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The County Member's Gift to Machynlleth. At Machynlleth Urban Council, on Tues- day evening, the Clerk read a report of the deputation appointed, to wait upon Mr David Davies, M.P., with regard to the transfer of the renovated Old Parliament House. The deputation met at the Wynn- stay Hotel on Monday, May 3Uth. There were present Mr David Davies, M.P., Lord Herbert Vane-Tempest, Councillors T. Par- sons (chairman), John Pugh, Henry Lewis, and the Clerk. Lord Herbert Vane-Tem- pest. having introduced the deputation, the Chairman of the Council explained that the scheme proposed by Mr David Davies had been laid before a meeting of ratepayers convened by the Council. A resolution was passed recommending the Council to accept Mr Davies's offer, and at a subsequent meeting of the Council the recommendation was adopted, and Mr Davies was thanked for his generous offer. This was suitably conveyed by the Chairman to Mr Davies. Other members of the deputation expressed their views, and spoke in eulogistic terms of Mr Davies's munificence. At the Chair- man's invitation, the Clerk explained the legal position in regard to the obligation imposed by Mr Davies in the proposed deed of gift to the Council of Old Parliament House premises and that the Council could only charge the rates to the extent of j about E25 a year under the Public Libraries Act. Any additional expenditure would have to be provided from outside sources. Mr Davies expressed his appreciation of the difficulty felt by the Council in this respect, but hoped that sufficient public spirit would be evinced in the town to meet the require- ments. Mr Davies was cordially thanked for his kindness in meeting the deputation. The Clerk stated that after the deputa- tation completed their interview, Mr Davies suggested that it would be well for them to see how a similar institution was carried on at Llanidloes. That was also one of Mr Davies's gifts. Lord Herbert Vane-Tem- pest offered to convey members of the deputation to Llanidloes in his motor car for that purpose. The Chairman said the deputation could not accept the suggestion of Mr Davies or his Lordship's offer without consulting the Council. It was for the Council to give directions. Mr Richard GilLart proposed that the same members of the deputation should be asked to visit Llanidloes, and inquire as to the working of the institution. Mr Breeze seconded the proposition, and said he was sure all the members would like to go for a motor trip (laughter). Mr Evan Morgan asked if it was pro- posed to interfere in any way with the plans of the new institute. The Council had already approved the plans without alteration. He thought there would be plenty of time in future to see the working of the institute at Llanidloes. The Chairman replied there was no in- tention to interfere with the plans. He understood that the object of the visit was to inquire how the institute was conducted, as it would be an assistance in connection with the new venture at Machynlleth. They wanted to know how to proceed in a businesslike way. Mr R. Gillart said he had no intention of making any alterations in the plans, but to obtain an insight into the working of the Llanidloes institute, which he under- stood was a paying concern. It would be an advantage to the Council. Dr Williams said it had been suggested that a swimming bath should be provided, instead of a bowling green. The Chairman: That has been settled. Mr Lewis: The invitation came from Mr Davies. They pointed out that there were difficulties in regard to the maintenance, and Mr Davies said the best course would be for them to visit Llanidloes. The proposition was agreed to, and on the Chairman's proposition, seconded by Mr Pugh, a vote of thanks was passed to his Lordship for offering the use of his motor car. His Lordship: It gives me great pleasure to do so.


Local Views on the Proposed…