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CAERSWS GUARDIANS. ( The monthly meeting was held at Caersws on Wednesday, when Mr Richard Evans (chairman) presided. There were also present Mrs D. H. Lewis, Messrs Rice Pugh (vice-chairman), Joseph Davies, David Lloyd, Thomas Jones, J. P. Francis, Thos, E. Evans, R. Edwards, T. Evans, E. Davies, E. Rees, R. P. Wilson, J. H. Edwards, D. ITam-r, Samuel Powell, Richard Bowen, Thomas Whitti- case, J. Powell, P. Wilson Jones, E. Morris, to- gether with the Clerk (Mr C. T. M. Taylor) and the Master and Relieving Officers. MASTER'S REPORT. The Master (Mr Parry) reported that the num- ber in the House that day was 79, as against 78 in the corresponding period last year. During the last month 513 vagrants had been relieved as compared with 532 in the same month of last year. It was also reported that Divine service had been conducted in the House during the past month by the Rev. J. Jones (vicar), Rev. H. J. Jenkins, Rev. S. E. Roberts, Rev. J. H. Robert Evans. Rev. H. E. Edwards, and Mr J. T. Williams. The Vicar also administered Holy Communion. WIFE v. MOTHER. A Welshpool compositor wrote asking to be re- lieved of contributing towards the support of his mother, as ha had now a wife and child to support. The Guardians decided to adhere to their former resolution and insist on payment of the arreais. MUSIC FOR THE INMATES. Mr G. Jones, secretary of the Mochdre United Choir, wrote asking for the Guardians' permission to give » concert some time in July at the Work- house. The Guardians readily granted the appli- cation. CLERK COMPLIMENTED. Mr Taylor leported that he had made enquiries with regard to settlements of several paupers, and had been successful in establishing their settle- ment in other Unions. Mr S. Powell said that the Clerk ought to be complimented on having secured a considerable saving to the Guardians. NATURAL TO COMPLAIN. Mr Owen, one of the relieving officers, was reporting on a relief case, when he was asked by the Chairman if the party had paid anything. Mr Owen Yes but he always complains. It is natural to him (laughter). A NEW MEMBER. Just after the Master announced the magic words, Lunch is ready, sir," Mr Wilson Jones said that there was a new member there, and he would like if the Chairman would introduce him to the Beard. The Chairman Yes. I ought to have done so before. Mr Evans (Llangurig) is a young man recently married. He had always taken a pro- minent part in public business, although he was never before a guardian. His father was a guardian for many years-Mr Evans, of Cilgwyn, Llangurig, and he was sure, from his knowledge of him and his experience in public work, that the son would discharge his duties on that Board to the credit of himself and his constituents. HOUSE ARRANGEMENTS. Miss Morris, the cook, wrote resigning her position under the Board. The Clerk explained that a female relative of the cook was dead, leaving a large family, and she wishodttc go to help the father to look after the children. The resignation was accepted. The question of filling the vacancy was then raised. Mr Wilson Jones said that Mrs Parry had an ] idea that she would try and manage with the < staff she had at present, especially if the children that were in the house now would be boarded out. ] It would be saving a considerable sum if they agreed to this suggestion. 1 The Clerk pointed out that there were children who could not be boarded out. They could not separate children from their presents unless the latter signed an agreement that they would re- 1 main in the House permanently. They could only £ board out children who were orphans, unless they had the agreement and sanctioned by the Local Government Board. Another suggestion was that j tho present trainer be appointed cook, and that j the Matron be allowed to get in a seamstress at Is. 6d. for three days a week. y The Board decided to adopt the latter sugges- 1 tion for six months. I NEW BOARDING-OUT ORDER. ] The committee appointed under the New Order ] recommended that the committee should meet 1 once a month at the Clerk's office, that five should < form a quorum, and that the payment of main- I tenance money be made by postal order by the 1 Clerk every four weeks. Mr Wilson Jones asked if the Committee had < considered the question of co-opting members, f especially ladies who were not members of the i Board. Other Boards had done so, and it would ] be a good thing to enlist the sympathies of ladies in this district. < The Clerk said that the feeling was that the < Committe should thoroughly understand the New 1 Order before they called in outsiders. The report of the Committee was adopted. Referring to the same matter, the Burslem Board wrote asking the Guardians to support a memorial to have Article 9, No. 11, deleted from the Order. The article referred to the prohibition of foster parents from insuring the children under their charge, and that if anyone infringed the prohibition the Guardians would be entitled to forthwith withdraw the children from their care. The Chairman remarked that the object of that article was to prevent the danger of baby farming. The matter was referred to the Boarding Out Committee. FINANCIAL. The Clerk reported that the balance in the treasurer's hands was Xl,179 Is 4d, and that the amount in arrears from the various parishes was £ 2,012. Mr Wilson-Jones: In arrears ? The Clerk: Yes. The money only became due on June 1st. PAUPER PATIENTS." The Chorlton Union wrote asking the Board to support a motion asking the Home Secretary to remove the words pauper patients" from the notices of death of patieats sent by the Guardians to the county asylums. The description was not only unnecessary, but absolutely objectionable and hurtful to the feelings of the relatives at times of bereavement. On the motion of Mr Samuel Powell, seconded by Mr Wilson-Jones, the Board decided to support the resolution. PAY STATIONS. In connection with a resolution of the last Board that the Relieving Officers be requested to supply the mileage that they would have have to travel if the pay stations were done away with and the paupers had to be visited in their own homes, Mr Wilson presented a table showing that he would have to travel 85 miles as against 35 now. Mr Owen did not give any statement, and Mr Lewis only a verbal one. Mr T. Jones What is the object in asking for the return ? I Mr Wilson-Jones I don't think The Clerk said that there was a circular issued as to the administration of out-door relief, and that circular gave a broad hint that the Board would like to see all pay stations in the rural dis- tricts done away with. Mr Jones'" idea was to anticipate that and to get the information so as to deal with the question. In a short time the Board would also compel them to keep the case- paper system-a register of every pauper with .all his history-and the question of the relief com- mittees would also be dealt with. The matter was deferred, the officers being asked to make a formal report of Ithe mileage by the next meeting.

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