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LLANIDLOES TOWN COUNCIL I The Water Supply. The monthly meeting of this Council wag, held at the Town Hall on Thursday evening. Alder- man Edward Hamer (mayor) presided, and on his left was the Ex-mayor (Councillor E. R. Horsfall Tuner). There we-e also p-esent seated around the circular table-Aiderm(-lt W. Ashton, Edward Davies, Councillors Jones Meredith, E. B. O'Neill, G. Heromb, R. Jerman, J. Morris, J. Kinsey Jones, R. George, J. Breese, together with the Town Clerk (Mr Arthur Davies), and the Sanitary Inspector (Mr J. Morgan). FINANCIAL MATTERS. The Finance Committee presented its monthly report showing that the amount of the borougn rate collected during the month was .£110 3s 6d; water rate, iJ5 Is 3d; previously collected, .£389 14s lOd; and the bank overdraft as X150 3s 2d The Committee also presentpd its estimates for the next six months. The amount estimated to be required was £ 1,000, made up of repayment of loans £ 450, bank overdraft ^6230, scavenging .£90, salaries .£29 10?, gas account .£60, and other smaller sums. The estimated receipts were £ 300, and they recommended a ra*e of 2s 3d in the -8, which would produce .£69G. The estimates were adopted and the report passed, on the motion of Mr Hercomb. SANITATION AND WATER SUPPLY. The Sanitary Committer's report was read by Mr J. Jones Meredith. This stated that the Committee had visited the property v>f Mr John Ingram by the Old Vicarage, and were sorry to find that a very bad nuisance existed there. The owner had built two good w.c's.. but somebody had taken away the doors and frames, and also the iron cisterns and lead pipes, and the Com- mittee left it to the Council to imagine the statb of affairs existing there, and also to suggest a remedy for the nuisance. The Committee's attention bad been called to the property of Mr J. O. Brown, where he had built three w.c's, and he wanted to know if the Council would make a connection outside the railing to the sewer below. On this latter matter the Council decided, without discussion, that they could not do the connecting here, as it bad been done by the owners in the case of other property in that vicinity. With regard to Mr Ingram's property, the inspector was asked his opinion about the matter. Mr Morgan said that the matter was in the hands of the police, and they thought they could trace the perpetrators. The Mayor: It is our duty to see to the sanitary state of the place. Councillor Meredith: This is the worst nuis- ance we have seen this year. Councillor Kinsey Jones proposed that the Clerk write the owner calling his attention to the nuisance. Councillor David Owen seconded. He com- mented, however, on the weakness shown by the Committee in asking the Council to give an opinion about the matter. The Committee had not really the courage of their convictions. Councillorr O'Neill said that he had the courage of his convictions. His opinion was that it was rather hard that the owner should be asked again to put this place in order after he had built two good w.c's., which had been destroyed by someone. The motion was carried. Before going on to the next business, Alderman Edward Davies asked permission to mention that he had heard no end of complaints about the filter beds and the bad water supply. Alderman George also referred to the same matter. He said that when the filter beds were laid it ^was stated that they should be renewed avery tnre9 years. These had been down for nine years. It would be a very serious thing if any- thing happened in the town in consequence of the water not being properly filtered, especially with he warm weather they were now experiencing FILTHY WATER. Alderman William Ashton said he didn't know whether the water was worse in Short Bridge- street than other parts of the town. They had ;he watrr in a most filthy state, full of some refuse. If they drew a jugful and left it a lot of sediment accrued at the bottom. it was not fit ;o use whatever was the cause of it. He remem- bered someone saying that it was a good deal vorse in that quarter than in the centre of the kwn. It had been very bad there now for a nonth-notfittouse. He never made complaints md would not do so now only the matter was Mentioned and the supplv was in a very had state. [t had been said that they were taking the water from the centre of the town to water the streets, Iond that had disturbed the bottom, and they were idvised to take the water for the streets above she filter. Councillor Horsfall Turner spoke for the other snd of the town. The supply there was in a similar condition, not only taat, but. it had been regularly during the summer months for several pears past, and a lot of sediment in the bottom ifter it was left to stand. There was a great deal )f truth in the matter of the water cart. When- ever the water cart was out the water was dis- I turbed. Mr Jarman said that he had tested the water before the stanchion was put in. He found it was very different after it was put in. A com- plaint was carried to him as chairman of the scavenging committee, and he took upon himself the responsibility of going out before the cart went out. Mr Jones Meredith said that he had also taken some trouble in the matter. He tested some taps and found them very bad. Taps in the next yard were quite clear. He had had some of the bad water himself, but he did not think the mains had been washed out for the last two or three months, so that they could depend they would always have the complaint about the sediment. That was a kind of rust and if the mains were not washed out every month or so, they would surely have the sediment in the pipes. As to renewing the filters according to Alderman Davies' suggestion, that had been under consideration, he thought they were afraid to tackle it. After further discussion the Council resolved to refer the matter to the Chairman and Secretary of the Water Committee to do what they thought fit to remedy the cause of the complaint. As the members thought that the taking of the water for the water cart disturbed the supply, it was decided that the water for this purpose be taken at a different point.

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