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TERRIFIC THUNDERSTORMS IN MONTGOMERYSHIRE. DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY AND LOSS OF FARM STOCK. Many of the oldest of' our citizens who have been interrogated on the subject, can- not recollect a thunderstorm of such dura- tion or severity as that which broke over Montgomeryshire on Tuesday, and lasted till Saturday morning. All kinds of light- ning were visible, and the storm was ac- companied by torrential rains, which caused much flooding in different parts of the county. Damage to property and loss of stock are reported from various quarters. NEWTOWN. About mid-day on Tuesday, distant thun- der rumblings were the first indication of. a storm, the like of which has never been witnessed in the town or neighbourhood. Occasional showers fell throughout the af- ternoon, but the absence of lightning sug- gested that the storm was likely to pass over. But shortly after nine o'clock in the evening, Tain suddenly descended in a veritable deluge, vivid flashes of lightning came in quick succession, followed by deaf- ening thunder-claps. Then towards mid- night a wonderful change occurred. The fdrked lightning gave place to flashes that endured for several seconds, during which the countryside was illuminated far and near. The scene was that furnished by a bioscope. From their windows in the high- er parts of the town, people who were courageous enough to view the phenomenon, could discern the most minute objects at a distance, the illumination being so steady and brilliant. All day on Wednesday drenching showers fell at intervals, and thunder peals were frequently heard. Again in the evening a repetition of the previous night's spectacle was beheld, though the flashes were not so steady, nor so clear. There was a redness in their glare. Thursday and Friday passed through similar weather, arid up till yes- terday the skies were watery and ominous. Fortunately, no damage or loss of life has been reported. LLANIDLOES. Llanidloes experienced its full share of the storm, and exciting scenes were wit- nessed on account of flooding. Fron Glan- dwr the brook brought down a torrent, flooding Smithfield-street and the Groe, and also the houses in the neighbourhood to the depth of several feet. The alarmed inhab- itants were forced to the upper storeys. All along the Severn valley the river ran over adjoining fields and roads, and at Mynachlog, a farmhouse, tenanted by Mr Turner, was struck by lightning, and ser- iously damaged. The gable end of the building was driven in, bricks and stones and woodwork falling in confusion, and wrecking the furniture, in which two chil- dren were sleeping. Happily, they escaped unhurt. WELSHPOOL. Much alarm, but no damage, was caused in Welshpool by last week's prolonged thunderstorm, which has been the most severe experienced for several years. The electrical disturbance began to make itself seen and heard on Tuesday afternoon, and during the night it was very violent and the thunder and lightning occurred at in- tervals on Wednesday, Thursday, and Fri- day. Some exceptionally heavy showers of rain fell, without giving much relief to those who felt oppressed by the sultriness of the weather. TREFEGLWYS. The storm raged awfully around Trefeg- INvys on Tuesday, when the belfry tower of the parish church was struck by the lightning. A heavy iron cross on the top of the building was thrown to the ground, tearing the roof of the church in its descent, and burying itself deep in the soil of the graveyard. The cross stood about 312L feet high, and weighed 40lbs. In one house, occupied by Mrs Harriet Pugh, the light- ning smashed up the tea things on the table, and overthrew a chair, which a boy had just quitted. MID-WALES RAILWAY. On this line the flooding (caused much delay of service. Between St. Harmon's and Rhayader it was witnessed at its worst, and trains were stopped. Throughout the neighbourhood the windows in many houses -were broken by the vibration of the thun- der. LLANERFYL. Several farmers have sustained losses as a result of the thunderstorm last Tuesday. Mr John R. Jones, Foel-ddolwen Farm, lost two valuable milch cows Mr David Jones, Bryn Coch, two ponies Miss Howells, Houlfron, one bullock and Mr Edward Jones, Llidiart-yr-Ergyd, one milch cow. It is seldom that lightning causes such general damage in four neighbouring farms. LLANFAIR. The town escaped without damage to life or property, but several casualties are re- ported from the outlying districts. MACHYNLLETH. On Tuesday noon a terrible thunderstorm started, and continued for twelve hours on Wednesday. Three sheep in a field near Ceniarth Farm, Uwchygarreg, were struck by lightning and killed. DOLFOR AND ABERHAFESP. At Gilfach, Dolfor, six sheep were struck and killed, whilst at Tynypails, Aberhafesp, a calf suffered a like fate.