden Union Board of Guardians, and for the past six years have had the honour of being vice- chairman of the Finance Committee, and I trust my services have met with your approval. I have also had experience on other public bodies, which I believe will be of valuable service to me in carrying out your wishes, if I am returned as your member. I am, Your Obedient Servant, EDWARD MORGAN JONES. 31, Severn Street, Welskpool, 5th October, 1910. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. BOOK DEBTS Purchased, Cash down; any J.) district.- W. Jackson, 26 Corporation-stre* Manchester. WANTED, Woolsorter.—Apply, D. Tho uas, Caedraw Mills, Merthyr Tydvil. 267 W ANTED,-Goad Plain Cook.—Apply, Dr. VV Stevenson, Tawelan. Newtown. 374 WANTED—One or two capable Joiners; mast be steady and good time keepers.—Apply, Jones and Leach, Joinery Works, Newtown. TURNER BROS., Ironmongers and Implement Agents, Newtown, have a vacancy for an Apprentice. 316 RESPECTABLE MAN Wants Situation; handy at any kind of work; rough carpentering, fencing, and general estate work; good references. -Box 318, Express Office. WANTED—A Good, Strong General Servant. —Apply, Henry James Vickers, Broad- street, Newtown. TO LET—Unfurnished, Large Sitting-room, 2 Bedrooms, Box-room, Kitchen, and use of Bathroom (h and c water).—E. Bebb, 45, Broad- street, Newtown. 279 EDROOM & SITTING-ROOM to let.—Apply 38, Broad-street, Newtown. 358 PART of a House or Apartments to let.—Box 372 Express Office. FOUND at Crown Inn, a Purse.—Apply to D.C.C. Williams, Newtown. 365 LOST, on Thursday last, between Abermule JLj and Cilgwrgan, a Waterproof Driving Apron.-Reward on returning to Manuel and Sons, builders, Newtown. 373 LOST on Friday night, between Bronbaul and Post Office, a Lady's Brooch-Watch. Finder rewarded- on returning to Police Station. (377) LOST Wether Lamb, marked L. L. W. & J; also, Strayed Welsh Ewe, owner can have same upon description. If not claimed within 7 days will be sold. James, Pen-y-gelli, New- towjB. (376) OST.-Eight Tpeckled-Faced Ewes' tar- JU marked over shoulder left side across to bir,bone.-In for mation to Richard Harding, Naatypwthly, Beguildy, Radnorshire. 308 STRAYED to Farm in the Parish of Tregynon 2 Sheep.—Owner may have same on applying to P.C. Davies, Tregynon. 309 PROPERTIES TO LBT. TO LET, with immediate possession. Rose Cottage, Caersws rental £ 12.—Apply, to Miss Jones, Crown Inn, Newtown. (.1) XCELLENT WINTER-KEEP for 10 or"12. Hill Ponies or Young Horses.—Apply, Box 317 Express Office. GOOD "WINTERING, near Welshpool, for 25 to 30 Sheep; will make up lost time.— Box 000,' Montgomeryshire Express,' Welshpool. TO LET, from November 12th, The Ber>r Inn, Llanidloes.—For particulars of termq, etc, apply to C. A. Hackett, Ind Coope and Co. Ltd., NavfOVIl. URA TO LET—A Convenient and Well-situated JL House and Shop, Newtown. — Apply to Bennett Rowlands, Estate and House -gent, Newtown. 139 '|HO BE LEI'—From the 1st of M&y, f.> that X Commodious Family Iwwiitlaj^ as "Glandwr." with Stable, Garden, etc., situate on the Pool-Road, Newtown.—Apply to Cooke Bros. and Roberts, House Agents, Newtown. (411) SALBS BY PRIVATE TREATY. OOD KINDLING WOOD for Sale. — Jones T and Leach, Joinery Works, Newtown. PIANOFORTE—Almost new, cost J630; accept half or near offer.—Box 36, Montgomery- shire Express' Office. IpOR SALE.—20 Tons Best Carrots warranted sound; price and quality right.—Cox- Hallett, Shrewsbury. 312 PIANO—. £ 12 5 excellent condition walnut case.—40, Regent-street, HVrexham. 37 EGAN-Mansivo high top with mirror; 10 0 stops and two knee swells; sacrifice for X10. —Box 38 Montgomeryshire Express.' SEVERAL Useful, Healthy, Rearing Calves; good growers; cheap.—Full particulars of Box 866 Montgomeryshire Express,' Newtown. STOCKTAKING SALE, Tyres Covers. 3/3; Air O Tubes, with valves. 2/3 each, guaranteed Pram Tyres, Frames, Wheels, Saddles, Pedals, Carriers, etc., new goods; sale list free.—W. Ê. Gorton, manufacturer, Wolverhampton. 370 NEWTOWN. PROMPTITUDE, NEATNESS AND GOOD Workmanship Guaranteed. Moderate Charges. HARRY HIBBOTT, Undertaker, Joiner, and Carpenter, Weir Street, Newtown. Carpets laid down, Shops fitted up. Removals attended to. Furniture carefully repaired. CLOGGING —EDMUND HITCHON begs to inform the inhabitants of Newtown and District that he still continues to carry on the Clogging Trade in all its branches at Crown Street, Newtown. JOHN A. OLIVER, Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist. Appointed Sole Agent by the Manufacturers for Newtown and District of the following Specialities: Messrs Sandorides, Turkish Egyptian, and Virginia Cigarettes; Messrs J. Samuda's Avooa's, Cigars, Tobacco and Cigarettes also, the World-renowned G.B.D (B.B.B.), and Masta Briar Root Pipes. J.A.O. Keeps a large Stock of Briar and Meerschaum Pipes in Cases, Euitftble for presentations. All kinds of Tipee Repaired ana Re-mounted,-Note Addve&s: 36 Broad-street. Newtown. WELSHPOOL. No BEIDE, NO WEDDING but in addition to the presence of the Bride, no Wedding in the Borough of Welshpool is com- plete without one of A. E. BOND'S Celebrated Wedding Cakes—International Gold Medallist Quality.-Sold at 7 & 8, Broad-street, Welshpool O YOU WANT TO LOOK WELL AND PROSPEROUS? Of course you do, who doee'nt F JOHN JONES. Broad-street, Welshpool, will help you by supplying a well-cut Suit of the best material at a moderate price. JOHN JONEE' stock of Hats, Collars, Ties, and Gloves is large and up-to-date. If you doubt the veracity of this statement, take the wise man's advice, Proveall things, and hold fast that which is good," by nulling at JOHN JONBS', Broad-street. Welshpool LLANDINAM. R~ SAVAGE, GROCER, LLANDINAM • keeps Thomas Jones & Co., Limited (Livsrpool), Teas. The tea for this neighb our hood. Best quality Groceries, Provisions, &c., at lowest prices. Flour and Corn Merchant. Q513 LLANFAIR. FPORT ANT TO FARMERS.—FOB RIDING .L Saddles and Harness (made on the Premises) go to JOHN EDWARDS, Saddler, Collar and Harness Maker; Llanfair. London Whips, Never Rust" Bits, Sponges, Chamois, Embrocation, Ac. Water- proof Knee Rugs. Clotn and Leather Leggings Pf'wl Oil mm Blacking for Harness. Agent *0 titi Allianoe Assurance Co. r266 PUBLIC NOTICES. Mr. A. J. BIBB, F.R.C.O., (Organist of Newtown Parish Church), HAS VACANCIES FOR A LIMITED Number of Pupils. TERHS Organ and Theory Lessons, 2 Guineas per quarter; Voice Production and Pianoforte 1 Guinea. Candidates prepared for Musical Examinati:ns.—Address Preswylfa. New-road, Newtown. (180) NEW TOWN & LLANIDLOES UNION. THE GUARDIANS INVITE TENDERS for FOUR or SIX TUBS of SALT BUTTER. Tenders, with samples, to be sent to me at my Office, not later than 10 a.m. on Saturday, the 5th November next. CECIL T. M. TAYLOR, Clerk to the Guardians. Union Offices, Newtown. 27th October, 1910. 363 WELSHPOOL GRAMMAR SCHOOL. PREPARATIONS for die University Locals, JL Preceptors, Public Schools, Shorthand Certificate, and Civil Service Examinations. OVER 100 PASSES during the last five years in the above Examinations. Thirty Shorthand Certificates gained since 1893. CAMBRIDGE LOCALS. ALL PASSED. HONOURS. RESIDENT MASTER, UNIVERSITY GRADUATE. Cambridge Local Examination Class now forming Comfortable Home for Boarders. Moderate Terms. i87 T. F. HILES, Head Master. MONTGOMERYSHIRE EDUCATION AUTHORITY. TENDERS FOR WORK AT COUNCIL SCHOOLS. LLANDINAM COUNCIL SCHOOL. TENDERS ARE INVITED for Works of JL Improvement and Alteration to the Llan- dinam Council School, and for a Water Supply. Plans, Specifleations, and Conditions may be seen at the County Education Offices, Newtown, during office hours, on written application being made to the Clerk, accompanied by a deposit fee of .£.1 It, which will be returned on receipt of a bona-fide tender. Tenders, marked "Tenders for Llandinam Council School" to be sent to the undersigned before the 14th November, 1910. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. (Signed) LLEWELYN PHILLIPS, Clerk to the Education Authority. County Education Offices, Newtown. 21st October, 1910. (335) MONTGOMERYSHIRE EDUCATION AUTHORITY. TEACHERS, as indicated, are REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY for the following SCHOOLS:— HEADS. Certiflosted-Hyssington and Snead CE Mis- tress, £ 75. Llanfechain C.E., Master, jfjyO. ASSISTANTS (Female). Uncertificated-Llangadfan C.E. (Welsh essen- tial), to take sewing..£50. Darowen C.E. (Welsh essential), £ 40. Llaagynog Cl. (knowledge of Welsh), J640. Pontrobert C.E. (Welsh essential), X45. Carno Cl. (Welsh essential), £ 4<0. Llanfechain C.E. (to take sewing), X40. Cemmes Cl. (to take sewing) (with knowledge of Welsh), J645. Forms of application may be obtained from me. the undersigned, on receipt of stamped addressed foolscap envelope for reply. Canvassing, directly or indirectly, a disqualification. LLEWELYN PHILLIPS, Clerk to the Education Authority County Education Offices, Newtown, Oct. 28th, 1910. (361) MONTGOMERY COUNTY COUNCIL. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. TENDERS ARE INVITED FOR ERECTION ± OF BRIDGES at 1. Cwmllinau, situate in the Parish of Cemmes, and 2. Rhiwsaeson, in the .Parish of Llanbryn- mair, in accordance with detailed Plans and specifi- cations, which may be inspected, during office hours, at the Office of the Clerk of the Council, situate in Berriew-street, Welshpool, or at the Office of the County Surveyor, situate at the Music Salon, Broad-street, Newtown, on payment of a deposit fee of One Guinea, which will be returned on receipt of a bona-fide tender. Tenders (endorsed "Tender for Bridge) to be sent in to the undersigned not later than the 18th November on a special form which will be supplied on application to the undersigned, and no other form will be entertained. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. R D HARRISON, Clerk of the County Council. Welshpool, /ooji 21st October, 1910. (334) HIGH-CLASS LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S TAILOR, 29, Broad Street, NEWTOWN, A Choice Selection of High-Class Goods in Costume Cloths, Tweed Suitings, &c., LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES COMMERCIAL STREET MONUMENTAL WORKS, NEWTOWN, MORRIS BROS., Monumental Masons, Sculptors & Engravers, Are prepared to execute Work in Marble, Granite, Stone, and Slate, in the very beet style at low prices. Designs and Price List on Application. Artificial Wreaths a Speciality. ELECTION ADDRESSES. LLANIDLOES BOROUGH ELECTION, 1910. TO THE BURGESSES OF THE BOROUGH OF LLANIDLOES. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—I beg respect- -LJ fully to offer myself as a Candidate for one of the six vacancies on the Town Council. I believe I am well known to you, as I have spent the whole of my life in the Town, and I hope to be favoured with your kind support on the Election Day. If elected, I shall always support steady, efficient, and economical progress.—I remain, yours respectfully, W. V. GEORGE. Fair View, Llanidloes, 24th October, 1910. MUNICIPAL ELECTION, 1910. TO THE BURGESSES OF THE BOROUGH OF LLANIDLOES. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—I beg to -Lj submit myself as a Candidate for one of the six vacant seats on our Town Council. I regret that I cannot possibly make a personal canvas, but I trust you will take the wish for the deed. Assuring you (if elected) of my best attention to all matters pertaining to the welfare of the Borough.—I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, your Obedient Servant, WALTER LL. DAVIES. Aber-y-nant, October 26th, 1910. No. 2 on the Ballot Paper. BOROUGH OF LLANIDLOES. MUNICIPAL ELECTION, NOVEMBER 1st, 1910 TO THE ELECTORS OF THE BOROUGH OF LLANIDLOES. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—My term as -LJ one of your Representatives on the Town Council having expired, I beg, respectfully, to offer myself for re-election. I have been a member of the Council for the past eight years, during which time I have had the privilege of acting, upon different times, as Chairman of the Sanitary Committee, and Secretary of the Water, Farm, Hotel, and Sanitary Committees. The affairs of the town are, I think, efficientl y managed, and, in addition, many improvements are carried out from time to time. I have, I believe, conscientiously endeavoured to perform my share of the work, and in a manner I hope to merit your approval and win your support at this election. I have done what I could to make our town a better and more pleasant place to live in, and, if elected, I shall do iny best to develop its interest as a health resort, and a place of attraction to visitors. I remain, yours faithfully, J. JONES MEREDITH. Bryndedwydd, Llanidloes. 25th October, 1910. 382 BOROUGH OF WELSHPOOL. TO THE ELECTORS OF CASTLE WARD. MY LORD, LADIES, AND GENTLEMEN,— -t *r.• reques: of j ot tba Burg««3es of the Boivugu I have consented to offer myself for election to the Town Council on the First of November next. There is only one matter upon which I ask your suffrages-whether or net the town should pur- chase the Henfaes. The Council have already decided, by resolution, to do so, and two public meetings of townspeople have supported that course. A contract to purchase was entered into, sealed, and signed by the Mayor and Town Clerk; yet a section of the Council have endeavoured to frustrate the resolution arrived at by the Council and endorsed by the Public. Our proposal is to purchase the property for present use as a Refuse-tipping Ground, and to let the remainder (which can be done practically at the present rent) until such time as the Town may have to carry out a Sewage Disposal Scheme. When that time comes the most suitable land for the purpose will be in the possession of the Town, and the difficulty and expense of negotiating for a Site will be avoided. This Scheme will practically pay for itself, and the rent and expenses of the present Tipping Ground will be saved, so that not a penny will be added to the rates unless the Town is compelled by the Board of Con3ervators or decides in its own interests, to carry out a Sewage Scheme. Being interested in the Trade of the Town, I am anxious to grant every facility to anyone wishing to establish works or Factories, and the policy which I support would be a step towards adapting the town for them. Should you favour me with your confidence, my efforts will be directed towaras carrying out the business of the Town in an efficient manner, and, while economy will be carefully studied, I am not of opinion that the best interests of the community are always served by Saving the Rates." I am, My Lord, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, DAVID ROWLANDS. 21, Berriew-street, October 5th, 1910. 36S Mrs JAMES JONES & SONS Beg to state that they intend continuing the Business of MARINE STORE DEALERS, At the Old Address— UNION COURT, Crescent St., Newtown. Best Market Price given for Rags, Rabbit Skins, Brass, Lead, Zinc, Bones, Horse Hides, &c. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. CLOCK AND WATCH CONTRACT. MID WALES SECTION. TENDERS are invited for cleaning, repairing JL and keeping in proper order as from 14th December next, the whole of the clocks, time- pieces and watches at the Cambrian Railways Stations, Workshops. Signal Cabins and Offices from Llandinam to Talyllyn, both Stations in- clusive also for cleaning, repairing and keeping in order the watches of the guards working on this Section of the Company's Railways. Forms of tender, with full particulars of the number and description of the clocks, timepieces and watches, can be obtained on application to the undersigned, with whom Tenders, marked c' Clocks and Timepieces should be lodged not 1-tter than 9 a.m. on the 16th proximo. S. WILLIAMS, Secretaiy. Oswestry, 24th October, 1910. UNERALS.-All Undertakers should send name and address to John Marston's Caniage Works, Ltd., 24, Bradford Street, Birmingham, for latest List-free of charge. &36 GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. PICTUREDROME. 7• SUCCESS SUCCESS 9- NEWTOWN. TWICE NIGHTLY. Special Afternoon Performances TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25th (Fair-day). SATURDAY, „ 29th 2-30. Three Grand CHANGES of PICTURES Weekly. MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY. The Biggest, Brightest and Steadiest LIFE MOVING PICTURES EVER SEEN.. NOTE THE LATEST EVENT :— MONDAY AND DURING THE WEEK, in addition to Film advertised, the Management has secured at great cost the Reproduction of the Riots in Portugal, Showing the destruction by shell fire of King Manuels Palace, Bombard- ment of Lisbon by Warships, Street Riots, and Flight from Spain and arrival in England of King Manuel. No extra charges. Popular Prices-Body of Hall, 3d.; Side Gallery, 6d.; Back Gallery, 9d. NEWTOWN SKATING RINK OPEN TUESDAY: NOVEMBER ist. A 8 o'clock. Thursday & Saturday Afternoon, 2-30. DON'T FORGET THAT MR. FOSTER KERSHAW Will appear at the SMOKING CONCERT, Public Hall, Newtown, Thursday Evening Next. THE CAMBRIA QUARTETTE will also take pirt. ACCOMPANIST: MR. ERNEST OWEN. TICKETS 4d each, including sample of Tobacco NEWTOWN PARISH CHURCH. By kind permission of the Rector and Churchwardens, AN ORGAN RECITAL Will be given by Mr. A. J. BIBB, F.R.C.O., On Friday, November 4th, At 8 f ja., Assisted by Mr J. T, (Celloist), Mrs BASIL JONBS (Vooo.ist). and Mr MOBLEY HUGHES (Vocalist). 369 FOR HIRE. A SPLENDID DAIMLER LANDAULETTE SUITABLE FOR BALLS, PARTIES, TOURS, ETC. All Kinds of Fittings and Repairing Done. 0 Apply-COOKSON & CROSS, Frankwell, 5BWTOWK. R. & S. MORGAN, SHORT BRIDGE, NEWTOWN. NEW STYLES IN LADIES' H'ffl Coats' HiVl Paletots, Macintoshes, L ,•] Showerproofs, I ,;v Costumes, f f ¡ Skirts, &c., &c. \"T* Ladies' Coats i Showerproofs Girls' Jackets and and f Paletots, Macintoshes r m 7/11 to 25 6. 9/11 to 37/6. 2/6 to 15/6. I Umbrellas, Hosiery, Corsets, Underclothing. DRESSMAKING. Mourning Orders Promptly Executed. Grand Value in Sheets, Quilts, Blankets, Flannels, Flannelettes, &c. OW CLUB TICKETS TAKEN. R. & S. MORGAN, SHORT BRIDGE, NEWTOWN.